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Compton Coupe Flachkühler turns into Barn Find

Compton Coupe Mercedes w111 Flachk...

As it is at the moment...It's been mostly about hibernation lately...the thing slowly turning into a barn-find of a sort... They tell me the dust adds to the value no worries I guess?

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W110 Heckflosse

Once upon a time in Europe Heckflos...

Once upon a time in Germany Heckflosse and a girl who liked to feed swans. The Heckflosse is beautiful so was the girl

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George Best with his s2 E-type

Stunning Vintage Photos of Jaguar E...

George Best with his E-type FHC s2 and a lady friend.

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Jaguar E-type fhc s1 full leather i...

thought it would be nice to do something completely different for a change. A full leather interior seems a good idea and uplifts the cockpit. I'll start with the boot floor...

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Komisario Palmu Jaguar XJ6 gravel road

Jaguar XJ6 S1, inspector Palmu

Fabulous screenshots from the Finnish feature film Vodkaa Komisario (inspector) Palmu 1969. Palmu was originally a fiction character by Mika Waltari

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Waking up the Shark Nose (BMW 3.0 C...

The shark nose's been dormant longer that it should. So it was finally time to open the Aladdin's cave and let the sun shine in on the dusty blue paint. The engine was as happy as ever to wake up after hibernation but the brakes not so...

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Vanishing Point Star Barry Newman Dies

Vanishing Point Star Barry Newman D...

Actor Barry Newman, best remembered for his role as a car delivery driver Kowalski in the 1970 feature film Vanishing Point has died at the age of 92, survived by his wife, Angela.

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VW Beetle oval cutout

Fabulous VW Käfer Oval cutaway

VW Beetle oval cutout drawing from an old brochure. I love these things.

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Drogo Carrozzeria built Ferrari 250...

Drogo Carrozzeria built Ferrari 250 GT SWB #2053GT started life initially as a Ferrari 250 GT SWB chassis coachbuild into the first GTO-prototype in 1960 - aka 'Anastasia' -an expression for not so attractive women in Modena.

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Fast Trucking Geezers

John Whitmore, Jim Clark, and Jackie Stewart were all notable figures in the world of motorsports -and very keen truckers in their leisure time.

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Porsche 356 tackling snow

Ok, we all have seen a bit of snow lately. But really, what's the big deal?

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Lenny Kravitz works on his Vw Beetl...

Today Lenny Kravitz has mainly been working on his Bug. How's your day so far?

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Safely on trailer

W109 300 SE L 6.3 1971

Bought this car late 2008 after it had been stored for 7 years due to mechanical fuel injection pump (MFIP) damage.

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Jaguar unveils ‘new original’ X...

Some of you might have seen this coming after new light weight E-types, but I certainly never did. Jaguar unveils £1million 'new original' version of 60-year-old classic XKSS at the Petersen Museum, Los Angeles!

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Natalie Wood & Mercedes Coupe in Ho...

Natalie Wood and Ladislav Blatnik leaving The Daisy Club in Beverly Hills and getting in a 1964 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Coupe

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"Barn find" Sharknose

What makes a barn find? Liberal amount of dust, debris, chicken shit and of course the barn? Can you find something that was never lost? I think you cannot so this is not really a barn find. Just parked in a barn for a winter and then some.

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Lamborghini Miura Jota by Bob Walla...

Lamborghini Miura Jota was a free time project by Bob Wallace, whole interior removed and plexiglass windows it was lighter and significantly more powerful than standard Miura S it was based on (440 horsepower at 8500 rpm)

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RR Silver Cloud curb sided and Aba...

Our reader in Northern Finland -Cheers to all the Finns out there!- emailed us these photos of an abandoned Silver Cloud curb sided. By the looks of it the poor Roller had some TLC before it was abandoned for what ever the reason.

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Made in Nigeria, a car film by Tayo...

Kids! you need to see this Hard CORE Merc 190SL, 911 1972 and Charger 1973 rolling in Lagos Nigeria:

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Mercedes clk burned down

CLK rumble in the jungle

What has this world come to? Mercedes clk burned down by vandals and Philistines.

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Joyriding (Whisky soaked) Volvo p18...

Once upon a time there was a boat transporting whiskey and brand spanking new Volvo p1800 sports cars....

