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Psychedelic AC 289 Sport (aka Cobra...

You might be fooled to think AC 289 Sports -Cobra to you guys over the pond although it could not be called that here in the UK because of legal issues, would have been flamboyant enough to most people. But not so to Tara Browne, 21 year old heir to the Guinness fortune!

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Liquid cooled B-17 Flying Fortress ...

B-17 Flying Fortress was the allied work horse over the war theaters. Never lookin sleeker than XB-39, the photo with Allison v12 engines

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1965 Mustang Bertone Concept

Mustang Bertone 1965 concept here was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, aged 27 at the time and commissioned from the renowned Turinese coachbuilding firm by a magazine publisher L. Scott Bailey.

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Drogo Carrozzeria built Ferrari 250...

Drogo Carrozzeria built Ferrari 250 GT SWB #2053GT started life initially as a Ferrari 250 GT SWB chassis coachbuild into the first GTO-prototype in 1960 - aka 'Anastasia' -an expression for not so attractive women in Modena.

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Mercedes Benz 180 Ponton Spotting

Mercedes Benz 180 Ponton despite slightly neglected is still EU-minded

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Third week of Covid19 quarantine, be safe, stay home, work on or in your classic! And Kudos to those that do not have the luxury of locking up in the safety of their home, working in hospitals etc. They are the real heroes of this crisis!

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What it takes to do le Mans 24

François Cevert and Jean-Pierre Beltoise with their Matra Simca MS 670 B showing what it takes to do Le Mans 24 hrs.

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Mystery Car in 50's Finland

Mystery Car in 50's Finland, no prizes for pointing out was based on VW beetle chassis plate & drivetrain. Other than that...None's got a clue!

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From bushes

Sixteen valves of fame

The neglegted 190E 2.3-16 from 1985 was left to backyard of the current owner. It has been sitting outside almost decade.

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300TDT S123 Thistle Green Metallic ...

One of these days 300TDT will return to action. Thistle Green Metallic DB-881

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Early Volkswagen 23-window Samba So...

Very nice early 52-53..ish Volkswagen 23-window Samba or SonderBus, with Sealing Wax Red body and L73 Chestnut Brown roof.

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Porsche 356 A under £10grand

Rust free original Porsche 356A with low miles under 10 grand! Where's the catch says you.

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Smart Charger Distress vs LifeHack ...

Today's smart car battery chargers are anything but! Especially if your battery has gone flat. Lifehack #187 lap top charger rigged next to the smart (not really) charger to initiate the charge. Potentially dangerous and highly un-recommendable though.

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Covid-19 Corona SM?

Covid-19? Corona? SM? never herd...what are they? Think I'm good though, mate!

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Lin Ottinger's magnificent Canyon T...

Lin Ottinger from Moab Utah was a brave individual that sported a flock of 23 21 Window VW Sambas around Moab Canyons to take brave and eager tourists around Canyonland in Utah US Photos courtesy of Ottinger museum.

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Turbonique Rocket Powered Turbo Rea...

Turbonique -the rocket powered turbo rear axle- came about in 1962 in Orlando, Florida, a stone's throw from NASA rockets, by Gene Middlebrooks, a Nasa subcontractor  on the propulsion system for the Pershing missile program, looking for new business.

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Mercedes 190 EVO Touring

That would have been a riot! Mercedes 190 EVO Touring!

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

Strictly speaking, I wasn't in the market for another classic car, quite the opposite. In fact, trying to down size and focus... However, when the opportunity knocked my door in form of a 220Sb stored in an old industrial building for a decade or two, I couldn't resist...

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