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Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1 Campaign 1983

General description : Model History

In 1974, half a dozen staff members at VW concocted a secret plan to develop a sporty version of the Golf. Initial prototypes soon emerged, including a vehicle with a carburettor engine generating 100PS. In early March 1975, the Sport Golf project was officially presented to Toni Schmücker, Chairman of the Board of Management, who gave it the green light. As a result, the clandestine Sport Golf officially became development order EA195. With its world premiere at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt looming, the project picked up speed and EA195 was finally paired with the right power unit – an injection engine generating 110PS.

VW showcased the Golf GTI and received an enthusiastic media response – everyone wanted one! In June 1976 the Golf GTI Mk1, priced at 13,850 German marks, was launched in Germany before going on to enjoy global success. The initial plan was to manufacture 5,000 units of this special product line to at least recoup the cost of development and the investment in production equipment. Amazingly, no one anticipated just how successful the GTI would be, and these 5,000 units eventually ended up as 461,690! This marked the first chapter in what remains the world’s most successful hot hatch.

Introduced towards the end of the Mk1 GTI’s production, around 1,000 ‘Campaign Edition’ models were produced for the UK. A last hurrah before the Mk2 arrived, the Campaign featured a number of unique touches, including a four-light front grille with inner fog lights, matt black A-pillars and 14-inch Pirelli alloy wheels.


Alpine White paintwork, Black striped cloth upholstery, 14-inch Pirelli ‘P-Slot’ alloy wheels, 5-speed manual transmission, Twin front lamp grille with head and fog lights, Sliding sunroof, Large front spoiler, Side stripes, Sports seats, Leather-trimmed sports steering wheel, Green-tinted glass all round, Original Blaupunkt radio, Electric aerial, Golf ball type gear knob, Digital clock, Rear window with black surround, Black A pillars, Tailored carpet mats, Spare wheel, Spare key, Original sales brochure.


This stunning Mk1 GTI presents in excellent condition throughout. As one of only 1,000 genuine UK Campaigns the car sports the correct Mk1 Pirelli alloy wheels, a twin lamp grille, sliding steel sunroof, black A pillar trims, and a few other details including green-tinted glass all round. The Alpine White paintwork still looks really sharp with a swirl-free shine and uniform colour across every panel. The black side stripes are a perfect accompaniment and both bumpers are without any damage or wear; all the trims, badges, lights, and rubbers are also in first-rate condition. With only a few minor blemishes evidencing the car’s age this is a fantastic example of the legendary Mk1 Golf GTI, looking every bit the low mileage of 54k miles.



Inside you’re greeted by an immaculately presented and highly original interior. Having never required a re-trim the deeply bolstered sports seats look superb in their factory striped cloth with no wear or marking to any of the upholstery. The carpets are also spotless and fade-free, and there are no cracks or scratches to report on the dash, centre console, or door cards. Another nice touch is the original Blaupunkt radio that remains in place having never been swapped out for an aftermarket unit. The rear seats are also in perfect order and the parcel shelf is excellent with no holes or damage resulting from the fitment of additional speakers. The original VW options sticker is present and correct in the boot.


The engine bay looks fantastic, not overly dressed but in great original condition. The Alpine White paintwork appears in fine order with no signs of corrosion in any of the common weak spots, and the engine itself looks very tidy with only expected surface patina to note. For the new keeper’s peace of mind the Golf comes fully inspected and freshly serviced at the current mileage by our trusted classic car specialist.


The Campaign sits on its factory 14-inch Pirelli alloy wheels, all in excellent unmarked condition with the correct Pirelli centre caps and 7mm spacing between the black P slots. They are shod in a matching set of Pirelli Cinturato tyres all with at least 6mm of tread remaining. The brakes have also been checked and present in fine operational condition.

History File

First registered in October 1983 this special Mk1 GTI has now driven only 54k miles in the hands of just 4 registered keepers (current since 2016). Within the accompanying History File the lucky new owner will be presented with the original VW document wallet and all owner’s manuals, a raft of invoices and MOT certificates, historic tax discs, Blaupunkt radio instructions, an original GTI Campaign sales brochure, and the spare key.

Low mileage, unrestored Mk1 GTIs are getting very thin on the ground and so to find a Campaign with only 54k miles under its belt is a particularly rare treat. This one has clearly been well maintained throughout its life and while a limited amount of paperwork is available the condition really speaks for itself.

1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1 Campaign is listed sold on ClassicDigest in Kingsley by 4 Star Classics for £27495.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Volkswagen Model : Golf Model Version : GTI Mk1 Campaign Engine size : 1.8 Model Year : 1983 Sub type : Convertible Location : Hampshire


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About Volkswagen
The Volkswagen story is indeed an intriguing tale of innovation, resilience, and post-war revival, marked by various models that have become iconic in automotive history.

The People's Car (Volkswagen): Initially envisioned by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s as a "people's car" or "Volkswagen" in German, the idea was to create an affordable and practical vehicle for the German people. This concept led to the development of the Volkswagen Beetle (or the Type 1), designed by Ferdinand Porsche.
Post-War Challenges: After World War II, Volkswagen faced significant challenges. The factory was heavily damaged, and the brand's association with the Nazi regime led to a lack of interest in the car in some regions.
British Intervention - The British Army & Ivan Hirst: The British Army took control of the factory in the immediate post-war period. Major Ivan Hirst, a British Army officer, played a crucial role in reviving Volkswagen. He recognized the potential of the Beetle and advocated for its production, convincing the British military to order several thousand cars. This decision helped jumpstart the brand's revival.
Export Success and the Beetle's Global Appeal: The Beetle gained popularity not only in Germany but also globally, becoming an icon of affordable motoring. Its simple, reliable design and unique appearance made it a favorite among consumers worldwide.
Model Evolution: Over the years, Volkswagen introduced various models alongside the Beetle, each contributing to the brand's growth:
Type 2 (VW Bus or Transporter): Introduced in the 1950s, it became an iconic symbol of the hippie movement in the 1960s, loved for its spaciousness and versatility.
Golf (Rabbit in the U.S.): Launched in the mid-1970s, the Golf (or Rabbit in the U.S.) marked a shift towards front-wheel-drive, modern design, and hatchback practicality, becoming a cornerstone of the brand's success.
Passat, Jetta, and Other Models: Volkswagen expanded its lineup with models like the Passat and Jetta, catering to different market segments.
Challenges and Innovations: Despite success, Volkswagen faced challenges, including quality issues in the 1970s. However, the brand continued to innovate and develop new models and technologies.
Rise of the GTI and Global Expansion: The 1980s saw the rise of the iconic Golf GTI, a high-performance version that sparked the hot hatch trend. Volkswagen also expanded its global presence during this period.
The British intervention in reviving Volkswagen after World War II played a pivotal role in the brand's resurgence. While there might have been some tensions or competition among automotive companies in the 1950s and 1960s due to Volkswagen's post-war success, the brand's ability to produce innovative and popular models solidified its place in automotive history.