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Ford Mustang 289 V8 Coupe Automatik Blackplate 1965

General description : Angeboten wird ein wirklich wunderschöner Ford Mustang aus 1965, importiert aus Kalifornien.
Dieser Ford Mustang ist so original und so rostfrei das es wirklich etwas besonderes betrifft.
Neu in Kalifornien geliefert als original Blackplate (der Originalbrief ist noch vorhanden!) ist das Auto immer sehr gepflegt und geliebt worden, total rostfrei und sehr sehr original.
Von unten sieht es aus wie neu, viele Neuteile, nirgendwo Rost, alles original rostfrei und ungeschweisst.
Die Karrosserie ist einfach wie neu, so rostfrei.
Die ganze Historie ist bekannt und belegbar ab Tag 1.
Von innen gepflegt, der 289 V8 Motor und Getriebe sind top, fährt grossartig und der Sound ist toll!
Ein unglaubliches Coupe aus 1965 mit etwas patina aber so original und so schön.......
Fährt wunderbar, hat gute Leistung und man fährt so in den 60-er Jahren zurück........
Ist verzollt und hat USA Title. Kilometer sind unbekannt.

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Stuurman Classic Cars
Stationsweg 88
6075 CD Herkenbosch/Niederlande
(5 km von der Deutschen Grenze)

Bei Fragen bitte anrufen: 0031 6 54378744
Wir sprechen Deutsch und English
Lieferung Europaweit, gegen Aufpreis mit H-Zulassung und Classic Data Gutachten

1965 Ford Mustang 289 V8 Coupe Automatik Blackplate is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in Stationsweg 88NL-6075 CD Herkenbosch by Stuurman Classic Cars V.O.F. for €22950.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Ford Model : Mustang Model Version : 289 V8 Coupe Automatik Blackplate Engine size : 4.7 Model Year : 1965 Sub type : Coupé Location : Stationsweg 88NL-6075 CD Herkenbosch Vehicle Registration : Undefined

22950 €

Seller Information

Stuurman Classic Cars V.O.F.

Stuurman Classic Cars V.O.F.
+31 475 534 113
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Ford, founded in 1902, has arguably changed the history of automotive world more than any other car manufacturer by introducing the first people's car Model T in 1908. They had produced more than 15 million cars by the end of the production in 1927, by which T had become obsolete.

Ford launched the first low priced V8 engine powered car in 1932. 1932 V8 was an instant hit with superior handling and performance to many far more expansive cars of the day. No wonder 32 V8 Ford has become such a favourite among hot rodders around the world with 32 Deuce coupe as their icon.

During the war Ford completely shut down civilian vehicle production to dedicate all its resources to the Allied war efforts (1942-45) They used to build B-24 bombers, aircraft engines, jeeps, M-4 tanks, military trucks and Bren-gun carriers and more than 30,000 super-charged Rolls Royce Merlin V-12 engines for Mosquito and Lancaster bombers as well as P-51 Mustang fighters. After the war Ford cars in the USA got bigger and flashier along with their competitors. In the 60's Ford was back in the forefront again when introducing their commercial hit Mustang in 1964. Mustang was so popular the competition had to follow Ford's example and the ponycar phenomenon took over the US. Over the years the ponies grew some muscles until the oil crisis kill finally killed them off.

In the sixties Ford rushed into international motor sports scene with a fury. After unsuccessful Ferrari takeover, when Enzo Ferrari had cut the deal off with Henry Ford II making the latter absolutely boil with fury, Ford turned to Lola in UK to produce a Ferrari beating long distance racer after. The collaboration between Ford and Lola created the mighty Ford GT40 that absolutely beat Ferrari in Le Mans 24 numerous times.

In Europe, Ford introduced some of the most epic race and rally cars of the 60's based on humble family sedans; Cortina GT, Lotus Cortina, Escort Twin Cam, and Escort 1600RS with the iconic Cosworth BDA engines.

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