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MG TA 1937

General description : Auto che ha subito un restauro integrale al 100%, appena terminato, perfette condizioni in tutto, carrozzeria restaurata e verniciata, cromature rifatte, motore originale rifatto a km 0 e meccanica restaurata, interno rifatto, capotte nera nuova, impianto elettrico nuovo. Ruote a raggi verniciati, gommata, tonneau nero, guida a destra, fendinebbia, da immatricolare con documenti in regola. Restauro documentato con album fotografico.

1937 MG TA is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in Viadana for €62000.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : MG Model : TA Engine size : 1.3 Model Year : 1937 Sub type : Convertible Color : Green Color type : Nonmetallic Condition : 6 Location : via milano 200 - Viadana - Mantova - Italy Vehicle Registration : Historic

62000 €

Seller Information

Ernesto Mantovani
via milano 200
Via Milano, 200 46019 Cogozzo di Viadana - Mantova - MN, Italy Viadana
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About MG
The MG (Morris Garages) story is a rich tapestry that spans several decades and involves various owners and corporate entities. Here is an overview of the MG story from its inception to the challenging period under the British Leyland (BL) corporation, highlighting key models and their specifications:

1. Foundation and Early Years:

Year of Establishment: 1924
Founder: Cecil Kimber
Initial Focus: Coachbuilding and customization of Morris cars.
2. MG Octagon Logo:

The iconic MG octagon logo was introduced, representing the merger of MG with Morris.
3. MG M-Type Midget (1929–1932):

Key Features:
Compact two-seater.
Powered by a 0.8L engine.
The beginning of the Midget series.
4. MG T-Series (1936–1955):

Key Models:
Key Features:
Roadsters with classic styling.
Success in motorsports, particularly in pre and post-World War II eras.
5. Post-War Era and MG A (1955–1962):

Key Features:
Departure from traditional styling.
First MG to feature a streamlined, modern design.
Available as a roadster or coupe.
Powered by a 1.5L engine.
6. MG B (1962–1980):

Key Features:
Classic British sports car design.
Available as a roadster or GT coupe.
Produced in high numbers.
Variants included the powerful MGC.
7. MG Midget (1961–1979):

Key Features:
Compact sports car based on the Austin-Healey Sprite.
Affordable and popular.
Various iterations with engine upgrades.
8. MG C (1967–1969):

Key Features:
A more powerful version of the MGB, featuring a 2.9L inline-six engine.
Limited production.
9. BL Corporation Era (1968–1980):

Acquisition by British Leyland (BL):
MG became part of the larger British Leyland corporation.
Struggles with quality control and labor disputes.
Decline in product quality and reputation.
10. MG MGB GT V8 (1973–1976):

Key Features:
Introduction of a factory-produced MGB with a V8 engine.
Attempt to inject performance into the lineup during challenging times.
11. MG RV8 (1992–1995):

Key Features:
Limited production convertible.
Revival attempt by Rover Group (successor to BL) to rekindle the classic MG spirit.
The MG story during the British Leyland era marked a challenging period with a decline in quality and reputation. However, the brand continued to be associated with classic British sports cars.