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VW Beetle Split Stainless Steel Bumper

All models of our bumpers such as WOLKSWAGEN, VOLVO, FORD CAPRI, MERCEDES BENZ, OPEL REKORD, JAGUAR, TRIUMPTH, REMAULT, etc,… are made of one the best solid stainless steel SEA 304 which never gets rusty 1.5-2mm thickness and polished surface!
Besides all the products shown on my website, we can duplicate all kinds of bumpers or metal parts from original sample for fitting, shape and dimension, etc… (100% resemblance compared with original).
If you are looking for please contact ms Anna Nguyen
Facebook: Anna Anna Ptt Bumper
WhatsApp: +84962709762

Fakta i reservdel

Del typ : Automobilia & Miscellaneous Årsmodell : 1971 - 1978 Titel : VW Beetle Split Stainless Steel Bumper Del nummer : Bumper Kondition : Repro Läge : California

11 €

Information om säljaren

Anna Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh
Kontakta säljaren

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