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Santa's Gullwing

Suspicious looking duo swapping 300SL parts, then already managed to sell the grill and bumpers. Merry Xmas to all ClassicDigesters

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944 S2 Cabriolet vs 80's photoshop

944 S2 Cabriolet is a wonderfull sports car but ebeb 944 is not immune to crappy 80's photoshopping.

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Happy Trucker

Happy trucker says Hi.

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Peugeot 205 GTI Winter Edition

They say it's the best hot-hatch in the history this little Peugeot 205 GTI. Whatever it is, it will scare the living daylight out of you on the snow!

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Henry Ruggieri Collection by Intere...

It seems world is going crazy over Henry Ruggieri Collection auctioned by Interencheres. Here's a collection of photos taken at the actual place sent to me by a friend working for Interencheres. here's a Continental mk2 becoming natural again

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First Year Lambo Miura Barn Find Au...

Ok Fellas, here's a change that will not come often! A frigging first year barn find Miura N° 3285 up for grabs in France! Lot n ° 24 of Interencheres auction house.

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Flat Floor E-type Coupe 1961

Here's my second pick from Henry Ruggieri's collection soon to go under hammer in France. It is a 1961 flat floor E-type coupe Serial number 885070 with matching numbers R 2019-8 engine.

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Lancia Aurelia B20GT Outlaw by Thor...

Outlaw, a word used these days to describe so lightly it can mean anything from a boy-racer-ized classic to a poor restoration that just couldn't stretch to obtain proper original parts. Lancia Aurelia B20GT Outlaw by Thornley Kelham is something else though. It is the best outlaw I ever saw!

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Drive Tastefully

Drive Tastefully...all the way...

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Flachkühler w111 barnfind

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #2

As it is at the moment...It's been mostly about hibernation lately...the thing slowly turning into a barn-find of a sort... They tell me the dust adds to the value no worries I guess?

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Trojan 200 Bublecar

Trojan 200 at Classic Digest

A newcomer joins the Classic Digest fleet. Hooray!

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Ringo Starr rocking a Facel Vega

Tyre kickers beware! It's Ringo time! Here's Sir Ringo's other motor with stacked head lights.

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300SL Testen über die Berge

Mercedes factory with its head of engineering Rudolf Uhlenhaut heads for the mountains of Bavaria to test put their W198 300SL Roadster (prototype at this point) and Gullwing (production) motorcars under most extreme test. They must have used Gullwing as a benchmark for the Roadster.

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Buon Natale 2018 e felice anno nuov...

joyeux noel et bonne année 2019 tout le monde!

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XKE ad

Jaguar XKE Campaign

We at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Co. are proud to present you the latest in our Campaign for jaguar Motor Company.

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Jaguar E-type IRS rebuilt DIY Project by Andreas

E-type Project vol.2 IRS

In this chapter one struggles with a big heavy lump of iron with too many parts to fully comprehend, aka Jaguar IRS

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Jaguar E-type 4.2 S1 FHC DIY restoration project

E-type Project Vol.1 Escalation

Hi there, I thought some of you might be interested in my little humble E-type project. It’s a series 1 FHC with 4.2 engine and syncro box, of which the latter should make it almost driveable in today's traffic. Here, the beast is featured in its natural habitat, California that is, back in the 80’s

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Compton Coupe w111 mercedes

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #1

Personally, I find Mercedes W111 Coupe just about the finest auto mobile to roll out the Sindelfingen gates since the war. I've had a couple of them over the years and regretted selling each one of them (kidding!) So when the opportunity came knocking on my door I was sold and so was Flachkühler

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