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Pontiac GTO 1966

Allmän beskrivning : Frame Off Restored GTO Hardtop 389 Tri-Power 4-speed PHS Documented.
Locating a low-mileage, original sheetmetal muscle car is a restorer's dream. That car being a 59,000 mile '66 GTO with factory Tri-Power, four speed transmission and, an exciting color combo is a Ponitac collector's dream. And what we have for sale is just that! A dream come true!
With only 3 owners since new, and in the hands of the 2nd owner for 53 years, the history of this GTO Tri-Power is well known. The original owner enjoyed the car for the first 2 years before handing it over to its long term steward in 1968. The car lived much of its life in the dry climate of Utah and was used sparingly racking up the 59,000 miles still shown on the odometer today. Fast forwarding to 2021, the handsome goat remained in running condition, albeit showing its age and time spent under the desert sun. The last active registration from 1982 still affixed to the windshield. A restorer from North Carolina located the car and took on the task of bringing it back to its former glory. The originality and authenticity of the car was certainly recognized and during the 2 year restoration, every effort was made to retain and restore as many original parts as possible.
Frame off restored and PHS documented, this high performance 1966 GTO makes a fine addition to any collection and is sure to turn heads on the street.
Introduction and Background
The Pontiac GTO was first introduced in 1964 as an option package for the Pontiac Tempest. It quickly gained popularity and is often considered one of the pioneering models in the muscle car era. The 1966 Pontiac GTO is a classic American muscle car that holds a special place even today in automotive history.
Design Changer
The 1966 GTO retained the styling introduced in 1965. It features a distinctive split grille, stacked headlights, and a more aggressive appearance compared to the standard Tempest. We can all thank John DeLorean, Bill Collins, and Russ Gee who were each responsible for the GTO's creation.
Engine Muscle
The GTO is known for its powerful engines. In 1966, the GTO could be equipped with several engine options, including a 389 cubic-inch V8 engine. This nicely restored 'GOAT' has the Tri-Power setup, featuring three two-barrel carburetors, that adds to the car's performance and overall appeal.
Impressive Performance for 1966
1966 GTO is a high-performance machine, and it played a significant role in popularizing the muscle car culture. It is capable of impressive acceleration and speed, making it a favorite among car enthusiasts.
Transmission With 4 Speeds
The manual transmissions, especially the 4-speed like the one we have here, were popular among those seeking a more engaging driving experience. Changing gears is done via a floor mounted chrome Hurst shifter.
Interior and Features
The interior of the 1966 GTO was designed with a sporty and functional layout. It features bucket seats, along with a driver-oriented instrument panel. The interior of this impeccable example has been restored with original interior parts retained and restored where possible.
Popularity and Legacy
The 1966 Pontiac GTO is often regarded as one of the most iconic and desirable models in the GTO lineup. Its success contributed to the ongoing popularity of the GTO series and the muscle car genre.
Collector's Item
Due to its historical significance and classic muscle car appeal, the 1966 Pontiac GTO has become a sought-after collector's item. Well-maintained and restored examples like this one command high attention in the collector car market. The Pontiac GTO from 1966 is a classic representation of the American muscle car era, and its design, performance, and cultural impact have left a legacy in automotive history.
Here is what makes this Montero Red GTO a standout choice for any collector or enthusiast:
* Factory GTO (PHS documented) * Original 59,000 mile car, frame off restored in 2022 * 389 V8 6.5 liter * Factory Tri-Power (PHS documented) * Rochester carburetors professionally restored * Hydraulic roller camshaft from Butler Performance * Pertronix ignition * Engine overhauled during restoration including cylinder heads * 4 speed manual transmission * Hurst shifter * Transmission overhauled during restoration * Power steering * Dual reservoir brake master cylinder installed for safety (Original single reservoir included) * Auxiliary oil pressure and coolant temp gauges added under dash * Bucket seats * Original interior parts were retained and restored where possible * Original seat upholstery * Original headliner * New carpet * Dash and pad restored by Just Dashes, Van Nuys, CA * Vintage column tach converted to solid state and calibrated * AM radio * New white vinyl top installed during restoration * Factory color of Montero Red over Red vinyl interior and White vinyl top * Rear end was overhauled during restoration * New bearings and seals installed * New u-joints and re-balanced driveshaft * Reproduction Firestone 7.75-14 tires from Coker * PMD wheels * Drum brakes front and rear * Dual exhaust * T-3 headlights * Purchased as a complete running car in 2021-West Coast car * Began restoration in 2021 and finished the car in 2022 * 500 miles since completion * 3 owner car * Body off frame restoration * Original sheet metal * Drivetrain overhauled during restoration * Original Protect-O-Plate included * Owner's Manual included * State inspection receipts documenting the mileage from '73-'81 * Ownership history included * Restoration photos included * PHS documentation included * Built at the Freemont, CA plant in the first week of July 1966 * Sold new to 1st owner at Fred Carleson Pontiac in Salt Lake City, UT * Owner #2 from Salt Lake City, UT purchased the car in 1968 * Owner #3 (current owner) purchased the car in Salt Lake City, UT and took it to NC to be restored * The car had been off the road since 1982 prior to its 2022 restoration * Comprehensive, multi-point inspection on all RK Motors vehicles * Worldwide shipment arrangement capabilities * Sold with a North Carolina Title * Inquire about extended service plans for long-term protection

