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Ugly AC Cobra targa

Ugly AC Cobra targa

People, feast your eyes on the ugliest AC Cobra in the history of mankind with a face like fugu, screen that looks like it came from a London bus...however...

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Jaguar 3.8 E-type Roadster VW bus

60's street scene Jaguar E-type § ...

Super sleek Jaguar E-type roadster with a hard top parked on front of a VW sonderbus

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Crashed Top Flight Metrick

Saving Top Flight Metrick

This is the fallen beauty that I swapped my flying Great Planes Spirit for. Not only did it snap it's wing mounts, the rear fuselage has had its hardships lately. The good news is I like it and will bring it back alive and up in the of these days

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Shark Teeth Nose Art Martin B-26 Marauder

WW2 Nose Art: Shark Teeth Edition

Very impressive Shark Teeth Nose Art on the Martin B-26 Marauder "widowmaker" aka "Martin Murderer", "Flying Coffin", "B-Dash-Crash" Which actually was totally opposite as the Marauder ended World War II with the lowest loss rate of any U.S. Army Air Forces bomber!

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Vintage flying boat

Vintage Flying Boat

Did it again, found another vintage bird! Not really a fan of powered flight, but I do have a soft spot for old flying boats! This unknown ship was scratch build from a plan. I'm not sure of its name or designer although I do have a hunch. Please, let me know what you think!

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Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing Metallic blue

Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing club r...

Brand new Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing in metallic blue color oversteering during a club race in Palm Springs 1955.

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Ford GT 40 Road Version

Ford GT40 road version on a truck bed somewhere up north as there is snow. Other than that I have no knowledge of these pictures but they are way too fab not to publish here.

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300SL Roadster with a mystery lady

Someone was feeling artsy while cruising their 300SL Roadster, it seems

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300SE W112 Coupe Landaulet Concept

Another interesting Mercedes concept that I actually do not know much about. Looks like w112 300SE convertible converted by the factory? to a 2-door landaulet

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Crashed BMW 3.0CSL Batmobile Race C...

Crashed BMW 3.0CSL Batmobile race car most likely at the Nürburgring ring in Germany. The photo goes to show how stock there touring cars were in the 80's, safety cages unheard of!

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Racing Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing...

I'm wondering if anyone has any information on this incident. These are two 300SL Gulwings parked in the middle of a rally of some kind with third one on fire. This looks like it took place in Germany?

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Santa's Gullwing

Suspicious looking duo swapping 300SL parts, then already managed to sell the grill and bumpers. Merry Xmas to all ClassicDigesters

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Timber loading Mercedes 300sl

You paid ridiculous money for your 300SL Roadster so you might make it work for its living, right? Here's the Stuttgart's finest hauling a mighty timber load...

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1971 Apollo 15 crew with their rides. The Lunar Rover and three 454 Corvettes

Apollo 15 rides

The 1971 Apollo 15 crew with their rides. The Lunar Rover and three 454 Corvettes. Commander David R. Scott, Command Module Pilot Alfred M. Worden and Lunar Module Pilot James B. Irwin

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Sophisticated Lady by Carl Goldberg restoration

Sophisticated Lady by Carl Goldberg...

As always...another old heap of balsa fell into my hands. Not that I mind, restoring old woodies beats restoring old cars any day... Well at least it's a lot less blood sweat and tears.

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W116 Inspired Proposal for 600 Face...

In 1972 Daimler Benz was contemplating on updating the existing 600 to W100F by adding w116-like elements to the car. 1977 they went on to build a prototype w100FL with an array of elements imported from w116 as well as w123

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red 300SL gulping 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally

Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing race c...

Red and quite beaten up Mercedes Benz 300sl 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally entered by team Schlesser who eventually finished second.

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 BMW 3.0CSL Alpina orange

BMW 3.0CSL Alpina in Finland

Original BMW 3.0CSL Alpina in Helsinki Finland. First owned by a 18-time Monte Carlo Rally competitor and class winner in 1965, Onni Vilkas. Mr Vilkas also rallied 300SE w112, 220S W111 as well as BMW 2800CS.

