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Can You See Yourself in a VW

Now can you see yourself in a Volkswagen

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Castle Camper

My van's my castle...or mediaeval cottage at least : )

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Jaguar E-type IRS rebuilt

E-type Project vol.2 IRS

In this chapter one struggles with a big heavy lump of iron with too many parts to fully comprehend, aka Jaguar IRS

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BMW 2000CS Neue Classe Coupe Spotti...

Today's curbside spotting is a BMW 2000CS "Neue Klasse Coupe" the predecessor of much better known (loved?) 3.0CS

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Spitfire Spotting

Not so long ago, one would see something of this nature on the road, feels so distant now as it has been raining two weeks non-stop...

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Autumn for BMW 3.0 CS Sharknose

Autumn morning with the sharknose and one's starting to wonder if the autumn is getting the best of e9 as a commuter...

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Tatraplan Project

Tatraplan Project Sighting

Here's one of the more exotic projects for a change, a Czech Tatraplan under a resurrection to become a custom sledge.

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Ford AA Barn Find

Ford AA

Another barn find yet again! This time it's a Ford AA truck. They say Ford AA has been hibernating for over 60 years in its whereabouts.

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Waking up the Shark Nose (BMW 3.0 C...

The shark nose's been dormant longer that it should. So it was finally time to open the Aladdin's cave and let the sun shine in on the dusty blue paint. The engine was as happy as ever to wake up after hibernation but the brakes not so...

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KE-jetronic Hiccup

Mercedes (make that Daimler ag) engineers must have been pretty pleased with this induction noise deadening 30 odd years ago. However, today it's brittle and particles jamming against the air flow meter plate make a mess of your idle, best deleted! And that folks was today's Edd China moment!

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Trojan 200 Bublecar

Trojan 200 at Classic Digest

A newcomer joins the Classic Digest fleet. Hooray!

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Hugh Hefner of Playboy bites the du...

Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy finally bites the dust at 91. They say it's due to natural causes but based on what I saw at he mansion my money's on overdosing Viagra.

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Barned Multipla 600

It's amazing what you stumble upon when bar(n) hopping these days. Yes, its the first ever MPV Fiat 600 Multipla,

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Jaguar E-type Zero

Jaguar reveals its E-type Zero the most beautiful electric car in the world. Opinions invited!

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Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba

VW splitscreen Samba (aka Sonder) bus as used by Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba. I think the photo was taken during the Cuban Grand Prix 1958 or 1957

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BMW 3.0 Gets Fresh MOT

Guess what...E9 Sharknose gets a fresh MOT, Valid until 2019.#happy have a nice weekend folks!

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Bargains in the sea of inflated cla...

Classic car market is absolutely inflated when it comes to German and Italian high end chariots, talk about 700.000€ Maserati 3500GT 1.5 million€ 300SL..and the list goes on. Absolutely bonkers! In comparison a mint S1 3.8 E-type is a complete bargain, not to mention a better car.

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Spit and Polish Sharknose

After all that time in a dusty barn our little Sharknose deserves a fresh coat of Carnauba wax, don't you think?

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