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Compton Coupe Flachkühler turns into Barn Find

Compton Coupe Mercedes w111 Flachk...

As it is at the moment...It's been mostly about hibernation lately...the thing slowly turning into a barn-find of a sort... They tell me the dust adds to the value no worries I guess?

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Capri with junk in the trunk

Forgive then for they are French.

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BMW 3.0CSL ScrapYardDog

BMW 3.0CSL with its thin light metal panels making it rust prone next to nothing. #running when parked #never run in rain or snow #rustbelt #tinworm

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Mercedes 170S RatRod  nose

Mercedes 170S RatRod

Here's my latest barn find 170S Mercedes-Benz. Comes complete with 10cm on rat droppings on the floor. Does that make it a ratrod?

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"Barn find" Sharknose

What makes a barn find? Liberal amount of dust, debris, chicken shit and of course the barn? Can you find something that was never lost? I think you cannot so this is not really a barn find. Just parked in a barn for a winter and then some.

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GPS to analogical speedo

A lot of people seem to be struggling with transmission upgrade caused speedo problems. I found a great example of how to tackle the problem with GPS to old speedo mod.

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Cheetah is No Jaguar

It breaks my heart lads but I have to let you know, It's a cheetah not jaguar.

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Citroën vs. Ferrari 250GTO

Oh non. Je n'attends plus rien de personne! What do you do when the Italian technology fails? Bring out the French one"

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Mid engined Mustang

Corvette C8 destroyed the make, right? That's a load of crap C8 is the best ever Vette -period. Imagine if Ford would have been brave enough to push on with this 1967 mid engined Mustang. How cool would that have been?

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Ford A Pick Up Barn Find

Ford A Pick Up Barn Find

Ford A Pick Up in a barn with several decades worth of dust and clutter on it. Hopefully this never gets restored or tinkered with any other way but stays as it is. well other than getting the thing running of course.

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Chevy rocking the BIG Block

We have all seen this photo floating the ol'interweb for years. But who knows the true story behind the infamous shot? This cars was once a pride and joy of the dude who bought it new to cherish with his family One night, there was a heavy rain triggering a landslide and this bolder-sorry big block

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Material Things to Challenge Your I...

Material Things to Challenge Your Imagination, like how the heck do they manage to stand on that bumper, Who chose the guy's vest? What are they on?

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Triumph TR3 V8

Ok, since we are talking Triumph Tr today, how about V8 lumped one with flames and a frigging flipping nose!

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Mercedes 300SL Gullwing vs Triumph ...

300SL Gullwing may be great many things but it's far from ideal weapon of choice when taking a tight apex on race track. As demonstrated by our here struggling to keep the TR2 behind with its swing axles tucking under.

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Maserati Biturbo Resurrection Tales

Dropped in the bonnet, closing it there was a hissing sound from one gas strut...closing again the same hiss from the other corner soon followed by leaking fluid..what are the odds?

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Jaguar E-type S1 FHC Nose Job

A huge part of the car's exterior consists of the bonnet. It's hardly as surprise that it's also a mammoth task to restore one. Unless you have money burning holes in your pocket as new items are available for the cheque book restorer. My equity is made of sweat though.

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Lincoln Convertible Woody

There's wacko and then there is this: the burlnut veneered Lincoln Convertible Treeman special. No further comments

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Summer 2021 curbside spottings

A beautiful pair of 60's vintage Volvo's spotted Duett estate and 544 saloon

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