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Sebring 1962, Ferraris at the local Pontiac dealer #22 - 250GT - 2733GT - Scuderia SSS - Tavano & Davis #23 - 250TR/61 - 0792TR - Scuderia SSS - Bonnier & Bianchi #25 - 250GT - 2725GT - N.A.R.T - Hamill & Serena #26 - 250TR/61 - 0784TR - N.A.R.T - Moss &

Sebring 1962, Ferraris at the local...

It was 1962 Sebring and a flock of Ferrari racing cars at the local Pontiac dealer's premises: #22 - 250GT - 2733GT - Scuderia SSS #23 - 250TR/61 - 0792TR - Scuderia SSS #25 - 250GT - 2725GT - N.A.R.T #26 - 250TR/61 - 0784TR - N.A.R.T #34 - 246 SP - 0790 - N.A.R.T #35 - 246 SP - 0784 - N.A.R.T

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Austin Healey Sprite

Sidecar heroes

When you should have been in a sidecar instead...

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mystery car

Mystery car

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Jaguar D-Type XKD 530 Ice Racing

Jaguar D-Type XKD 530 may not have won 24hrs du Mans but it has led a life less ordinary than most. Here you'll find a unique series of photos of XKD 530 on an ice circuit in Kokkola new in winter season 1956-57 by Curt Lincoln. As well as a short glimpse to its picturesque life in Finland & the UK

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BMW M1 Italian Underpinnings

Real life BMW M1 cutaway revealing its Italian underpinnings.

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Moskovich 427 STW

Moskovich 427 stw

I'm a celebrity let me out the Moskovich 427 STW.

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Mercedes  W113 230 SL rally

Mercedes Benz 230SL Pagode Sofia Li...

In 1963, the recently introduced W113 230 SL showcased its prowess by dominating the challenging 5,500-km (3,418-mile) Spa-Sofia-Liège rally.

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Carrozzeria Scaglietti -home of rus...

A friend of mine cannot comprehend why his 70's Ferrari keeps rusting. I try to explain -no joy though.

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Cobra before Cobra

I'd say some people live a more vivid life than the rest of us. Take John Fitch who shot down a Messerschmitt 262 with his P-51 Mustang while fighting WW2 in Europe, invented the Fitch Barrier system the sand-filled barrels to absorb the kinetic energy of run-away vehicles.

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Brigitte Bardot, Cannes and Mystery...

Young Brigitte Bardot photographed in Cannes next to what I call a mystery car. Is it a Ferrari? Most likely but which model?

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Unsafe at Any Speed, Can Am Corvai...

Unsafe at any speed? Bullocks! This is Ian Richardson`s Can-Am Corvair imperted to The UK with 8.1liter BBC. The first ever touring car to average +100mph at Silverstone.

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Mercedes Benz 280SE w108 Marriage

Mercedes Benz 280SE being made

Beautiful shot of a white Mercedes 280SE body being lowered on to its axles and drivetrain. Notice the wood floors!

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Bf 109B-2 of Gotthard Handrick

BF109B in spain

Messerschmitt Bf 109B-2 Stab J88 Condor Legion 6x56, piloted by Gotthard Handrick, gold medalist at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, served in Spain in 1938. BF109B was powered by Junkers Jumo 210D liquid-cooled inverted V12 piston engine, producing around 640 hp, half of what later Daimler engines.

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BF 109E Messerschmitt gallery

Bf-109E3-7.JG26 piloted by Walter-Blume-Caffiers in France1940. 7.JG26" indicates that the aircraft belonged to the 7th Squadron of Jagdgeschwader 26 (JG 26), a German fighter wing. JG 26, also known as "Schlageter.

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Aston Martin DBs V12 DOHC

Aston Martin V12 DOHC

What on earth is this? It seems to be an early 50's Aston Martin DBS3 (kinda) with a twelve cylinder twin cam engine. Is it even real? if so what and when?

