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Porsche 924 2.0L Inline 4-cylinder turbo 1981

General description : 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTS
s/n WP0ZZZ93ZBS710024
Guards Red with Black Interior

Highlights of this Example

- One of 59 GTS Porsche Factory Examples
- Long-Term Single Family Ownership
- Porsche Updated to 270hp GTS “Club Sport” Specifications After Delivery
- Preservation Grade Example with Original Purchase Documentation

History of the Porsche 924 GTS

Unless you’ve been living in a world bereft of motorsports engagement, the Porsche Carrera Turbo will be known to virtually anyone familiar with performance excellence. But Porsche did not limit their prodigious engineering capabilities exclusively to the 911 architecture. Turbocharging technology found its way into several experimental Porsche engineering concepts, eventually arriving in one of the most important volume production Porsches in the history of their development, the 924. Originally conceived as a replacement for the 914, the 924 made its debut in 1975, selling a remarkable 150,000 units before concluding production in 1988.

Originally conceived as a partnership with Volkswagen, the changing times and fuel crisis of the early 70s abruptly altered that union, leaving Porsche to produce and market the 924 as an affordable performance car without VW support. For many, the 924 introduced Porsche ownership to a new generation of enthusiasts, combining excellent road manners and reliability in a car that could be readily serviced and easily maintained. The unique styling was also highly celebrated particularly in that it echoed Porsche’s water-cooled halo car; the 928. Though the initial 924 was celebrated for its combination of fuel-economy and reliability, performance officially woke up in 1980 when a KKK Turbocharger was added, making it a true performance car on a par with the Porsche name. Offered for just a few years, the 1980 model Turbo saw US production delivery of just 3,440 units. Rarer still and even more desirable, the Carrera GT was yet another step up in the performance lineage.

In the initial GT iteration, 406 factory 924 GTs were produced. The GT model was lightened by 330 pounds, lowered, and fitted with a 210 hp engine. The body was extensively modified to allow for wider 7- and 8-inch Fuchs wheels and tires, wider front and rear track, riveted rear fenders and smoothly flared front fenders. The resultant configuration was both visually impressive and quite capable in the performance arena. Rarer still, the GTS was offered in 1981 distinguished by plastic covered rectangular headlights and a distinct front air intake design. According to expert Roy Smith, as documented in his book, 59 GTS examples were factory built. The GTS engine was reworked to 245 hp and the car further lightened with fiberglass body features and Plexiglas windows. The final and most sought-after iteration was the “Club Sport” GTS. This included a 270 hp engine boasting a larger air-to-air intercooler at 1.1 Bar achieving 60 mph in 5.2 seconds with a 160 mph top speed. A mere 15 GTS Club Sport versions were assembled at the factory.

History of this Porsche Carrera GTS

This example is one of just 59 Carrera GTS models built. Completed July 3, 1981, it was delivered to the first owner, located in Germany. Shortly after taking delivery, the first owner commissioned Porsche to upgrade this GTS with the highly desirable Porsche factory 270 hp Club Sport engine, installed March 3, 1982. Porsche invoiced service documentation included with the car, dated March 3, 1982, describes the installation of the 270hp Club Sport engine. Further records for service while under original ownership indicate May 4, 1982, with 1,378 kms and May 26, 1982, with 2,057 kms. The father of the current owner purchased this car in October 1984 where it was dispatched via sea shipment out of Stuttgart, Emden, through to port of San Francisco, CA, arriving December 14, 1984. This Porsche has since remained in Northern California under the same family ownership for the past 39 years. At the time of delivery, the odometer indicated 7,479 kilometers (4,647 miles). The father and son single family owners have since retained the car with preservation in mind, with a keen focus on preserving the original exterior features, the interior materials, and the unique body design details that make this GTS such a special part of Porsche history. Numerous original purchase documentation accompanies this rare example currently indicating a mere 8,800 kilometers (5,500 miles).

