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Spridget spotting

Ladies and gentlemen, when purchasing a Spridget / Sprite / Midget whatever you wanna call it make sure it's not red but grey!

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Bargains in the sea of inflated cla...

Classic car market is absolutely inflated when it comes to German and Italian high end chariots, talk about 700.000€ Maserati 3500GT 1.5 million€ 300SL..and the list goes on. Absolutely bonkers! In comparison a mint S1 3.8 E-type is a complete bargain, not to mention a better car.

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Lancia Stratos Rally Cars

Hi, I thought you might like some of these 70's period photos of Lancia Stratos rally cars. Here's Alitalia backed works rally team busy hauling cars.

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Erich Waxenberger Dies at 86

The Mercedes engineering genius and a maverick Erich Waxenberger, here with rally driver Björn Waldegaard, has died at 86 on July 18 2017. RIP

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Rover 3-Litre P5 Binnacle

Rover 3-Litre P5

Here, s a little side project of mine Rover 3-Litre P5 The binnacle is surprisingly modern for such a conservative British manufacturer. Like it a loooot.

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Winter Fun with 911

They tell us all the weight on rear wheels makes it great fun on snow. The owner seems indifferent.

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Equivocal advertisment

Here's my latest campaign for Jantzen sun clothes. What say you?

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Volvo 210 Spotted in Pouring Rain

Lovely Volvo 210 panel van spotted in pouring rain.

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Psychedelic AC 289 Sport (aka Cobra...

You might be fooled to think AC 289 Sports -Cobra to you guys over the pond although it could not be called that here in the UK because of legal issues, would have been flamboyant enough to most people. But not so to Tara Browne, 21 year old heir to the Guinness fortune!

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Can You See Yourself in a VW

Now can you see yourself in a Volkswagen

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Fiat 850 Sport Coupe

Spotted a nice little Fiat 850 last autumn. I think it looks even better in Yellow than red.

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Confiscated Alfa Romeo Sprint "prot...

This little Alfa Romeo Sprint, that was alleged to be a Bertone prototype, was confiscated by the Finnish tax officials and will be auctioned soon. The car has no paperwork to confirm its history or origin though.

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W115 220 Spotting

Spotted a W115 220 storming down the road the other day wearing white on top of black. And the driver, yo can see by the looks of it this geezer means business.

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Mercedes-Benz W123 The Ultimate Cla...

I've always said w123 is the best car in the world. Some of you might not take my word for it, well you don't have to the others seem to agree too, such as Carfection guys!

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

Interesting, it seems the previous cowboy owner didn't pay too much attention when re-assembling the brake servo/master cylinder unit...

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Iso Grifo A3/C Bizzarrini taking it...

What you're looking, is actually two Iso Grifo A3/C Bizzarrinis no.0214 & 0210. combined by racing legend and ex WWII B-24 belly gunner Max Ernest Balchowsky.

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W124 Kanaldeckel Wheels Repainted

C124 is set to roll with new tyres an refurbished wheels.

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Peter Helm's Army Green 250GT Calif...

Here's a couple of screen shots from Peter Helm's 8mm home movie starring 250GT California Spyder Pete and his Ferrari driving buddies decided to paint army green.

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