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The first ever Volvo p1800 Prototype by Frua 1957

Volvo P1800 prototypes and design

The first ever hand-built prototype by Frua, model P958-X1 ,shot in Italy. Completed late December 1957. Chassis number X 010.

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Volvo P1800 sketch by Pelle Petterson at Frua

Pelle Petterson's sketched of Volvo...

There's been some controversy whether Volvo P1800 was designed by "Frua" or Pelle Petterson. Well, Frua was a studio with professional designers. All I can say these 1957 sketches are signed by Pelle Petterson.

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Mercedes /8 Kombi with Racing  w108 (109) on its trailer

Mercedes /8 Kombi with Racing w108...

Surely that on the trailer is not what we want it to be? The /8 kombi is most likely a Miesen or Binz, I'n not an expert on those.

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Willment Cobra Ghia ex Fiat V8

Once Fiat Ghia then Cobra

The Italian-bodied Cobra, a coupe, sitting on chassis CSX3055, sports a body crafted by Giovanni Savonuzzi and built by Ghia. Originally, this body was fitted onto a Fiat 8V chassis. Rumours suggest that back when it was still part of the Fiat, it belonged to Lady Campbell.

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Mercedes Benz 250SE w111 Coupe Barnfind

Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe Barnfind

To those who complain about vintage sailplane stuff I've been into lately. This was my Mercedes Benz 250SE w111 Coupe barn find that I managed to track down a long time ago...

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Sylvie Vartan Aston Martin DB6

No Makepeace and Aston Martin DB6

No, she's not Makepeace she's Sylvie Vartan a French singer back in the 60's/70's and Aston Martin DB6 that may or may not be hers.

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HotRoddin' back in the day

Hotroddin' is a serious business

When did hotroddin' become serious business, even business for that matter. Take it back, people!

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Mercedes 230SL Topless Motoring

Mercedes 230SL Topless Motoring

Mercedes 230SL deal motor for your topless motoring experience. Available at Mercedes stores across the nation.

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the first McLaren – the Elva M1A group 7 car

The very first McLaren

This may shock some folks world but the very first ever McLaren was in fact an Elva, Elva M1A group 7

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Marcello Gandini dies

Marcello Gandini dies

My childhood designer hero, Marcello Gandini has unfortunately died aged 85. Marcello Gandini was the mastermind behind such icons as Fiat Dino Coupé, 1/9, Lamborghini Countach, Lamborghini Miura, Urraco, Lancia Stratos, Maserati Khamsin and many more. God Speed!

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Little mystery car

Little mystery car

Ok folks, what do we have here? a bubble car with sporty flavour but exactly what?

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Jumo 004 the first axial compressor turbojet

Jumo 004 worlds first operational J...

The Junkers Jumo 004 marked a groundbreaking advancement as the first turbojet engine used in combat worldwide, leading the way in axial compressor turbojet technology. Produced by Junkers in Germany during the later stages of World War II, around 8,000 units were manufactured.

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Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 B-group

Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 B-group

Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 B-group served during a break at he rally of Acropolis in the 80's. when rally was truly a competitive sport.

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Shelby Cobra 289 Dragon Snake

Shelby Cobra 289 Dragon Snake

Brand new Shelby Cobra 289 Dragon Snake at the dealer. The precise production number varies depending on the source, but estimates suggest that fewer than 10 Dragon Snakes were built

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Spitfire formation flying over North African desert

North African Supermarine Spitfires...

A formation of three Supermarine Spitfire Mk V flying over desert land in North Africa theater.

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Buick Flamingo Pink Convertible

Buick Flamingo pink convertible con...

Buick Flamingo, I wonder how they came up with such a name...anyway the rotating seat looks comfy.

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Jaguar mk2 snow

Jaguar MK2 spotting

Jaguar mk2 out of its natural habitat.

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Dragging Jaguar E-type

Drag racing early Jaguar E-type FHC , Nor sure what to make of it really!

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Airtronics Sagitta as found

Airtronics Sagitta Sailplane Restor...

