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Barned Multipla 600

It's amazing what you stumble upon when bar(n) hopping these days. Yes, its the first ever MPV Fiat 600 Multipla,

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Jaguar E-type Zero

Jaguar reveals its E-type Zero the most beautiful electric car in the world. Opinions invited!

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Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba

VW splitscreen Samba (aka Sonder) bus as used by Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba. I think the photo was taken during the Cuban Grand Prix 1958 or 1957

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BMW 3.0 Gets Fresh MOT

Guess what...E9 Sharknose gets a fresh MOT, Valid until 2019.#happy have a nice weekend folks!

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Jaguar E-type IRS rebuilt

E-type Project vol.2 IRS

In this chapter one struggles with a big heavy lump of iron with too many parts to fully comprehend, aka Jaguar IRS

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Bargains in the sea of inflated cla...

Classic car market is absolutely inflated when it comes to German and Italian high end chariots, talk about 700.000€ Maserati 3500GT 1.5 million€ 300SL..and the list goes on. Absolutely bonkers! In comparison a mint S1 3.8 E-type is a complete bargain, not to mention a better car.

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Spit and Polish Sharknose

After all that time in a dusty barn our little Sharknose deserves a fresh coat of Carnauba wax, don't you think?

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Yuri Gagarin's Matra Djet

So here it is the Matra Djet that Yuri Gagarin, the first man in the space, was presented by the French Government 1965.

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Bulgaralpine A110 what, come again?

Most of us are familiar with A110 Alpines manufactured in Spain, Brazil and even in Mexico besides native French cars. But hear this they managed to built around 150 of these gems behind the iron curtain in Bulgaria. How weird is that?

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Winter Fun with 911

They tell us all the weight on rear wheels makes it great fun on snow. The owner seems indifferent.

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Volvo 210 Spotted in Pouring Rain

Lovely Volvo 210 panel van spotted in pouring rain.

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An Exclusive look at working Elektr...

Working with Elektron Magnesium is no easy feat. The Guild took 2 years of R&D to perfect the techniques necessary to shape the Bugatti Aerolithe Recreation. For the first time, see an exclusive look at how we did it on our new web series here

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Ferrari GTE to GTO

By the looks of it the engine and drive train continue life somewhere as a 250GTO / TR clone. One could buy leftovers like this for a couple of thousand in the early 90's.

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Lancia Flaminia

Old advertisments from ITALIA!

Ciao a tutti!!! sinse small boy I have collection old car advertsments. I think old car advertisments are very funny ! How many woman can you put inside Lancia back? Why not put them inside car?? Car is Lancia Flaminia big Italian car as good as Rolls Royce for filmstars and rich people.

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Mercedes 500 SEC W126 Jankel Le Mar...

Gentlemen and ladies, I give you Mercedes 500 SEC W126 Jankel Le Marquis Daytona. What do you think?

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Fiat 130 Luxory

lussuosi interni di Fiat 1300 Coupé, come unico italiano farlo!! Onli in Italy luxory!

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Psychedelic AC 289 Sport (aka Cobra...

You might be fooled to think AC 289 Sports -Cobra to you guys over the pond although it could not be called that here in the UK because of legal issues, would have been flamboyant enough to most people. But not so to Tara Browne, 21 year old heir to the Guinness fortune!

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Spridget spotting

Ladies and gentlemen, when purchasing a Spridget / Sprite / Midget whatever you wanna call it make sure it's not red but grey!

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