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Maserati Biturbo Resurrection Tales

If you think this looks like a scene from Dexter you're most likely right. However, it also means you need to see a shrink for obvious reasons.

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B17 Flying Fortress 1/72

Too hot to spray the Maserati so might play with 40-year-old 1/72 stuff, such as the B17 Flying Fortress by Matchbox

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BMW E9 3.0 Sharknose service.

The Sharknose had its propeller shaft universal joint renewed along with mid-bearing and balanced not too long ago. The substandard bearing developed play and fairly horrible noise in just under 400 km. The bearing gets changed and hopefully silent ride continues more than half a ton this time.

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W210 engineered like no other car

W210 engineered like no other car

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Alex Cunningham Commodore Special

A.Cunningham Opel Commodore Special was a one-off special for Alex, then general manager of Adam Opel AG and later a candidate for presidency. Flash body modifications were in-house job while the performance bits came from Irmscher-Tuning

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Miami Vice Daytona

It does not get closer to real Mc coy than this.

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Executive Opel Commodore GS/E

Opel Commodore GSE b was great and fast grand touring coupe most would loev to have. However, if you happened to be an Opel executive and looking for something extra, here#s what you would be driving.

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Jaguar E-type 60th anniversary get-...

Gunmetal 1968 series 1.5 E-type coupe at local Jaguar E-type 60th aniversary get together

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Mercedes W111 W112 Coupe Concepts

Mercedes w111 / w112 coupe was not guaranteed to be the elegant design we know today. This early concept sports American style panoramic screen, landau let roof and stubby sedan style bumper.

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Timber loading Mercedes 300sl

You paid ridiculous money for your 300SL Roadster so you might make it work for its living, right? Here's the Stuttgart's finest hauling a mighty timber load...

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Operation Thunderbolt

Long story short, Idi Amin had hijacked Air France flight from Athens to Paris in 1976 and over 100 Israeli citizens were held hostages in Uganda. The Israeli Army sent four C130 cargo planes to retrieve the hostages

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American junkyard in the 60's

This is a typical American junkyard in the 60's. Detroit was pushing out millions of new vehicles every year, some had to make room for them.

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Designer's Choise

There was a time when the designer had the choise. w108 face off e9

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Ewan McGregor in MB 600

It's Ewan McGregor all right but isn't that a 600 Grosser he is sitting in?

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Game Over W110 Heckflosse

Looks like it's all over for this 200D W110 Heckflosse aka Fintail. Wonder if it did over 1Mkm in its prime.

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Mercedes 280SE 5.0 W108

280SE 5.0 -a little story how (not?) to swap a 5.0 m117 light alloy engine followed by a four speed slush box into a vintage Mercedes, 280SE w108. To make things more ticklish the whole procedure will be carried outdoor during the winter months. OK, admitted under a roof -Oh boy aren't spoiled?

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Summer 2021 curbside spottings

Don't you just love their style? Driving gunmetal Plymouth Valiant to get the groceries

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Rhubarb Cleaning Agent

This is biodynamic wheel cleaning agent in making...possibly. In theory oxalic acid in rhubarb should remove brake dust stains..stay tuned.

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