Bought unseen at more than reasonable price. What was supposed to be a Sagitta 900 in well-used condition turns out to be a scratch build 600 with a few extra wing ribs to reach a wingspan of 2.3m. But it has been through a thing or two... Stay tuned for more.

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Jaguar E-type  Geneva Show debut in March 1961

Jaguar E-type S1 Geneva Debut 1961

Here's a rare color photo if the E-type Geneva auto show debut in March 1961. Seeing this historic photo reminds me how differently E-type owners take to the history than say Porsche owners. Every E-type owner I know is fine with the fact that theirs is an evolution of the Le Mans winning D-type.

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Great Planes Spirit 2m glider

Great Pains Spirit 2m

Throughout some intricate swapping this Great Pains...Planes! Spirit 2m glider fell into my hands. No-nonsense basic glider with a decent airfoil and interesting looking wing. As the kit came out in the 90's it's not seen as a classic although a ton of novices learned how to fly with one.

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Leading edge fix on Pilot Flying Feather

Leading edge fix on Pilot Flying Fe...

Landing in the weeds, you might be lucky enough to find an old iron or similar.

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Beetle with dual rear wheels

Beetle with dual rear wheels

For reasons beyond my comprehension this VW Beetle has dual rear wheels. Too much HP perhaps?

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Pink Emerson Fittipaldi Beetle against Pink Ford GT40

Pink Beetle against Pink GT40

Pink Beetle giving a GT40 a run for its money on dirt track. There's a back story though, here's a hint Emerson Fittipaldi

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Jaguar E-type tugging MK2

Talking about pampered MK1, how about this racer that has an E-type as a tug.

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Ford Escort MK1 RS2000 sold for 108.000£

Ford Escort MK1 RS2000

Ford Escort MK1 RS2000 sold for 108.000£ at iconauctioneers. They say it took 5 years of professional restoration to make it. What do you think?

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Bertone BAT7 Clipped Fins

Sal DiNatale's Bertone BAT 7 with c...

Sal DiNatale, a skilled mechanic from Sicily, set up shop in Los Angeles, and his garage in the San Fernando Valley became a go-to spot for fixing up fancy Italian cars. Steve McQueen was a regular customer, getting his car serviced by Sal and enjoying some Sicilian meals at his place.

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Jaguar E-type Cut-7 recovered  from a pond in Oulton Park

Jaguar E-type Cut-7 recovered from...

During practice for the 1965 RAC Tourist Trophy at Oulton Park, David Wansborough, behind the wheel of the famed 'CUT 7' Jaguar E-type originally owned by Dick Protheroe, encountered a mishap, steering the iconic car into a pond.

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Pablo Emilio Escobar's Porsche 356

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Pablo Emilio Escobar's Porsche 356 after a rivalling cartel set Escobar's car collection on fire.

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When James Dean fell in love with Ferrari 500 Mondial

When James Dean fell in love with F...

The sports car dealer John von Neumann, played a pivotal role in introducing Porsche to California. He was also the owner of the 1954 Ferrari 500 Mondial that captured James Dean's interest in Santa Barbara while racing his little Porsche.

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Steve McQueen Jaguar XKSS Scuderia Condor

Steve McQueen, Jaguar XKSS Scuderia...

It appears that many people believe Scuderia Condor is a genuine racing team. In reality, Steve McQueen established his own production company named Scuderia Condor Enterprises, which he managed until 1963. At that point, he relocated with his family to 2419 Solar Drive

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Bird of Time Scratch Build sailplane

Bird of Time 3-metre Sailplane Scra...

To size up what needs to be done and to motivate myself to push further I decided to assemble the bits and pieces together. Starting to look like a proper sailplane. 800 grams as is with the servos, which isn't bad considering its size.

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Opel Manta  as  Porsche 924  mule

Manta that was in fact Porsche 924...

Porsche engineers demonstrated ingenuity by camouflaging their new 924 prototype with the exterior body of an Opel Manta, of all things! This marks the first instance of a body swap on a unibody car and stands out as one of the most ingeniously cunning test car distractions ever.