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Jaguar E-type 4.2 S1 FHC DIY restoration project

E-type Project Vol.1 Escalation

Hi there, I thought some of you might be interested in my little humble E-type project. It’s a series 1 FHC with 4.2 engine and syncro box, of which the latter should make it almost driveable in today's traffic. Here, the beast is featured in its natural habitat, California that is, back in the 80’s

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Jaguar E-type S1 as a towcar

Here's something you don't see every day if ever -Jaguar E-type S1 coupe used as as a towcar for what looks like MG TF. Brands Hatch in mid sixties.

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Pik 20 scale sailplane

Pik20 vintage scale sailplane, +45 years old and still not finished :)

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Het Snö, racing shots 1968 kanonloppet

Het Snö film racing screen shots, ...

Het Snö, literally hot snow, was a Swedish film shot partially during the Kanonloppet 1968. So it has some great period racing scenes that I want to present you.

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mystery car

Mystery car

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Ford GT 40 Road Version

Ford GT40 road version on a truck bed somewhere up north as there is snow. Other than that I have no knowledge of these pictures but they are way too fab not to publish here.

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Jaguar E-type S1 FHC Nose Job

A significant part of the car's exterior consists of the bonnet. It's hardly a surprise that it's also a mammoth task to restore one. -Unless you have money burning holes in your pocket as new items are available for the cheque-book-restorer. My equity comes in the form of sweat though

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Jaguar E-type IRS rebuilt DIY Project by Andreas

E-type Project vol.2 IRS

In this chapter one struggles with a big heavy lump of iron with too many parts to fully comprehend, aka Jaguar IRS

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Six Day Finnish Ferrari 500TR #0610...

The Finnish build Ferrari 500 TR #0610 by Scuderia Askolin story: 1958 Eltsu grand prix is due in a week when Fred Geitel and Curt Lincoln are returning from a practice in their Ferraris when Fred suddenly hits a barrel of mash falling from an oncoming lorry.

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Hawker Typhoon the war changing f/a...

Hawker Typhoon was a technological leap, with over 1000HP more powerful and 100Mph faster than Spitfire at the time. It was the most successful ground attack fighter with rockets that could peel open Tiger tanks like sardine cans. It was a war changing plane that made ww2 end sooner in Europe.

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Me 262 production locations

In hidden locations like this a total of 1,400 Me 262s were produced! Only around 400-300 were used in combat in interceptor role, but no more than 70-100 of these aircraft were operational at any one time.

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Aviomodelli 1980-81 RC model catalog front

Aviomodelli 1980-81 RC model catalo...

Aviomodelli 1980-81 RC model catalog owners digest

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My Daily Dose to Nostalgia Dragster...

My nostalgia dragster today is Sherman Allison Messerschmitt KR 200 Dragster, where Hemi has replaced the Sachs 2 stroke.

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Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Gymnastics car

Odd 300SL Gullwing shots

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, one size fits all, all new gymnastics car from Mercedes Benz.

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David Piper Racing Green Ferraris

David Piper Racing is a renowned private racing team founded by David Piper himself. The team is famous for its distinctive green-colored Ferraris, which became its signature livery. David Piper's association with green-colored Ferraris began in the 1960s

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Ferrari 512S FIA Homologation line ...

The line up of 25 Ferrari 512S for FIA Homologation in Maranello in 1969. The yellow one is the chassis #1030 for Scuderia Ecurie Francorchamps

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Barnfind Vintage RC Gliders

"Barnfind Vintage RC Gliders" My trusty old Flying Feather by Pilot before it was rebuilt and taken back into the skies. Alongside of a Graupner ASK 14.

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Liz Taylor in Lincoln Continental Cabriolet

Liz Taylor in Lincoln Continental C...

Liz Taylor in Lincoln Continental Cabriolet, for some reason she looks photoshopped in this photo though.

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Elvis Presley with his Continental MK2

Elvis Presley with his Continental ...

Elvis Presley with his Continental MK2, which is not Lincoln Continental as many people seem to think these days but bare Continental !

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Bird of Time 3-metre Sailplane Scra...

I wasn't that exited after covering the fuse with red silk, it's slowly growing on me though.

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Mercedes Benz Pagoda was not suppos...

Mercedes Benz 230sl w113 Pagoda was not supposed to be a pagoda top in the first place but to have this very stylish hard top.

