XJ6 IRS rear fulcrum bearings

I've been getting involved more than I should on a friend's XJ6, This time it's the IRS rear fulcrum bearings that had developed too much play to pass the MOT. 30mm socket makes it child's play to drive in the outer races.

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

Interesting, it seems the previous cowboy owner didn't pay too much attention when re-assembling the brake servo/master cylinder unit...

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Mercedes 500 SEC W126 Jankel Le Mar...

Gentlemen and ladies, I give you Mercedes 500 SEC W126 Jankel Le Marquis Daytona. What do you think?

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Junk Yard Spotting Mercedes Benz L...

Neglected Mercedes L319 or O319 spotted in a junk yard. my guess is this is chopped a van rather than factory bus.

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W124 Kanaldeckel Wheels Repainted

C124 is set to roll with new tyres an refurbished wheels.

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W115 220 Spotting

Spotted a W115 220 storming down the road the other day wearing white on top of black. And the driver, yo can see by the looks of it this geezer means business.

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Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba

VW splitscreen Samba (aka Sonder) bus as used by Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba. I think the photo was taken during the Cuban Grand Prix 1958 or 1957

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Bo Diddley

Scooters and all that Jazz!

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Chevy 1955

New Look New Life New Everything 1955 Chevrolet

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Snow in New York 1957

Winter 1957 in New York, Chevy, Ford and a Plymouth covered in snow.

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Ringo Starr rocking a Facel Vega

Tyre kickers beware! It's Ringo time! Here's Sir Ringo's other motor with stacked head lights.

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VW Golf mk2 Cabriolet

As most of us remember, there was never MK2 Golf Cabriolet. The bean counters at Vag killed the project. Without them Mk2 cobriolet would have looked like this:

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Citroën Karin

Today, it's hard to believe some of the concepts the French auto manufacturers would bring out in the late 70's early 80's. This is one of those mind blowing Citroën Concepts 1980 Karin

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VW/Porsche 914 Pick Up Conversion

Would you do this to a 914?

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Mercedes-Benz o319, Barn Find

Barn Find: Mercedes-Benz o319

Our barn fresh o319, the ex-Soulset Tour Bus, sees the daylight for a first time in a while. The bus has not turned a wheel on the road since 1968! Now who could resist a face like that? Read the background story at:

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Classic Car Rally Sighting

Quintessential British roadster, Triumph TR3 that won over the hearts of the Californian youth in the 50's and 60'sand featured in Federico Fellinini's La Dolche Vita. Still unbeatable style today. Click on to see more classic participating the rally!

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E-type Reborn Nitpicks

Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works  launched E‑type Reborn Programme to see Series 1 E‑types restored to nothing short of their original specification. Now, I absolutely love their effort and the car is simply stunning!! However, I cannot help wondering if they should have hired someone who...

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Volvo 210 Spotted in Pouring Rain

Lovely Volvo 210 panel van spotted in pouring rain.

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