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Ferrari 400/400i 4.8 Liter V12 no. F101C 010 *01315* 1985

General description : 1985 Ferrari 400 GTi
s/n *ZFFEB07B000055421*engine no. F101C 010 *01315*
Blu Medio with Tan Leather Interior

Ferrari introduced the 400 GT in 1976 at the Paris Salon to replace the substantially similar 365 GT4 which preceded it, itself introduced in 1972. The GT4 was a modern and elegant Leonardo Fioravanti design (whose other work included the 206/246, Daytona, Boxer, 308/288, Boxer, and Testarossa) whose superb proportions and restrained yet purposeful lines seem only to improve with time. The Pininfarina body design offered spacious interior accommodations, even for back seat occupants, coupled with superb visibility and luxurious appointments, and indeed Enzo Ferrari was often chauferred in his own 400 and 412, and would drive dignitaries visiting Ferrari in the back, including royalty, heads of state, and captains of industry.

The most significant change that came with the introduction of the 400 was the enlarged 4.8 liter quad cam Colombo V12, providing even more performance than the already snappy GT4. The car was quite simply one of the most potent GT cars on the market. Bosch K Jetronic fuel injection was added in 1979 to create the 400i, which reduced emissions and enhanced reliability while preserving performance. Never officially imported to North America, these cars were rare everywhere: just 1,305 examples of the 400i were built, of which just 422 had manual transmissions.

The last Ferrari to be fitted with the Colombo V12, the 400i truly embodies the grand touring elegance and performance hallmarks of this era, particularly when fitted with a manual transmission. Long overshadowed by more exotic looking Ferrari road cars, the GT4/400/412 cars are sought after by enthusiasts and collectors who value the visceral and technical Ferrari experience coupled with a luxurious, tasteful, and sophisticated wrapper that is best appreciated by cognoscenti. They are wonderful touring cars which are fast, comfortable, and genuinely suited to sharing with family or friends, and are among the most exclusive cars offered at the close of the Enzo era.

This particular Ferrari 400i is a very desirable late production car, the very last example built per Ferrari SpA’s published production information. Delivered new 6 March 1985 to the first owner in Brescia, Italy, the car was quickly imported by an American original owner, a sports car enthusiast who brought the car in as a grey market import together with a BMW M1. Its date of entry per EPA records was 24 June 1985. Being familiar with import rules, the owner handled all the EPA/DOT paperwork and successfully registered the car in California, where it has spent its entire life. The original owner had homes in Huntington Beach, CA and Palm Desert, CA so he often drove the car between both places, accumulating only nominal miles. In 1998, he parked the car until selling it to the current owner who purchased it in 2017.

After his purchase, the current owner sent the car to experts at Gran Touring Classics where every aspect of the car was assessed and serviced as part of a “cost no object” effort to bring the car to mechanical readiness while also carefully addressing any cosmetic aspects allowing only minimal impact to the original finishes. In all, this work cost approximately $40,000. Mechanical work included removing the Bosch fuel injection for comprehensive servicing, sending out the metering units for rebuild and calibration. New injectors, warm up regulators new fuel pumps, accumulators, and filters were installed. Also at this time, a new MSD electronic ignition was installed and carefully hidden, leaving the original Marelli unit in place to preserve the aesthetic of originality under the hood. A new fan motor, fan, thermostat housing, and all coolant hoses were also replaced along with all fluids, filters, and new spark plugs. Further work included a fresh set of tires, rebuilt brake hydraulics, rebuilt master cylinder, rebuilt calipers, and fresh pads. During the inspection of the car, it was determined that this late series 400i was fitted with 412 suspension, which was reviewed and properly serviced including a comprehensive rebuild of the rear self leveling-suspension system. Additional work included a new complete OEM ANSA exhaust and a detailed AC system rebuild including new motor, dryer, and evaporator. Efforts on the car continued through the interior replacing a defective water temperature gauge, repairing the window regulators, reconditioning the power door lock mechanism and electric mirror switch, rebuilding the wiper and headlight motors, a new radio antenna, and adjustments made to improve the interior door panel fitting when reinstalled. Also at this time the front and rear bumpers were resprayed to address minor scuffs and marks.

Today, this wonderful Ferrari 400i presents with the original engine and gearbox, well-preserved paint, and remarkable original interior. The rare original color of blu medio is stunning and is believed to be largely original. A digital paint meter reveals numbers consistent with original paint depth with the exception of the nose panel ahead of the front deck lid. The finish is glossy, clean, and very well detailed throughout all surfaces. There are two chips on the hood that have been carefully touched in and minor surface blemishes, but otherwise the color and finish are in excellent shape and quite elegant, particularly on this body design. The bumpers are smoothly fit to the body with no deformation or damage and have been expertly repainted to match the original body color. The factory wheels are in excellent condition with no significant marks or bead edge scuffing. The glass is original with the exception of the windshield, which has been replaced but is clean and without scratches. The exterior molding surrounding the side glass is in very fine condition with no significant marks or scuffs. The exterior trim, Pininfarina and Ferrari emblems are also in excellent condition. The lighting and lenses throughout the car have been properly preserved and maintained consistent with the original condition exhibited throughout this very nicely presented Ferrari.