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P51 Mustang wooden wheel

P-51 Mustang with British RAF markings During the war years rubber was of shortage so they an attached wooden whees to stroll around the factory at North American Aviation, Inglewood California,

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1978 Mustang King Cobra

1978 Mustang King Cobra

Back in 1978 you could actually buy this heap a Mustang King Cobra. Not many did though.

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Aquila & Spirit 100

Airtronics Aquila & Great Planes Spirit 100, two different approaches to wooden 100' Soaring

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Airtronics Aquila Solarfilm Failure

Beautiful sunny day with potent thermals and my new old Aguila solarfilm wing goes on a holiday in the sun. I tried a few hi-starts and it was dreadfully bad.

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Hawker Tempest

Hawker Typhoon was one of the most advanced piston engined fighter/ground attack planes of the WW2. This one belongs to F/O Lewis E. Park Jr. (KIA 27/6/44) of 438 Squadron RCAF

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B29 collaboration illustrated

B29 Bomber the joined effort to win...

The development and production of the B-29 bomber was a combined effort by various US industry players during World War II.

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Jaguar XK 120 remodelled

Something special they say...I bet they're right! Bill Hodge's amazing custom Jag. Amazed I am, very much indeed!

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Jaguar E-type tugging MK2

Talking about pampered MK1, how about this racer that has an E-type as a tug.

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Car Classified Ads in 1938

Very interesting reading this second hand car classified listing page in 1938 makes. Which one would you choose?

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Ford GT40 Iterations

Ford GT40 had so many Iterations it can get very confusing. I bet this picture helps a lot of people. ( as long as you skip that Mustang 1, which has nothing to do with GT40 . It should have Lola GT up there as the starting point)

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Finnish Corvette Stingray 427

A big block Corvette Sting Ray driven in snow in Finland in the sixties. As far as I know the car is still with its original owner.

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Happy (Vette) Camper

One happy camper and a 1963 Corvette Stingray Split window with cut out rear fenders and 3-taillight custom.

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Bugatti Coupe in a demolition derby...

It's not just today. They had this Bugatti Coupe in a demolition derby in the 50's. what a shame, some people never learn.

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Ex-Elvis BMW 507 roadster torn apar...

Ex-Elvis BMW 507 roadster torn apart during its restoration. Originally white Elvis had the car resprayed red so the lipstick tags wouldn't show. They restored it back to factory white....

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Yellow Lamborghini Countach production line

Lamborghini Contact Production Line...

A Yellow Lamborghini Countach body rolling down the production line in the 80's in Sant'Agata. A fitter is busy with the front suspension.

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Chevrolet Impala RIP

Chevrolet Bel Air RIP

Chevy returning to Nature... Impala or Bel Air, you tell me?

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Airtronics Aquila Flying

Aquila Flying

Another beautiful windy day and Aquila coping with gusts of 10 metres a second and more

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Freude am Fahren 1000KM in BMW 3.0CSA

Freude am Fahren 1000km in BMW 3.0C...

We went touring with our dear old e9 just to remind us what an über-tourer this car really is. After some 1000 Km later we are still mesmerized by Munich's finest -even if it actually originated in Osnabrück where it was handmade by the fine craftsmen of Karmann.

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Cadillac Eldorado Pick Up 1975

Every time working on my ranch I can count on my trusty ol'Caddy pick up!

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Chevy Cheetah Chassis

Here's the proof of the World's shortest drive shaft.

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Mitsubishi A6M Rei-sen “Zero” w...

Mitsubishi A6M Rei-sen “Zero” in a Japanese post war wreck yard. Behind the Zero there is a Mitsubishi J2M Raiden also known as "jack"

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First convertible of the summer

The first convertible of the summer is a 1969? Caddy.

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Avro Lancaster shot down

RAF Lancaster Taipo of 50 sq shot up by German night fighters fighters Nov 42, managed to limb back home and bellied in to RAF Bradwell Bay

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B17 Flying Fortress as testbed for...

B17 Flying Fortress used as testbed for Curtiss-Wright J65 turbojet engine

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MB 190 2.3-16 "Cosworth"

Mercedes 190 2.3-16 Cosworth in the Woods, where many fine classics have found their destiny.

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Compton Cooking -Embers Edition

cucina povera Compton cooking

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Jaguar XK120 Roadster Le Mans

Gregory W. Teaby power sliding through a curve Jaguar XK-120 le mans

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Youngtimers shape and size compared

BMW 635CSI vs Mercedes 500SEC shape and size compared

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Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf Special

Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf Sp...

