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Plymouth Cuda Barracuda Four Barrel 340 1973

General description : Sauberes Fahrzeug,Gesamtzustand 2,mit Wertgutachten , Schaltung mit Pistolgrip,Wahnsinssound und geile Beschleunigung.Viele Teile NeuDer Plymouth wurde vor 6 Jahren aus Florida importiert,ist seitdem hier in Luxemburg zugelassenFahrgestell und Unterboden wie neu,KEIN ROST,der Innenraum ist ein Gedicht,der Lack einwandfrei.Diesen Cuda koennen Sie guten Gewissens kaufen.Wir koennen fuer Sie auch die Einzelabme beim deutschen TUV erledigen..Besuchen Sie uns in Luxemburg,wir sind direkt an der deutschen Grenze.
Wenn Sie mehr infos/oder Fotos brauchen , einfach anrufen: 00352 691303407.
Feel free to call.

1973 Plymouth Cuda Barracuda Four Barrel 340 is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in 2 BiwerbachLU-6834 BIWER by LBG, SARL for €29999.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Plymouth Model : Cuda Model Version : Barracuda Four Barrel 340 Engine size : 5.6 Model Year : 1973 Sub type : Coupé Location : 2 BiwerbachLU-6834 BIWER Vehicle Registration : Undefined

29999 €

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+352 78 80 72
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About Plymouth
The Plymouth brand had a significant impact on the automotive industry from its inception to its eventual discontinuation. Here is an overview of Plymouth, covering its history, notable models, and specifications:

Early Years and Foundation:
Origins (1928): Plymouth was introduced by Chrysler Corporation as an affordable mid-level brand, targeting budget-conscious consumers.
Success Factors: It gained popularity due to its dependable engineering, affordability, and clever marketing campaigns.
Notable Models:
Plymouth Road Runner (1968-1980):
Iconic Muscle Car: Known for its performance, affordability, and minimalist design.
Specifications: Offered various V8 engine options with power ranging from 335 to 390+ horsepower.
Plymouth Barracuda (1964-1974):
Muscle Car Competitor: Positioned as a sporty competitor in the muscle car segment.
Specs: Engine options included V8s with power output varying between 145 to 425+ horsepower.
Plymouth Fury (1955-1978):
Longevity: One of Plymouth's longest-produced models, available in various body styles.
Technical Features: Engine options included V8s with power ranging from 215 to 375+ horsepower.
Plymouth Valiant (1960-1976):
Compact Car: Introduced as a compact car, known for its durability and reliability.
Engine Specifications: Featured inline-six and V8 engines with power ranging from 100 to 235+ horsepower.
Decline and Demise:
Later Years: Plymouth faced challenges due to brand dilution within Chrysler Corporation and increasing competition from other brands.
Discontinuation: The brand struggled in the 1990s amid corporate restructuring and declining sales. Plymouth ceased production in 2001 as part of DaimlerChrysler's streamlining efforts.
Legacy and Impact:
Plymouth's legacy lies in its contributions to the American automotive landscape, offering reliable, affordable, and stylish vehicles. While it faced challenges in its later years and ultimately ceased production, several of its iconic models, especially those in the muscle car era, remain celebrated among collectors and enthusiasts, leaving an enduring mark on automotive history.