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Volvo Duet Spotting

Hey look! Brand spanking new looking Volvo Duett. I need one!

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Drive Tastefully

Drive Tastefully...all the way...

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Burning the Midnight Oil

Night Shift at Classic Digest

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Mercedes CLK Winter beater

230CLK Kompressor might be the most modern piece on machinery we ever drove. But to most people it is an emerging classic, a yougtimer if you will. How does it cope with the harsh Nordic winter then? Actually, not half bad! However..

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Wheel Bearing Blues

When you are speeding on a free way and suddenly feel the steering wheel twitch. That's Mercedes motoring for ya... S124

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Burnt down Ford GT 40

Wonder what the story is behind this burnt down GT 40 wreck

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Geländewagen spotting

Every now and then if you are lucky you might stumble upon a hard core gem like this..erh.. soon to be Brabus Geländewagen. Scrapping is not an option, is it?

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Confiscated Alfa Romeo Sprint "prot...

This little Alfa Romeo Sprint, that was alleged to be a Bertone prototype, was confiscated by the Finnish tax officials and will be auctioned soon. The car has no paperwork to confirm its history or origin though.

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XKE ad

Jaguar XKE Campaign

We at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Co. are proud to present you the latest in our Campaign for jaguar Motor Company.

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Santa's Gullwing

Suspicious looking duo swapping 300SL parts, then already managed to sell the grill and bumpers. Merry Xmas to all ClassicDigesters

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Ringo Starr rocking a Facel Vega

Tyre kickers beware! It's Ringo time! Here's Sir Ringo's other motor with stacked head lights.

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Running a Daily Classic the S124 20...

Daily classic, youngtimer or just an old banger call it what you will, but from time to time it needs a little attention. The annual MOT is due soon and the splash shields are toast due to excessive salt they spread on the on the roads during winter months.

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Engineered Like No Other Car

A piece of engineering that might not go down in history as the proudest moment Mercedes engineering, the M102 / M103 belt tensioner.

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Connolly Smelling S1

Nothing like the smell of Connolly in the morning. Not your average Jaaaag interior either.

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MotorBinder photographs from the go...

Imagine growing up in a family where you father had a private racing team campaigning what we today consider cream of the crop in the golden age of motor racing. For our friend Roy Spencer it was reality and this marvellous book, MotorBinder tells the story with the most beautiful photos ever.

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959 Red

Who says it needs to be Italian to be red hot?

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You Only Live Twice, 007 Toyota 20...

You Only Live Twice, James Bond 007 -Toyota 2000GT, one of only two special open top cars literally gets a new lease on life.

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F40 for a song

Finally managed to find a cheap F40 my buddy Richard is selling. Ok admitted a little TLC is needed but my so called friends refuse to be happy for me! Whattaa??

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