This is not just any old Countach with a shady tuning kit riveted on its body. It's is the Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf Special, first of two such cars ever built.

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Winter is gone, Eclipse soars the s...

Winter is gone, Eclipse soars the spring thermals

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Jaguar XK 120 Roadster Size and Silhouette Bentley Sedan

Jaguar XK 120 Roadster Size and Sil...

Jaguar XK 120 Roadster Size and Silhouette compared against Bentley Sedan

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BMW E9 Flashback

Happened to stumble upon an old photo of my then ongoing E9 rehab; the very car that is still collecting dust in my barn. The E36 in the background soon lost its novelty though.

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HiFly Wing Becomes Vintage / Retro ...

My vintage soarer project has been idling a while while busy with other things...anyway this morning I did manage to come up with perfect shape for the rudder. Now it's time to go from cad to balsa.

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Comparing Jaguar E-type size and si...

Comparing Jaguar E-type size and silhouette with BMW X6 coupe

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Wheel Bearing Blues

When you are speeding on a free way and suddenly feel the steering wheel twitch. That's Mercedes motoring for ya... S124

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Stock Car shape scrutiny template

Smokey Yunick's Chevelle Template

In 1966 Smokey Yunick's Chevelle didn't fit the template. Obviously, as Yannick had chopped the car to make it more aerodynamic. Yunick firmly maintained his car was 100% stock and the template was defective.

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Ice cutter Harley

The Harley that cuts ice like there's no tomorrow..could be Indian also

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w123 plug-in hybrid electric vehicl...

Think of something modern and the changes are Mercedes did it decades ago, like this w123 PHEW first presented in 1982 at a trade show in Hannover

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B17 Milwaukee Bomber

Along with a few buddies Art Lacey flew his newly acquired surplus Boeing B-17 bomber (tail number 44-85790) from Oklahoma to Oregon in 1947. After losing their bearings in a blizzard the makeshift aircrew descended low enough to read highway signs, which returned them to a proper heading.

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3.0CSL Alexander Calder


French race car driver and auctioneer Hervé Poulain had a stroke of genius 1975 when he commissioned American artist and friend Alexander Calder to paint the first BMW Art Car.

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3.0 CSL Calder


TS 24 Heures du Mans 1975

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

I'm nesting see me resting.

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Mercedes 170V Roadster

Secret Mercedes Collection

Lucky me, I was invited to take a peak at a private Mercedes collection in an undisclosed location. This collection is the real mc coy, all the cars have been restored single-handedly by the owner –a true old school enthusiast.

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Citroen SM Abandoned & Rusting Away

Citroen SM abandoned behind a barrack in an undisclosed place. A year or two on its belly on the ground and one can throw away hopes and dreams of easy recovery.

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BMW 850 e31 mule looking like e24 o...

I think this is the BMW GT coupe they should have built! It is of course BMW 850 e34 mule that looks like an e24 on steroids.

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Mercedes Benz 280SE coupe low grill...

Spotted this Mercedes Benz 280SE coupe low grill aka flachkühler on a trailer. By the looks of it the w111 coupe was on its way back to heimat?

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560 SEC barnfind possible AMG?

A barn fresh 560sec with rust free body is decent find these days. Some paper work seems to suggest it may be a genuine pre merger AMG. The quest for more evidence continues.

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Alex Cunningham Commodore Special

A.Cunningham Opel Commodore Special was a one-off special for Alex, then general manager of Adam Opel AG and later a candidate for presidency. Flash body modifications were in-house job while the performance bits came from Irmscher-Tuning

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Eclipse soaring with the ol'crow

Eclipse and the ol'crow

On the crow's part it was intellectual curiosity and sheer playfulness, as for me you can count out the intellectual thing...just pure fun!

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Mercedes 300SL Gullwing crashed int...

Not sure where and how but this unfortunate Mercedes 300SL Gullwing crashed into two pieces for what ever the reason.

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Cadillac Railcar

It would be hard to imagine smoother ride than in this v12? Cadillac Railcar in Finland.

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Life iterations Jaguar D-Type XKD 5...

Life iterations Jaguar D-Type XKD 530 "Ice Racer" I do my best to give you an idea of the many guises XKD 530 wore during its life in Finland. This is the D-Type soon after arriving in Finland. I'm guessing in Helsinki getting ready for "Eltsu" GP.