1966 Pontiac GTO is listed till salu on ClassicDigest in Charlotte by RK Motors Charlotte for $99900.


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Karosstyp : Personbil Märke : Pontiac Modell : GTO Motorvolym : 0.0 Årsmodell : 1966 Karosstyp : Coupé Läge : Charlotte Fordon Registrering : Odefinierad

99900 $

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RK Motors Charlotte

RK Motors Charlotte
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om Pontiac
Pontiac, en division av General Motors (GM), hade en distinkt position inom företagets hierarki och spelade en viktig roll i bilhistoria. Här är en översikt över Pontiac historia och några av dess mest ikoniska modeller fram till 1980 -talet:

Position i GM -hierarki:
Särskild identitet: Pontiac ockuperade en unik plats inom GM, känd för sina prestationsorienterade fordon och ungdomlig varumärke.
Midnivåmärke: Placerat ovanför Chevrolet men under de mer exklusiva uppdelningarna som Oldsmobile, Buick och Cadillac syftade Pontiac till att erbjuda prisvärda men ändå sportiga bilar.
Historik och anmärkningsvärda modeller:
Pontiac GTO (1964-1974):
Ikonisk muskelbil: anses vara den första sanna amerikanska muskelbilen, blandning av prestanda och stil.
Specifikationer: V8 -motorer, kraftfull prestanda och aggressiv styling gjorde GTO oerhört populärt.
Pontiac Firebird (1967-1981):
Muskelbil och ponnybil: delade plattformen med Chevrolet Camaro, med distinkta Pontiac -styling -signaler.
Varianter: Erbjuds olika modeller och motoralternativ, inklusive Trans AM, som fick beröm genom filmer som "Smokey and the Bandit."
Pontiac Grand Prix (1962-2008):
Personlig lyxbil: Ursprungligen förvandlades en i full storlek, senare till en medelstor modell, känd för sin blandning av komfort och prestanda.
Evolution: Under åren övergick den från en prestationsorienterad bil till ett mer lyxigt erbjudande.
Pontiac Bonneville (1957-2005):
Flaggskeppsmodell: Startade som en bil i full storlek och utvecklas till ett lyxigt och tekniskt avancerat fordon.
Innovation: Känd för att introducera funktioner som bränsleinsprutning, vilket gör det till en symbol för Pontiacs tekniska framsteg.
Påverkan och arv:
Prestationsbild: Pontiac snidade en nisch för sig själv genom att betona prestanda, sportighet och innovation och locka yngre och entusiastförare.
Marknadsföringsframgång: Innovativa marknadsföringsstrategier och framgångsrika racinginsatser bidrog till Pontiacs popularitet och varumärkesimage.
Produktionens upphörande: Tyvärr, på grund av ekonomiska begränsningar och förändringar i konsumentpreferenser, avbröt GM Pontiac -varumärket 2010 och markerade slutet på sin arv i bilindustrin.