The interior appears to be original and remains in nicely preserved condition, and it is clear that the car has been stored indoors. There is no significant fading or sun damage as is typically seen in these cars. Original Ferrari interior finishes, properly maintained since new, are in excellent condition. The leather remains clean and supple with some mellowing but very nice overall presentation. The seats are soft and the foam structure still very resilient to the touch. Even the driver’s side seat bolster shows only minor signs of use. The dash and black panel inserts all appear clean, and in good physical condition, bearing appropriate factory original finishes. The matched tan carpeting and polished doorsill plates all remain clean and devoid of significant scuffs or stains. A complete spare set of essentially new brown floor mats is included with the car.

The engine and engine compartment are remarkably well-preserved with an honest unrestored feel. The engine has been properly maintained, retaining factory finishes, correct hardware with proper hoses and correct air intake system. During the extensive and comprehensive recommissioning performed on the engine, particular care was given to preserve the integrity of the original components. Cosmetically, the engine compartment is very clean, showing correct factory stickers and markings, reflecting the factory appearance when originally delivered. The black crinkle finishes on the quad cam covers are highlighted by aluminum embossed Ferrari cast lettering. Correct air ducting and proper insulation further underline the impression of undisturbed originality. The trunk is lined with beautiful original matching carpet and full size spare tire with matching Cromodora rim, properly stowed in the lower trunk section, leaving ample room for road trip luggage. The chassis and supporting underside details, suspension, and structure appear to be in excellent condition throughout, free from any visible structural damage, showing only mild road use typical of a car that has been moderately used and recently serviced.

The car starts instantly and idles with a nice mellow growl, owing in part to the recently installed ANSA exhaust. A catalyzed rear section is included with the car for emissions purposes. Driving is both exciting and pleasant with progressive acceleration, great torque, and wonderful linear power and accompanying V12 soundtrack. Visibility is exceptionally good with excellent seating position and a wide, panoramic view in all directions. Taller drivers and occupants will delight in the ease of entry and comfort, particularly on longer tours with easy to reach controls, smooth shifter, and progressive clutch action. Driving is surprisingly modern and refined with fantastic highway composure, excellent brakes, and plenty of power on tap to remind you of the Italian heritage. The car comes with two sets of keys, a complete Ferrari pouch with manuals, service book, a spare set of floor mats, and various support materials. Also included is a very rare complete factory tool case with tools, first aid, and other assorted items such as light bulb holder.

In recent years, Ferrari has expanded their GT model line substantially since their earliest 2+2 offerings, validating the importance of their growing GT market. With so few made and fewer still remaining in such remarkable original condition, it is rare to find a late series 5-speed 400i in such beautiful colors, lavished recently with expert attention. Whether luxuriously consuming highway miles, taking spirited jaunts with friends, or elegantly displayed at prestigious motorcar gatherings, this Ferrari 400i offers the next fortunate enthusiast the unrivaled combination of exceptional grand touring performance and superb Pininfarina design.

1985 Ferrari 400/400i 4.8 Liter V12 no. F101C 010 *01315* is listed sold on ClassicDigest in Emeryville by Fantasy Junction for $89500.


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Car type : Car Make : Ferrari Model : 400/400i Model Version : 4.8 Liter V12 no. F101C 010 *01315* Engine size : 4.8 Model Year : 1985 Location : Emeryville


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About Ferrari
The first Ferrari road car was the 125 S introduced in 1947 and powered by a 1.5 L V12 engine, right?
Well it's not quite that simple, Ferrari did in fact produce e Tipo 815, in 1940. Tipo 815 was designed by ex-Alfa Romeo engineers Alberto Massimino and Vittorio Bellentani and by Enrico Nardi under Enzo's company but legal issues with the former associate Alfa Romeo prevented Ferrari from launching the Ferrari marque at that point.

Enzo did produce a series of fine road cars in the 50's and 60's but they were merely to finance his true passion racing, wheather GT/Sports car or Grand Prix. The 50's saw the birth of Ferrari's most memorable cars, 250 GTB (tour de France) 250 Testa Rossa, 250 GT swb just to name a few.

Under the surface tension was growing though. In November 1961 long-time sales manager Girolamo Gardini made an ultimatum to Enzo: if tensions continued, he would leave the company. As a result, Gardini was ousted, as well as Scuderia Ferrari manager Romolo Tavoni, chief engineer Carlo Chiti, experimental sports car development chief Giotto Bizzarrini, and a number of others who stood by them.
Without Chiti and Bizzarrini the development of what was to become the most quintessential Ferrari and today the world's most expensive car, 250 GTO, was at a pivoting point. 250 GTO project was saved by a young engineer Mauro Forghieri and long-time racing bodyman Sergio Scaglietti who stepped in and took over the program with known results.

In addition to 250 GTO, Ferrari launced such master pieces as 250 LM, 250P, 275 GTB, 365 GTB/4 "Daytona" during the the 60's
By the late 60's Ferrari's prototypes' success came to a sudden halt by a new competitor, GT40. Ford turned to Lola to produce a Ferrari beating long distance racer after Enzo had cut the deal off with Henry Ford II making the latter absolutely boil with fury. The collaboration between Ford and Lola created the mighty Ford GT40 that gave Ferrari some heavy hits in Le Mans 24 to come.
By the end of the 60's FIAT purchased 50% of the company, starting a development that has led to a new mass-produced era of Ferraris.

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