W115 220 Spotting

Spotted a W115 220 storming down the road the other day wearing white on top of black. And the driver, yo can see by the looks of it this geezer means business.

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Mercedes-Benz W123 The Ultimate Cla...

I've always said w123 is the best car in the world. Some of you might not take my word for it, well you don't have to the others seem to agree too, such as Carfection guys!

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

Interesting, it seems the previous cowboy owner didn't pay too much attention when re-assembling the brake servo/master cylinder unit...

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Iso Grifo A3/C Bizzarrini taking it...

What you're looking, is actually two Iso Grifo A3/C Bizzarrinis no.0214 & 0210. combined by racing legend and ex WWII B-24 belly gunner Max Ernest Balchowsky.

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W124 Kanaldeckel Wheels Repainted

C124 is set to roll with new tyres an refurbished wheels.

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Peter Helm's Army Green 250GT Calif...

Here's a couple of screen shots from Peter Helm's 8mm home movie starring 250GT California Spyder Pete and his Ferrari driving buddies decided to paint army green.

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Ford Cortina 1500GT & Lotus 'Replic...

Here's a little something I managed to pick up in a barn the other day. A genuine 1500GT Cortina taken off the road in 1979 due to light front end collision. The other car's a Lotus Cortina 'replica' -replica being a strong word as it' more of a look-a-like.

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E-type Reborn Nitpicks

Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works  launched E‑type Reborn Programme to see Series 1 E‑types restored to nothing short of their original specification. Now, I absolutely love their effort and the car is simply stunning!! However, I cannot help wondering if they should have hired someone who...

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Volvo 210 Spotted in Pouring Rain

Lovely Volvo 210 panel van spotted in pouring rain.

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MB 180 Ponton

What we have a 180 pretending to be a 220S.

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Waking up the Shark Nose (BMW 3.0 C...

The shark nose's been dormant longer that it should. So it was finally time to open the Aladdin's cave and let the sun shine in on the dusty blue paint. The engine was as happy as ever to wake up after hibernation but the brakes not so...

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Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba

VW splitscreen Samba (aka Sonder) bus as used by Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba. I think the photo was taken during the Cuban Grand Prix 1958 or 1957

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Snow in New York 1957

Winter 1957 in New York, Chevy, Ford and a Plymouth covered in snow.

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Have a nice Friday

May your Friday be as relaxed as clocking a speed record with the NSU-thing.

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Odd Jobs vol1.

Scraping paint off a boot lid. Thick layer of resprays actually helps in the process.

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XJ6 IRS rear fulcrum bearings

I've been getting involved more than I should on a friend's XJ6, This time it's the IRS rear fulcrum bearings that had developed too much play to pass the MOT. 30mm socket makes it child's play to drive in the outer races.

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Mercedes 500 SEC W126 Jankel Le Mar...

Gentlemen and ladies, I give you Mercedes 500 SEC W126 Jankel Le Marquis Daytona. What do you think?

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Junk Yard Spotting Mercedes Benz L...

Neglected Mercedes L319 or O319 spotted in a junk yard. my guess is this is chopped a van rather than factory bus.

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