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Henri Chapron  Rover P5 Cabriolet

Henri Chapron by the Citroën DS D...

And something little rarer...Henri Chapron's Rover P5 Cabriolet prototype.

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Lancia Delta S4 Airfoil Design

It's not about set of tools it's about your idea, passion and perseverance Lancia Delta S4 Airfoil Mock up made up from cardboard and some tape.

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Mr Shekhar Mehta Crash i973 Morocco...

Very highly esteemed Mr Shekhatar Mehta for a horrible accident in the Morocco rally in 1973 with a fast and strong Datsun 240Z rally car.

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Don't look at me buddy!

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Hussein's M635CSI Gemballa wide bod...

Gemballa better known for its SEC Mercs and Porsches also did a wideboby e24 M635 CSI Bimmer, later sold to Saddam Hussein's son Uday

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Mercedes w201 6x6 paris Dakar

For your eyes only: The 80's the golden era of Paris Dakar, mind-blowing w201 6x6.

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SS 100 1:16 Scale Gakken classic ca...

Looks like I'm joining the scale model band wagon with this SS 100 1:16 Scale Gakken classic car series #8. Yes, it's been collecting dust for a while

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Mercedes-Benz o319, Barn Find

Barn Find: Mercedes-Benz o319

Our barn fresh o319, the ex-Soulset Tour Bus, sees the daylight for a first time in a while. The bus has not turned a wheel on the road since 1968! Now who could resist a face like that? Read the background story at:

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Tatra 87, Barn find that I lost

The one that got away, yes the car we don't get to brag about. In this case it's a rather special Tatra with air cooled V8 I first heard about this car almost 20 years ago but without a second thought assumed it was a “mundane” 603 or similar...Well It was not!

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Great Planes Spirit 100 Spirit 2m


Finally a beautiful day! We took out two Great Pains Spirits, 100 and tiny 2m. The photo was taken right after I landed the 2m on top of the 100...Slam!

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Koverall covered wing

My scratch build 30's style Vintage...

I simply love how the wing turned out. I am using matt NC to keep the canvas looking as organic as possible.

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Grunau Baby by Krick 1/4 plan

Grunau Baby by Krick 1/4 plan and m...

The long-awaited Grunau Baby plan has arrived.

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Grumman F6F Hellcat Landing on beach strip

Grumman F6F Hellcat Landing on Beac...

Navy Grumman F6F Hellcat landing on beach strip on a pacific island around 1943-44

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Pilot Tommy sailplane fuselage plan

Pilot Tommy sailplane plan

I was lucky to find a complete set of plans for my very first radio controlled sailplane Tommy, which I previously brought back from Valhalla Looking at the plans this was way too complex for the kid I was ; )

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Cessna 177 Cardinal plan by Pilot

Cessna 177 Cardinal plan by Pilot

Cessna 177 Cardinal plan by Pilot and all that is left of the semi-scale plane.

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Sagitta sophisticated lady spirit fuselages

Fuselages to fly

From suave to boxy and in between, Sagitta Sophisticated Lady and Spirit fuselages

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Red Jaguar XKSS In California 50s

Red Jaguar XKSS In California 50s

Red Jaguar XKSS spotted and shot In California 50s. There is no data who's car this was. Any Hollywood star is a good guess, Steve McQueen?

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Mercedes Benz 220se w111 jump

It's Friday

I's Friday and I'm on my way mates.

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Vintage Classifieds (read classic b...

Mercedes 300SL Gull-Wing for sale 6500Usd, Take that and party!!!

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Mercedes Benz 280se 5.0 m117

Mercedes Benz 280se 5.0 m117

Long winter for the 5.0 restomod w108...time to look back on the project:

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Barn Fresh Mercedes 200D Heckflosse...

A friend of mine sent the lovely photos of a barn fresh collection of 60's Mercedes Fintails. I'll start with this black beauty, dusty and oh so lusty.