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Mercedes Benz W100 600 Demolition D...

This is what some people get their thrill from. It takes all kinds I suppose! Mercedes Benz W100 600 SWB demolition derby "racer" banner race

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Hanging around the drag strip in t...

Plenty of different vehicles hanging around the drag strip in the 60's

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Mercedes Benz 450SLC spotting

Spotted one day, a rather smart looking 450slc with metallic blue / silver paint.

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Porfirio Rubirosa crashed Ferrari 2...

After a night out celebrating his team’s victory in the Coupe de France, a playboy, supporter of a dictator and wannabe racer Rubirosa crashed chassis 1561 GT into a tree along the Bois de Boulogne.

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Bad Day for Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Must have been Monday for this Daimler-Benz Werks w194 300SL racer. Could this be Targa Florio 1952?

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Royal w112 300SE cabriolet

Prince Philip of Belgium in his metallic green / cognac Mercedes 300 SE W112 Cabriolet.

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Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3

Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3, the original Q-car spotted at local parts depot. sorry for poor photo quality.

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I think someone wrote an article on this AC Cobra artcar on, I could not find the story though.

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2000 years old Nemi ship

The Nemi ship, built almost 2000 years ago by emperor Caligula, discovered in 1929 and destroyed by fire in 1944 during World War II.

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E-type Roadster buffet: How to f...

E-type Roadster build into a buffet table. A sacrilege to feed some local philistines.

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Sweeping landing marks in snow by A...

This thread is all about the magnificent landing marks swept in snow by my new-old Aquila.

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Sequoiadendron giganteum

Turning circle is so huge we had to go through the tree sir.

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Tree of history

Tree of History

What a shame it was cut down

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Airtronics Eclipse lipo battery

Winter Flight with Airtronics Eclip...

I prefer pure gliders due to their elegance and purity. However, there are occasions when you cannot beat an electric one, such as today when I hand a window of an hour and perfect weather.

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Paragon 118 open class glider by Ed...

Just like that a Paragon kit falls into my lap. Interestingly I have never seen one in flesh before. As I am already stashing my Mark's models Bird Of Time NIB kit, this puppy will be build. And it's a first time in 30+ years that I get to fiddle with fresh new pre-cut balsa!

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WW2 Boneyard Pictures

B17e "Desert Rat" wreck in the woods before the restoration, which you can follow here:

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Glider Guiding in the 80's

An old (relative term) friend of mine found these fabulous photos from the 80's. This is a Svenson Sunny that used to belong to another old (once again...relative term) friend of mine. But look at her, isn't she beautiful?

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World's Slowest Rally

It was the slowest rally known in the history of mankind.

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Ford Mustang Premier

64 Worlds Fair in New York was also the debut for the new pony car; Ford Mustang

1/1000 Bilder

Very Stylish Mercedes Benz 170 STW

I am not sure which karosserie built this MB 170S Estate but they did do fine work!

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Best Looking Corvair Ever: XP 875

Best Looking Corvair Ever: XP 875

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Silent Soaring over Snowy Fields

High speed low pass ending up as a ground loop as the wing tip hits the snow and digs in.

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New 356

Hey new Porsche 356

It will stay new for a long time

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Detroit Steel as Land Fill

There was a time when Detroit's finest was considered only good for land fill. They were wrong of course.

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Miles Ahead with a Ferrari and occa...

They call Steve McQueen “the king of cool”. Now that is of course complete and utter bollocks as those who know will tell you the real king of cool was Miles Davis, at his peak nothing would come close to Miles' aura of cool.

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VW Käfer Oval Found in the Woods

Very early VW Käfer Oval found in the woods, if I intrupit the numbers correctly it was build in January 1954

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Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing 1956 oilpainting. size 70x100 cm. Also in Limited edition ART print 70x50 cm . I can sent my art Worldwide in special ART tube and box arround the tube. Feel free to contact me ; fransmanart (at)

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Mercedes S123 vs W123 rear door

Not many know that Mercedes S123 rear door is not the same as w123.

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Paddock Photographic Tales

Mercedes w196 Type Monza bodywork photographed at British Grand Prix 1954

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1975 Toyota Celica GT «Freestyle»...

Kneissl Ski Team next to what I believe is Toyota Celica GT «Freestyle» customized by George Barris. No further info available

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Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France Scude...

Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France Scuderia Askolin #0723 GT. According to Ferrari that refurbished the car mechanically a few years back this is the most original 250GT TdF on the planet!

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Spitfire Spotting

Not so long ago, one would see something of this nature on the road, feels so distant now as it has been raining two weeks non-stop...

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Maserati A6 GCS Scrapyard Find

Maserati A6GCS piled with other 50's and 60's racing cars in a strange scrapyard in Mexico in the 70's

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Aquila by Airtronics HiStart Launch

Aquila by Airtronics HiStart Launch: My 2.7 metre Aquila launching off with 6mm latex hi start. The wings mount on 5 mm steel rod that bends under stress, normally the inner wing panels have zero dihedral. It's all due to dynamic distortion here.

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Graupner vintage kit press photos

Graupner vintage Amigo kit press photo, how we dreamt of these back then because of photos like these!

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EB economizing on balsa

Welcome to another episode of economising on balsa. Today, we are going to make use of some paragon left-over bits.

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Pilot Tommy Glider, snowy field

Last Soaring Day of This Winter Wit...

One of my excess cars found a new home through I decided to reward myself with an afternoon off and went soaring with the trusty old Tommy. Oh boy, did she fly beautiful and high! A perfect day!

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Flying Feather Glider Fatal Crash a...

Sorry world, I f***ed it up. Beautiful weather but insane cross wind with proper gusts. I was "sloping" above the tree line when strong gust flipped the plane on its back. with less than 5m from the tree tops there wasn't much I could do. The sound it made hitting the tree at high speed was insane..

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Hispano Aviación HA-1109 pretendin...

Hispano Aviación HA-1109 aka Buchón aka the Spanish BF109 pretending to be Spitfire as used in the movie "Eagles over London"

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Bruce Larson's Dragger Cobra

Dragon Snake Special 427 engine instead of the small block 289 found in the other narrow hip snakes. Driver Gus Zuidema put this Cobra in 10-second territory

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Steve McQueen -Prince of cool- and ...

Prince Of Cool Steve Mc Queen tossing a frisbee during a break on Bullit film set.

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Electric AC Cobra

Oh, for God's sake!

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Matra Banghera

I'm posting these Matra Bagheera cutaway s just because they are so gorgeous

3/1000 Bilder

Jaguar D-Type XKD 530 Ice Racing

Jaguar D-Type XKD 530 may not have won 24hrs du Mans but it has led a life less ordinary than most. Here you'll find a unique series of photos of XKD 530 on an ice circuit in Kokkola new in winter season 1956-57 by Curt Lincoln. As well as a short glimpse to its picturesque life in Finland & the UK

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Nürburgring Touristenfahrten in Po...

Nürburgring Touristenfahrten has for more than 50 years allowed Joe average a chance to LARP a race driver, like our hero in his Porsche 356 here

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Jaguar 120XK Pikes Peak

Sublime photo of a Jaguar XK120 coupe kicking up some dust at the Pikes Peak

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Friday Hot Rod

Hemi Rod besides very quick it was also very loud!

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"Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Fiat 1500 Spider the Historic Rally...

Ok, let’s make it official; I’m an AUTOholic, at least when it comes to vintage stuff in need of rescue. Thus it’s hardly a surprise I just couldn’t say no to this little spider when it appeared for sale on I was sold and so was the spider!

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Confiscated Alfa Romeo Sprint "prot...

This little Alfa Romeo Sprint, that was alleged to be a Bertone prototype, was confiscated by the Finnish tax officials and will be auctioned soon. The car has no paperwork to confirm its history or origin though.

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Ferrari 250GTO

Italian Car Specialist & Ferrari 25...

Seems almost absurd in these days of over inflated vintage Ferrari value that once these were just old sports cars that you could actually drive around in. An naturally being made as they were drop in at you local "Italian car specialist" sort out those gremlins under hood.

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The ugly 250GTO

You are not supposed to say this out loud, but Ferrari 250GTO Series 2 was kinda butt ugly.

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ASS Parade Sportsitzen reference

ASS Parade aka Auto Sport Sportsitzen reference.

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Vw Beetle play room on wheels.

Back seat Playroom for your VW opportunity or threat?

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Aquila Plan and Period Shots

Airtronics promotional Aquila shot

7/1000 Bilder

Get Daytona Started

The rumor has it after their first disqualification at 24HRS du Mans due to illegal jump start. Shelby came up with a clever plan. Should they have a flat battery there was a bit rain coat under which one could hide a battery with cables running inside the sleeves. A trick that worked

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BMW Isetta running when parked

BMW Isetta running they tell me it was when parked, any advise as to where to start the restoration?

