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Ford Fairlane 1956

General description : Attractive older restoration in attractive original colors. Updated interior with cloth upholstery and AM/FM/cassette radio. 292 cubic inch V8. Unusual 3-speed manual transmission. Continental kit. Clean, solid, drives well, ready to enjoy!

Drawing on the same stylists that made the Thunderbird a runaway hit, Ford freshened their 1956 models and created what are arguably the most attractive Blue Ovals of the 1950s. This 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria (which was Ford’s name for the hardtop) showcases everything Ford was doing right—clean lines, plenty of chrome, powerful V8 engines, and spacious interiors. Restored perhaps 20 years ago in its original Goldenglow Yellow and Colonial White combination, this handsome Victoria showcases 1950s style that anyone could afford. There’s a bit of pearl in the white so it looks a little deeper than the original plain white, but otherwise the bodywork is stock and in very good condition. There’s no evidence that this was a rusty car and the sheetmetal is in good condition with no major issues beyond the usual signs of age and use that you’d get enjoying the car as intended. The doors close securely, the hood fits well, and once you figure out how to swing the continental kit out of the way, trunk access is pretty good. The sweeping chrome stripe that divides the two colors and defines Ford’s styling is in excellent condition, as is the rest of the brightwork, which was all restored with the rest of the car. There’s no angle from which this isn’t a great-looking machine.

The interior isn’t quite stock but it’s still quite comfortable and stylish. The seats have pleated cloth inserts that are surely a bit more comfortable than the original ‘50s materials, and the door panels were created to match the original design with a bit of a custom twist. But to a non-expert, it’ll look great and there’s nothing wrong with the way things look from the driver’s seat. The dash and gauges are probably original and in very good condition, and as far as we can tell they’re all working properly. The horn ring isn’t broken like so many of its siblings and there’s a modern AM/FM/cassette stereo head unit in the dash that fits like it was born there. Sadly, the clock isn’t working, but that’s hardly a surprise. There’s also a well-fitted white headliner overhead that makes the interior feel bright despite the black upholstery and carpets. It also comes with a massive trunk with a correct liner and zero rust issues, including in the spare tire well, which is always where problems start.

The 292 cubic inch Y-block V8 was rated at 200 horsepower, which is plenty to make the Victoria feel energetic on the road. It wears an intake manifold from a later model as well as an updated carburetor, replacing the trouble-prone “teapot” Holley that came there originally. That means it starts easily, idles nicely, and just goes about is business without any fuss. It’s neatly detailed with Ford Red engine enamel, beautiful Thunderbird valve covers, and a chrome air cleaner assembly that adds a bit of flash. You’ll note details like correct hose clamps, factory exhaust manifolds, and a big radiator up front to help keep it cool. There’s a recent fuel pump, battery, and tune-up, so all the major stuff has been covered, making this car ready to cruise.

The 3-speed manual transmission makes the most of the Y-block’s power and is fun to drive. 3.78 gears out back make it punchy, and there’s a dual exhaust system with glasspack-style mufflers that give it a perfect ‘50s sound. Check out the clean floors and rockers, which remain in very good condition with nothing to hide, and the original brakes are still effective. It has manual steering, but don’t let that scare you, as effort is reasonable and the car is easy to handle on the road. There’s also a recent gas tank hanging out back. Factory steel wheels and hubcaps look right and carry fresh 215/75/15 whitewall radials that ride and handle great.

For Ford fans in the 1950s, these are always popular cars. They drive well, they’re gorgeous to look at, and if you have a family, they’re easy to live with. Add in great parts availability and a reasonable price, and you get a fun hobby car that doesn’t break the bank. Call today!

Harwood Motors always recommends and welcomes personal or professional inspections of any vehicle in our inventory prior to purchase.

1956 Ford Fairlane is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in Ohio by Harwood Motors for $29900.


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Car type : Car Make : Ford Model : Fairlane Engine size : 0.0 Model Year : 1956 Sub type : Coupé Location : Ohio Vehicle Registration : Undefined

29900 $

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Harwood Motors

Harwood Motors
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During the war Ford completely shut down civilian vehicle production to dedicate all its resources to the Allied war efforts (1942-45) They used to build B-24 bombers, aircraft engines, jeeps, M-4 tanks, military trucks and Bren-gun carriers and more than 30,000 super-charged Rolls Royce Merlin V-12 engines for Mosquito and Lancaster bombers as well as P-51 Mustang fighters. After the war Ford cars in the USA got bigger and flashier along with their competitors. In the 60's Ford was back in the forefront again when introducing their commercial hit Mustang in 1964. Mustang was so popular the competition had to follow Ford's example and the ponycar phenomenon took over the US. Over the years the ponies grew some muscles until the oil crisis kill finally killed them off.

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