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Mercedes-Benz w123 safety body structure

Mercedes-Benz w123 safety body

The ingenious Mercedes-Benz w123 safety body structure demonstrated by a car without its outer body panels doors etc. extremely strong and safe!

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Mercedes 170S RatRod  nose

Mercedes 170S RatRod

Here's my latest barn find 170S Mercedes-Benz. Comes complete with 10cm on rat droppings on the floor. Does that make it a ratrod?

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red Audi Ur-Quattro on snow

Audi Ur-Quattro

Audi Ur-Quattro was a relegation when launched in 1980 In 1977, Audi's chassis engineer, Jörg Bensinger, proposed the concept of a high-performance four-wheel-drive car.

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Mercedes Benz 300SL gullwing ice racer

Swedish Ice Racing Mercedes 300SL G...

Arne Lindberg was a brave soul who took his then new Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing, mounted some serious ice spikes to his tires and went ice racing in Åsele in 1957!

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BMW Asso di Quadri = VW Scirocco Mk2

BMW Asso di Quadri is reborn VW Sci...

In the shadowy world of car design, rumors swirl about a potential link between the BMW Asso di Quadri concept and Volkswagen's Scirocco Mk2. Giugiaro's cutting-edge design, initially crafted for BMW but rejected, later emerged in the sleek profile of the Scirocco Mk2

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 red Jaguar XKSS club racer

Another red Jaguar XKSS

Another red Jaguar XKSS, most likely a club racer because of the competition number

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Vintage flying boat with Cox Baby Bee

Vintage flying boat with Cox Baby B...

Intricate swapping (again) and this unknown little flying boat found its way to my collection of gliders only. Absolutely no idea what we are looking at other than it was most likely built according to a plan by radio modeller or similar.

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Flight deck crew aircraft carrier Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger

Flight deck crew on a ww2 air carri...

It takes more than 90 dedicated people cooperating flawlessly to make one Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger operate from a carrier. Think about that!

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Pininfarina Alfa Romeo

Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Coupe 2000 c...

Pininfarina came up with a new type of grill with their 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 coupe concept. Opel was fast to copy the design in their Opel Rekord P2 launched in 1960.

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Curbside pait job

Curbside pait job

You can tell he's a pro because go the spray gun and a gent because he bothered with covering the neighbour's car.

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P.12 Lysander Delanne

Lysander Delanne

As far as WW2 planes are concerned it does not get much weirder than this. P.12 Lysander Delanne, a prototype with a Nash & Thomson turret in the tail.

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Grunau baby IIb Krick 1/4 kit

Grunau Baby IIb Krick 1/4 kit

This is my newly acquired Grunau Baby II b 1/4 scale sailplane kit by Krick. Krick launched the the kit some 40 to 50 years ago, and one can be sure it's nowhere near as builder friendly as today's laser cut kits that are available for a very reasonable amount of money out there.

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Fabulous Hudson Hornet Daytona Beach Race

Fabulous Hudson Hornet

In 1951, the NASCAR Grand National Series (now known as the NASCAR Cup Series) held a race on the Daytona Beach Road Course. The event took place on February 18, 1951. Marshall Teague won this race, driving a Hudson Hornet borrowed from a dealership, thus the heavy masking tape on the nose.

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Sagitta flying twilight

Sagitta, polar night

My rebuild 2.3m Sagitta "600" flying in the twilight of the polar night. These are actually the first hi-start launches I ever had with the Sagitta.

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Alfa Romeo Duetto

Alfa Spider on the beach

We went in for a dip, returning Bach the duetto was gone...only the tires were left..

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Fiat 131 Panorama

Fiat 131 Panorama

Ciao Tutti! its a Fiat 131 Panorama fotos time!

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Porsche 917 K GULF Le Mans 1971 Mueller Attwood

Art by Yuriy Shevchuk Porsche 917 T...

watercolor on paper 45 x 70 cm

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Datsun 100A -A stands for Abandonment

Datsun 100Abandoned

Crushed, shot at and abandoned, what once was Datsun 100A

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The pursuit of independence at Bent...