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Gone and forgotten: BMW e24

People always tell you about the one they should not have sold, car that is. Personally, I don't miss a single one of them. If I did this mint M-tech e24 might be such a car.

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Flaming Austin Healey 100 vs Jaguar xk120

Flaming Austin Healey 100 vs Jaguar...

Jaguar Xk120 keeps rolling in Riverside International Raceway The ex-John Edgar MG Special rams a flaming Austin Healey 100 The flames are pure Hollywood, in reality this is a stunt for Stanley Kramer’s MGM movie, 'On the Beach.

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Jaguar XK140 towing Lotus 11

How cool is this Jaguar XK140 towing a trailer with Lotus 11...ok flat tie sucks a bit.

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Ferrari P3/P4 330 in a stone stable...

One of the most beautiful racing cars of its era Ferrari 330 P4

2/1000 Bilder
Brown land yacht Buick spotting

Brown land yacht spotting

Brown land yacht spotting, Buick

1/1000 Bilder
Buick convertible

Pontiac convertible spotting

I'm not sure, but isn't this the very Buick with a flexible propeller shaft and split V8 turned into a massive four banger?

1/1000 Bilder

Silent Flight on a Winter Day, Tomm...

Silent Flight on a Winter Day, Tommy Glider

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Too Windy to Tow

Gorgeous sunny winter day, but wind gusts are too strong to launch on histart.

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Chuck Jordan's Ferrari Daytona Rede...

GM car designer Chuck Jordan was a known Ferrari lover. Chuck used park his Daytona GM's design garage, His staff would occasionally pull stunts on their boss, such as this GM-ish redesign on the Daytona

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Jaguar D-type XKD 530 Rivals on Ice

Jaguar Mk1 3.4litre I take. Most likely the fastest of the rivals that day.

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Lynx pawn prints and Frozen Glider ...

A fine day flying the Ol'Flying Feather again. To my surprise two unforeseen things happened. Flying through a layer of moist air above the field on a sunny cold day the wing would develop these ice crystals, secondly I managed to land right next to a lynx pawn print. How was your day?

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Heckflosse w112 w111 with coupe rea...

There has been talk about assembling a heckflosse with coupe bumper. This is what it could look like. I prefer original

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World's shortest propeller shaft

This in world's shortest propeller shaft. It belongs to a Chevy Cheetah. Mine's longer.

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United Autoworkers Local 588 Smashi...

United Autoworkers Local 588 of the Ford Motor Company body panel press sledgehammering a 1975 Toyota Corolla to protest on import cars

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Hi Start launching pilot Flying Fea...

Trying to capture the very first second of Hi Start launching pilot Flying Feather

5/1000 Bilder

Volkswagen EA 97/1 Dead at Birth

Looks like a car that could have rolled off the line in the 30s / early 40s right? Would you believe Volkswagen was working on this swollen beetle as late as 1965, yes in the swinging 60's for gods sake!

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World's finest family car Nash 56

Nash thought of the children, too, in the world's finest travel car, Nash 56

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SubTropolis, in Kansas City Ford Ma...

SubTropolis, in Kansas City, active limestone mine until the 1950s. Later turned into storage and business facility of various companies. The constant temperature and humidity year-round are ideal for redundant Ford Mavericks : )

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DeSoto Adventurer 1954 Concept

GM launched Corvette in 1953, Virgil Max "Ex" Exner came up with radical concept for 2+2 De Soto sports car. Unfortunately the inept management was not up to making the right decision. Small wonder the whole brand was soon history.

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Bob Wallace working on a Maserati B...

A great photo of the Auckland born Kiwi master mechanic and test driver Bob Wallace working on Maserati Birdcage suspension before making his way to Lamborghini and ultimately becoming one of the master minds behind the mighty Miura.

1/1000 Bilder

Spektrum DX6i trim switch fix

You don't appreciate little things until they break up and you notice they are essentially crucial. The trim lever on my trusty ol'Spektrum radio called it a day basically destroying a perfect flying day.

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Another Airtronics Aquila

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have another Airtronics Aquila in my possession.

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Miscellaneous photos without a rea...

