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Pegaso Touring Transparent Plexigla...

Here's the deal I know absolutely nothing about this car, but it's too cool not to post the photos. Perhaps someone can add info on it.

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250GTO Re-Carrozzeria by monsieur W...

Ferrari 250 GTO had begun to raise in value by the 1980's unlike more mundane V12 Ferraris such as 250GTE or 330 GT which could still be bought for a song.

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Fiat 1600 Sports Cabriolet advertis...

Fiat 1600S Sports Cabriolet carry the fiat to new laurels

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French 300SL Gullwing Crashed

Once upon a time in France they managed to mangle a 300SL Gullwing pretty thoroughly

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1955 300SL Gullwing Liege-Roma-Lieg...

1955 Liège - Rome - Liège rally was won by Olivier Gendebien at the wheel of a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing with interesting rally features!

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Porsche 356 san marino or shooting ...

If going to San Marino in your 356 Porsche you might bring a rifle just as well.

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Kinky bikers

Not sure what is going on here, but I do want to take part in.

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Mercedes 280SE 5.0 W108

280SE 5.0 -a little story how (not?) to swap a 5.0 m117 light alloy engine followed by a four speed slush box into a vintage Mercedes, 280SE w108. To make things more ticklish the whole procedure will be carried outdoor during the winter months. OK, admitted under a roof -Oh boy aren't spoiled?

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Beetle roof rack

This photo says it all dontcha agree?

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Like Chevy to Opel

No, I'm not saying anyone was copying the other but the resemblence was there.

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Rudolf Diesel

That's it, who needs spark plugs? Answer, no-one

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Mercedes 200t s123

World's best STW in its most basic form 200T refusing to give up.

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Paul O’Shea -300-SLS Light Weight...

Paul O’Shea -300-SLS Light Weight Racer Factory produced for Paul O’Shea to promote new roadster 300SL campaigning in American sports car races -which he dominated.

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Eläintarha Grand Prix 1958

British driver Graham Whitehead leading the pack with his Aston Martin DB3S closely followed by Carl-Otto Bremer in his Ferrari 750 Monza "ice racer"

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Paddock Photographic Tales

It's all red as Targa Florio 1963 Italian Paddock getd packed with Alfas, Ferraris and what not

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Litte something for the significant...

This year Mrs Dancealot will be receiving a brand new Dodge Charger. What have you got in store for your lady?

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Strippers' choice at Earls Court 19...

1973 Earl Court Motor show, head for PR at Saab Mr Wankalot thought it was a brilliant idea to hire staff at his local strip club. They tell she is Mr Wankalot's personal favorite at the gentleman's club in Bristol.

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1929 Buick log hauler

Buicks are great, they even haul logs like there's no tomorrow

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