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Opel Manta A 1900 S mit H-Kennzeichen 1971

General description : Erstzulassung 05.07.1971, 90 PS, 1875ccm, 129.000km, Fahrgestellnummer 592587812, mit Original Pappdeckel-Brief !! natürlich mit neuem TÜV + H-Kennzeichen, die Alufelgen mit den 185er Reifen sind natürlich in die Fahrzeugpapiere eingetragen, der Lack warv altersbedingt nicht mehr schön und daher wurde der Manta in seiner Originalfarbe neu lackiert, Alles Andere ist in sehr gutem authentischem Originalzustand, was sollen wir hier noch lange Geschichten erzählen, einfach reinsetzen losfahren und Manta geniessen

Erleben Sie den Fahrspass bei einer Probefahrt. Seit über 35 Jahren sind wir am Ort. Fahrzeuge in vielen Preis- und Altersklassen vorrätig. Auch Young- und Oldtimer. Gerne bieten wir Ihnen eine individuelle und flexible Finanzierung an. Ihr Fahrzeug nehmen wir gerne in Zahlung. Unsere Telefonnummer 02203-922690
Wir sind auch Samstags von 09:00 – 16:00 und auch Sonntags von 13:00 -17:00 Uhr geöffnet !!

1971 Opel Manta A 1900 S mit H-Kennzeichen is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in Waldstr. 151DE-51147 Köln Porz by Autohaus Wellssow GmbH for €13790.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Opel Model : Manta Model Version : A 1900 S mit H-Kennzeichen Engine size : 1.9 Model Year : 1971 Sub type : Coupé Location : Waldstr. 151DE-51147 Köln Porz Vehicle Registration : Undefined

13790 €

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Autohaus Wellssow GmbH

Autohaus Wellssow GmbH
+49 (0)2203 290020786
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About Opel
Ah, Opel! The German automaker with a history as rich as a Black Forest gateau. Let's take a leisurely drive through the annals of automotive history, shall we?

Opel's story begins in the 19th century when Adam Opel started crafting sewing machines. Yes, you heard me right, sewing machines! But Adam had bigger dreams – he envisioned a future with horseless carriages, just like the crazy inventors of his time. And so, in 1899, Opel produced their first automobile, the Opel-Patent-Motorwagen System Lutzmann. Catchy name, isn't it?

Now, if we're talking classic Opel models, we can't skip over the Opel 4 PS, affectionately known as the "Doktorwagen." It was the car that put Opel on the map, a tiny two-seater that was as simple and sturdy as a Bavarian beer stein. But the real charm was its affordability. Doctors and professionals loved it, hence the name, and it became the people's car before Volkswagen even existed.

Fast forward to the 1930s, and Opel was cranking out the Olympia. It was sleek, streamlined, and had a small but efficient 1.3-liter engine. Think of it as the German answer to the Ford Model T – a car for the masses.

But if we want to talk about a truly remarkable classic, let's talk Kadett. The Opel Kadett was a workhorse. It soldiered on through the tumultuous years of World War II, and post-war, it was like Germany's own phoenix rising from the ashes. The Kadett helped Opel regain its footing in the automotive world.

Then came the '60s and '70s, and with them, the legendary Opel GT. Some say it was a baby Corvette in a tuxedo, and they weren't entirely wrong. With its unmistakable "Coke bottle" shape and pop-up headlights, the Opel GT was pure style. It wasn't the fastest, but it had more charisma than a disco-era John Travolta.

But what about performance, you ask? Well, Opel didn't disappoint. In the late '80s, they gave us the Opel Kadett GSi 16V. It was a pocket rocket, a hot hatch with a 150-horsepower 2.0-liter engine. It could go from zero to autobahn in no time.

And finally, we can't talk about Opel's classic models without mentioning the Manta. The Opel Manta was the epitome of '70s cool. It had those iconic wraparound bumpers, the sporty silhouette, and a catchy marketing slogan – "The car you always promised yourself." It was the car that whispered sweet nothings about freedom and open roads.

So there you have it, a brisk but exhilarating journey through Opel's history, with a handful of classic models that could make any car enthusiast's heart race. Opel may not be as flashy as some of its German counterparts, but it has a charm all its own, like a well-aged riesling in the world of automotive wines. Cheers to Opel!