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Alfa Romeo 1300 GT junior Junior 1300 Kantenhaube 1967

General description : Auto in perfekt erhaltenem originalem Zustand, teilweise leicht restauriert. Technisch perfekt.

1967 Alfa Romeo 1300 GT junior Junior 1300 Kantenhaube is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in Zvonarka 10CZ-617 00 Brno by HUKR spol. s r.o. for €42000.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Alfa Romeo Model : 1300 GT junior Model Version : Junior 1300 Kantenhaube Engine size : 1.3 Model Year : 1967 Sub type : Coupé Location : Zvonarka 10CZ-617 00 Brno Vehicle Registration : Undefined

42000 €

Seller Information

Oldtimergalerie HUKR spol. s r.o.

HUKR spol. s r.o.
+420 602 600 715
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About Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo was initially founded in 1907 in Naples to prepare a French origin Darracq-cars for sale in Italy.

The company did not fare particularly well, so the Italians investors took over the company, which was given the new name of the ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) . Nicola Romeo took over the company in 1918 turning it into ALFA ROMEO.

In 1933 Alfa Romeo was rescued again this time by the government, turning Alfa Romeo into an instrument of Mussolini's Italy, a national emblem that produced luxorious cars for the rich.

However, pre WWII Alfa Romeo is best remembered by its classic Grand Prix cars;
The Vittorio jano designed Alfa Romeo P2 that won the inaugural Automobile World Championship in 1925, the sensational P3 which won its first race driven by Tazio Nuvolari at the Italian Grand Prix, 5 more Grands Prix that year by Nuvolari and Rudolf Caracciola,

As well as, those racing sports cars; the 6C 1750, that Tazio Nuvolari won the Mille Miglia in, the 8C 2300 that won the Le Mans 24 Hours from 1931 to 1934, and finally 8C 2900.
Alfa Corse closed for 1933 and eventually transferred them to Enzo Ferrari's now privatised 'factory' team Scuderia Ferrari

Post war Alfa Romeo might be best remembered by the all alloy Alfa Romeo Twin Cam Hemi engine produced from 1954 to 1994 or those 60's Italian films that all seem to present that quintesential Alfa Giulietta driven by The Carabinieri.

Today any classic Alfa Romeo make a great addition to an Italian car enthusiast's portfolio.