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Airtronics Aquila arrested developm...

I've had the Aquila for well over 30 years, unfinished when I got it and still is. That could change though.

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Ginger Lacey and his model plane

James Harry Lacey, was one of the top scoring Royal Air Force fighter pilots of the Second World War and the second highest scoring RAF fighter pilot of the Battle of Britain. He was also into model planes, big time

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Jag MK2 Loose nut

It's amazing how easily one can end up in a situation like this with a nut or two loose.

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Toyota BJ 40 Resto job

Oh yes, I did it, bought a BJ! We are talking Toyota BJ40. If you were thinking something else you are a pervert. Anyway, it's not that I need another one to save but the opportunity was just too tempting to pass, Yea yea, aren't they all?

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Unsafe at Any Speed, Can Am Corvai...

Unsafe at any speed? Bullocks! This is Ian Richardson`s Can-Am Corvair imperted to The UK with 8.1liter BBC. The first ever touring car to average +100mph at Silverstone.

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AC Ace Wire Wheels

Note to oneself, while AC Ace Wire Wheels from 1958 on may look the part, they do not fit E-type, being 42 RCS rather than 52 RCS required. Merde!

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Capri with Cortina Stars

When you combine the best of 60 Ford. Ford Capri MK1 Cortina Stars

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Jaguar E-type S1 FHC Nose Job

A significant part of the car's exterior consists of the bonnet. It's hardly a surprise that it's also a mammoth task to restore one. -Unless you have money burning holes in your pocket as new items are available for the cheque-book-restorer. My equity comes in the form of sweat though

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I think someone wrote an article on this AC Cobra artcar on, I could not find the story though.

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Look at that!

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450sec w116 coupe

Mercedes 450sec w116, I like it....a lot.

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Cobra before Cobra

I'd say some people live a more vivid life than the rest of us. Take John Fitch who shot down a Messerschmitt 262 with his P-51 Mustang while fighting WW2 in Europe, invented the Fitch Barrier system the sand-filled barrels to absorb the kinetic energy of run-away vehicles.

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Alex Cunningham Commodore Special

A.Cunningham Opel Commodore Special was a one-off special for Alex, then general manager of Adam Opel AG and later a candidate for presidency. Flash body modifications were in-house job while the performance bits came from Irmscher-Tuning

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MB 300SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé Sold

The rumor has it the worlds most expensive company car 300SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé has been sold for €130 Million in a secret enclosed auction held at the Mercedes museum. This is one of two such cars and the only owned by a private individual.

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

I'm nesting see me resting.

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Ex-Beatles MB 600

As well as third country dictators also rock stars loved Mercedes Benz 600. This is the most famous of then all, ex-Lennon, ex-Harrison ex-Mary Wilson 600 Pullman limo.

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David Bowie Mercedes 450SEL 6.9

David Bowie entering his Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9 In Los Angeles during the "lost year" in Los Angeles 1975

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