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W108 Relevation Silver Boardroom

280SE 5.0Ok -admitted- with all our years around classic Mercs we have always somehow managed to overlook poor old w108/w109 series. Maybe, it's because so many out there are shaggy bodged up examples of the German manufacturer's once flagship.

Well, that was before a certain 280SE Automatic listed on that caught our attention. We expected the car to sell within a week, it appeared complete with no common rust issues, boy racer stuff or any of that jazz. To our surprise, there it was still available two weeks later.

We did our best to ignore the beast but for some reason this particular car kept haunting us and we found ourselves checking and rechecking the ad. Soon we found ourselves at the seller's the car was a bit of a revelation, much better than we had expected really, so we had no option but offer it a new loving home. Finally, we are getting what w108s are about.

Stay tuned for more...