Current Condition and Features of this GTS

Today this rare and highly desirable Carrera GTS represents a fantastic opportunity for a preservation minded racing enthusiast to engage in a truly unique performance car. The vivid factory applied red paint is glossy throughout with overall finishes that are reflective of production quality from this era. Metal body surfaces have been digitally metered returning single digit numbers consistent with factory applied paint. There are a few minor areas that show signs of age in the paint finish, all of which are understandable given the historic preservation-based nature of this car. Rubber gaskets, seals, and anodized window trim are all in excellent condition. The handsome 15” staggered width Fuchs and Pirelli tires finish off the purposeful look and stance of the car. The distinctive offset NACA intake turbo hood and unique GTS front bumper and grille, combine with the wide GT body features to deliver an impressive statement, particularly in Guards Red. The glass, plexiglass side windows, body trim, emblems, lenses, and exterior body features are in excellent condition. The overall visual condition of the car is cohesive and impressive, especially considering the unique history, rarity of construction, and the uprated Club Sport 270 hp engine.

The black factory configured interior features original materials and components which have been thoughtfully preserved including the dashboard, rare cloth covered racing seats, unique door panels, factory instrumentation, and Autoflug racing seat belts. The lightweight racing seats are in excellent condition showing only minor signs of use to the driver’s side seat. The interior is very much reflective of a preservation level Porsche that has been modestly enjoyed while still retaining a high level of cosmetic excellence. Even the dashboard, often cracked or dulled from excessive sun exposure, is in excellent condition. The rear storage compartment is clean and tidy, displaying the original carpet and correct factory seat belt mounting points. Every interior detail is consistent with factory original construction from the 5-speed manual shifter to the triple gauge center cluster (Bar, Oil temp, Volts) and ventilation controls, all of which remain in excellent preserved condition.

Under the hood, the engine and engine compartment are clean, nicely detailed and representative of factory correct condition, proper services, and generally thoughtful care. The engine bay remains remarkably stock with factory components properly in place. The engine finishes are correct as are the largely correct mounting hardware and various hoses, service warning stickers, and filter housings. A Mobil1 oil container has been cleverly and discretely fashioned as a catch can. The undercarriage is as you might expect from an original and unmodified car, showing no signs of structural damage to the floor or support structure and remarkably original, clean surfaces, further confirming the 8,500 kilometers. Because this series car was designed specifically for racing use only, it is offered on bill of sale only and is ineligible for California road use.

This car is accompanied by numerous original purchase documents, a spare set of wheels with Proxes racing tires, two additional spare wheels, a space saver spare tire, car cover, tools and tool roll, factory first aid kit, jack and safety triangle, tow hook, a spare set of Porsche crest satin black center caps, a spare set of Plexiglas side windows, a set of Schroth seat belts in boxes, reprinted copies of GT and GTS driver’s manuals, and various other spare parts.

This unique Porsche 924 Turbo Carrera GTS with rare “Club Sport” engine upgrade has been thoughtfully preserved under single family ownership since delivered new. The exceptional preservation and excellent condition capture a critical moment in Porsche history when Turbo Carrera, Club Sport, and rarity in production converged to deliver a very special and captivating example of Porsche excellence.

1981 Porsche 924 2.0L Inline 4-cylinder turbo is listed sold on ClassicDigest in Emeryville by Fantasy Junction for $249500.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Porsche Model : 924 Model Version : 2.0L Inline 4-cylinder turbo Engine size : 2.0 Model Year : 1981 Location : Emeryville Vehicle Registration : Normal


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About Porsche 924
The Porsche 924 was a sports car produced by Porsche from 1976 to 1988. The car was developed in partnership with Volkswagen, and shared many components with VW models such as the Audi 100 and the Volkswagen Golf. As a result, some people have criticized the Porsche 924 as being a "VW wannabe" or not a real Porsche.

However, while the Porsche 924 did share some components with VW models, it was also designed and engineered by Porsche, and featured many of the same design cues and styling elements as other Porsche models of the era. The car was powered by a Porsche-designed four-cylinder engine, which was mounted transversely in the front of the car, and was available with a range of transmissions, including a five-speed manual and a three-speed automatic.

The Porsche 924 was also successful on the race track, winning the 1980 24 Hours of Le Mans in the GTP class, and the 1981 and 1982 SCCA National Championships.

Overall, while the Porsche 924 may not have the same level of prestige or cachet as some of Porsche's other models, it is still considered by many to be a genuine Porsche. It was designed and built by Porsche, featured unique styling and engineering, and was successful both on the road and on the track.