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Mercedes had dominated motor racing pre and after WWII wherever they saw interest in participating. The tragic Le Mans saw factory withdraw from racing totally. In the late 60's something happened and Mercedes returned into the game with a most unusual contender big heavy weight w109 300SEL 6.3.

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1963 Jaguar Low-Drag Evolution Road...

I'm not completely against it...nor over the moon either. In the end it all boils down to one question for me! Was it 2+2 in its precious life? available at:

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CMS 2018 spotter's digest

Unique rear end, no other 328 had one like this.

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Flying tadpole

Never mind the Lotus, It's the flying tadpole!

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Mercedes L1313 Truck Dragged out of...

Mercedes L1313 Truck that looks like it just got dragged out of the woods. Not sure if L1313, but 60's L-serier truck anyway.

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Jaguar XK140 in a Hick Town

Jaguar XK140 getting a fill up in a Hick Town in the middle of nowhere. Makes you think what the story was...How did it get there, who owned the car...or was it just passing by....

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

I'm nesting see me resting.

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W116 Inspired Proposal for 600 Face...

In 1972 Daimler Benz was contemplating on updating the existing 600 to W100F by adding w116-like elements to the car. 1977 they went on to build a prototype w100FL with an array of elements imported from w116 as well as w123

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Paul O’Shea -300-SLS Light Weight...

Paul O’Shea -300-SLS Light Weight Racer Factory produced for Paul O’Shea to promote new roadster 300SL campaigning in American sports car races -which he dominated.

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300SL Testen über die Berge

Mercedes factory with its head of engineering Rudolf Uhlenhaut heads for the mountains of Bavaria to test put their W198 300SL Roadster (prototype at this point) and Gullwing (production) motorcars under most extreme test. They must have used Gullwing as a benchmark for the Roadster.

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Near Mint w123 230E Survivor

Spotter a while back this near mint w123 230E survivor in Thistle Green.

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On the way to Finland / Auf dem Weg nach Finnland

W109 300 SE L 6.3 -70

Long way home: From factory Stuttgart to US. Then back to Germany, Berlin. Then to Frankfurt and finally to Finland. Ab Werk Stuttgart nach US, dann zurück nach Deutschland, Berlin. Dann nach Frankfurt und schließlich nach Finnland.

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W108 Project Goes Self-Sufficient o...

During the Covid19 lockdown one might have the time to deal with lingering odd jobs -with no access to resources though. Now, where does one source surface dyed leather when shopping is out of the question? A sofa perhaps?

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Alfa Romeo Hot Rod with Ford V8

Not what see every day, Alfa Romeo (monoposto?) Hot Rod with Ford V8. This must have been in the 60's or so, most likely in California.

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Game Over W110 Heckflosse

Looks like it's all over for this 200D W110 Heckflosse aka Fintail. Wonder if it did over 1Mkm in its prime.

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Porsche 356 Speedster

Classic Car Ads Back in 1977

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W126 Shopping Cart

Running groceries? His weapon of choice is 280S w126.

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Jumping Fiar 500 Abarth

Hi I'm Ragnar and this si Fiat 500 Abarth over doing it. Nice to meet you!

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