Mercury Monterey 1963 breezeway rear window did not catch on. But it's cool anyway.

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Mercedes Benz 280sl r107

Very nice looking Mercedes Benz 280sl r107 spotted last summer

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Shadow chasing soarer

Shadow chasing Flying Feather

3/1000 Bilder

World's slowest 24hrs du Mans

World's slowest 24hrs du Mans Equippe Renault 4CV

3/1000 Bilder

German Dog Lovers Mercedes and Capr...

I always liked to think the Germans loved their Pooches. Looking at this geezer I'm not so sure anymore. Could go either way really.

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Capri with junk in the trunk

Forgive then for they are French.

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Jimmy Steward

Jimmy Steward Hollywood's most straight up fella was not only an actor and WW2 pilot but also a vivid modeller.

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Pilot Tommy Glider in powder snow

Pilot Tommy Glider in powder snow, guaranteed soft landings , take it from Pikachu

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BMW 502 V8 Baroque Angel' Scrapped

This is a BMW 502 V8 Baroque Angel' a German luxury sedan with 3.2 litre V8 shared with none other than 507 Roadster! Unfortunately, they decided to scrap this survivor a two years back. Can you imagine?

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Saab 95 Transporter

Two very neat special transporters, Saab 95 based special and Mercedes L319 on Swedish frozen lake

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Mercedes w107 / R107 350SL early pr...

Mercedes R107 SL-series has to be one of the most recognized 2-seater cabriolets in the world. It could have been quite different though as this very Triumph(isque) early proto type shows.

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Mercedes W123 Special

Ok, time for a Mercedes W123 Special series. Starting with w123 Targa

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What car? It's a mystery to me

Obviously Italian, post 250GTO perhaps? but what is it?

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Graupner Hi Fly soarer with power o...

This is a vintage Graupner Hi Fly soarer with the early twin electric motor option. Unfortunately, the push type electric motors were not very effective and the plane could barely stay airborne. Shut down motors would also create massive drag.

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Countach Park

I'll just leave my contact here if you don't mind, peasants! hah!

1/1000 Bilder

Tommy Glider with Multiplex LS1 Win...

Trust me, I know what I'm doing... Tommy has a wing span of 1.56m or so whereas Multiplex LS1 boasts almost double of that. Certain fine mechanical adjustments were needed...

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Paul McCartney, Martin D-28 guita...

Paul McCartney playing his Martin D-28 guitar inside a brand new Aston Martin DB6 in 1968 On the journey down see Lennon's ex-wife and his son Julian after their divorce Paul composed 'Hey Jude' in this very car.

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Pilot, aka ok model, Tommy gets new tail feathers

Pilot (ok model) Tommy gets new ta...

To me the Tommy tail feathers never really complemented its nostalgic semi-scale shape. Time to do something about it.

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Classic Chevy STW spotting

Classic Chevy STW spotted, not sure but I guess it's 55 handyman.

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BMW 3.0CSL ScrapYardDog

BMW 3.0CSL with its thin light metal panels making it rust prone next to nothing. #running when parked #never run in rain or snow #rustbelt #tinworm

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Neglected Mercedes Benz 220SE Coupe...

A Neglected Mercedes Benz 220SE Coupe that spotted a while ago.

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Flying Finn Timo Mäkinen Porsche 9...

Timo Mäkinen The original flying Finn team working on his Porsche 911 during the cruelsome London Mexico rally, which was won by a humble Ford Escort.

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Funky Mercedes-rossa wagon

Funky Mercedes Wagon, who could resist such a beauty.

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How to Lose VW Beetle in 30 Seconds

How to Lose VW Beetle in 30 Seconds? No worries mate, these geezers are here to help, they show you Just shove to darn beetle into a garbage truck!

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Maserati Biturbo Resurrection Tales

Dropped in the bonnet, closing it there was a hissing sound from one gas strut...closing again the same hiss from the other corner soon followed by leaking fluid..what are the odds?

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Proper Camper

There's campers and then there is proper campers. your call.

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BMW 507 in snow

Breathtakingly beautiful BMW 507 basking in the sun somewhere in the Alps. Unfortunately the development and execution were so poorly led that the car almost killed the factory. And frankly it was not dynamically up to Mercedes 300SL standards...(did I just say that ; )

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VW Beetle Karmann Cabrio

VW Beetle Karmann Cabriolet I once owned. I believe it was 1956 or thereabouts.

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