The main service area before we move the cars out to start the day! Benton Performance was founded in 1986 and has grown to 7000 square feet in Anaheim California. A space dedicated to making dreams come true for Porsche owners who want loving hands on their precious automobiles! Aircooled Devotion.

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Ford Advanced Vehicle Operations

Ford had been building Twin Cam version of Escort at Halewood factory since 1967 along with run of the mill volume models. This naturally caused more than fair amount of trouble.

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Ford Escort  Mk1 Mexico four options

Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico options

User Four different Ford Mexico options illustrated, first a standard set up with quintessential Mexico decals, second with the decal delete option, third a custom pack Mexico with a vinyl top and triple body line and last special order Tawny Brown car with bubble arches

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Tin toy car VW 1500

Tin toy car VW 1500

Spotted at a local swap meet: a Japanese Tin toy car VW 1500 in fairly good condition.

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Lamborghini AMS engine, tranny and suspension

Lamborghini "Miura" AMS the almost ...

In the year 1972, in a display of unparalleled automotive enthusiasm, Doug Call of Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., embarked on an extraordinary journey. His destination? A quaint workshop nestled in the heart of Bologna, where the renowned Lamborghini AMS awaited his arrival.

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Pilot Ok Model Tommy glider restoration, modifications and flying

Pilot Ok Model Tommy Sailplane sto...

I thought it might be a good moments to do a bit of summarising on what my first ever RC glider (initially build at 11 years of age or so) has been through lately. 1. Restoration after years of a neglected write off in the attic, yes sir it was a complete wreck with bullet holes and all!

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Spanish W115 Mercedes

Spanish /8 Mercedes

In the heart of Coruña, Spain, this abandoned Mercedes Benz house held a silent "secret": a yellow W115 Mercedes, a relic of a bygone era. For years, it stood as the last sentinel of luxury amidst decaying walls.

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Sanwa 6F-4S digital proportional radio control system NIB NOS

Genuine NIB Sanwa 6ch RC System

This is my Sanwa 6F-4S digital proportional radio control system, 100% as it came from the factory: SP61T transmitter, SP61receiver, three SM311 servos one SM312 servo SN-11L battery, crystals etc. all unwrapped, untouched 100% as it left the Osaka factory in the golden 80s (or late 70s)

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Airtronics Gere  Sport biplane

Airtronics Gere Sport biplane

Lee Renaud founder of Airtronics was not only the mastermind behind some of the most iconic classic rc sailplanes, he also came up with this little funky Gere Sport bi-plane

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BMW 507 Roadster Alpine holiday

BMW 507 Roadster Alps

It does not get any better than this!! Having a BMW 507 Roadster on your Alpine holiday! Absolute top!

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Bentley Burma

Bentley Burma

In the saga of Rolls-Royce's new-world models, enter the Bentley Burma, a refined sibling to the Tibet, sporting a sleeker look with 6.5 inches off its wheelbase. Initially slated for a 3909cc FB60 six-cylinder engine, plans quickly pivoted to the in-progress 6230cc V8, chosen for its superior might

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Iron like a lion in Zion

Iron Lion in Zion

I'm gonna be iron Like a lion in Zion I'm gonna be iron Like a lion in Zion Iron, lion, Zion Lion

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BMW 1600-2  1967

BMW 1600-2

New BMW 1600-2 can take selfies for you, comes equipped with Zenit 3 Camera Industar-50 50mm f/3.5 Lens c. 1960-62

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Hegi Kalif RC Sailplane 1975

Hegi Kalif 3m sailplane

48 years in the making, Hegi Kalif RC Sailplane. Now in my possession but will it fly any soon?

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Mercedes 220 w111 Steam Rocket

Mercedes w111 Crash Tests

You might be fooled to think Volvo invented the crumple zone idea that modern safety is based on. Hold your breath, as it was actually Mercedes-Benz that obtained a patent to Barenyi's crumple zone invention back in 1952 Extensive testing was used to ensure the idea would work on real world.

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