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Studebaker Lark Wagonaire, the Laud...

Guys, you were discussing the Merc Landaulet. Check out this Studebaker Lark Wagonaire, the Laudaulet STW! How cool sit this?

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300TDT S123 Thistle Green Metallic ...

One of these days 300TDT will return to action. Thistle Green Metallic DB-881

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Mercedes W111 W112 Coupe Concepts

Mercedes w111 / w112 coupe was not guaranteed to be the elegant design we know today. This early concept sports American style panoramic screen, landau let roof and stubby sedan style bumper.

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Cadillac Eldorado Pick Up 1975

Every time working on my ranch I can count on my trusty ol'Caddy pick up!

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Canyon Ride Sonder-Bus Barn Find

And this is how the Canyon-ride VW Sonder Busses ended up. Nest of barn finds. ( reply to )

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Complete Idiots' Guide to Restoring...

Idiots' guide to restoring c123. What to expect when you've got the hotz for a rusty Mercedes Benz w123 coupe carcass.

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VW Typ2 Split Screen Rail Bus

VW Typ2 split screen used as a rail bus. Most likely, a crew that did maintenance jobs was traveling the rails with the trusty old Volksbus

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Active Body control

ABC Active body control is making its way to modern cars. Just a reminder!!! the French were the first -Again!

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W124 CDS Tuning

W124 CDS Tuning is a classic, don't just take my word. just look at the grill.

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German Police Porsche 356 Cabriolet

Not just Dutchmen, German Police also had Porsche 356 highway patrol vehicles aka Weissen Mäuse, white mice.

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From bushes

Sixteen valves of fame

The neglegted 190E 2.3-16 from 1985 was left to backyard of the current owner. It has been sitting outside almost decade.

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Dumper taking no Dump

So guys, what do you think on my new AMG? It's a Hammer innit?

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Used Car Sales Lot in the 60's

A photo of a British used car sales lot in the 60's. One can instantly spot Jaguar E-type fhb, Mercedes, Bentley S2, Cortina Estate and last but not least Riley Elf or Wolseley Hornet

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356 Cabrio Zuffies as Dutch Police ...

356 Cabrio Zuffies as Dutch Police Cars Think of a police cat today a Euro hatch back, stw or VW van. Dutch irks politic on get 60's were made of different wood, they drove Porsche 356 cabriolets

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Chuck Jordan's Ferrari Daytona Rede...

GM car designer Chuck Jordan was a known Ferrari lover. Chuck used park his Daytona GM's design garage, His staff would occasionally pull stunts on their boss, such as this GM-ish redesign on the Daytona

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Heckflosse spotted a pre 65 w110 19...

There is still hope in this desolate world, reminded by this pre 65 face lift w110 190 Heckflosse.

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S124 280TE

It was not a particularly good day for the 280TE.

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Paul O’Shea -300-SLS Light Weight...

Paul O’Shea -300-SLS Light Weight Racer Factory produced for Paul O’Shea to promote new roadster 300SL campaigning in American sports car races -which he dominated.

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