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Cars and Art

It’s not uncommon to hear someone calling a vintage car or bike a piece of art. Thus, it is hardly surprising that particularly sports and racing cars have inspirited so many artists. Take BMW art car collection as an example:


These cars have inspired artists who work on canvas also: we received the following article and pictures from Tom Havlasek:


To see Tom’s paintings go to:


Thanks Tom!



Tom Havlasek Art



Tom Havlasek was born in Brno, Czech Republic in January 1984.Since his childhood, he has enjoyed motor sport and was in close contact with it. He lives very close to well-known Brno Circuit.

`As a child I was there with my father nearly every free weekend,

I loved the atmosphere of motor sport car races and of course I’m still love with it` Tom said.


Tom has graduated from a secondary school with specialization on computer graphic design. But already during his studies he preferred hand craft more and more. At that time, he stared to present his works of arts.

It was mostly street art paintings or legal graffiti paintings, painted by spray colors. But as the time went, he started grow fond of using canvas and water based colors because he was simply looking for something more than only street paintings.


About his work. Last year he only painted with acrylic colors and his favourite canvas size is 95 x 95 cm, almost without use of a brushes. Nearly everything has been painted by palette-knife. His philosophy is quite clear. Find an interesting photo of some classic racing sport car, or the best way is to take a photo of it on his own. Then choose the best part of the photo and create the right composition on computer. And then transfer the motive on the canvas. Usually he paints dirty and not much clear style. He likes splashes, drops and blurs everywhere. No clear shades (shadows), no detail work anywhere. It could by said, that he try to connect abstract and concrete together. But the topic must be always clear and immediately recognizable what´s going on.


Portraits are his favourite theme as well. Of course especially portraits of racing drives from the „golden age“ of motosport.

Actually Tom works as a „special product manager“ in a small printing company and his art is not his full time occupation unfortunately.

He exhibited some of his first canvas tries many years ago, which was closely knitted with the age of street art. This spring he exhibited on Classic Show 2013 in Wannieck Gallery Brno. The Series of three paintings was called „Blue Series“ Two of them where sold there.

He is preparing his own single exhibition in Wellington Cafe Gallery for the fall, where he wants to show motor sport paintings which have been made this year.

Next year, he is going to see some of famous European classic car meeting and show his work of art there.

I hope you have enjoyed watching at his work.

Tom is also available for commission work.

Please you can contact him here :

or on facebook: