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Burnt down Ford GT 40

Wonder what the story is behind this burnt down GT 40 wreck

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Mercedes Benz 220S W111 Bad boy's c...

In the Hollywood movies bad guys always drive Mercedes, in the 60s-80s often w111. And what happens to bad guys? Yes the blue eyed all American hero explodes them and their w111 heckflosse. Sad!

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W108 Project Goes Self-Sufficient o...

During the Covid19 lockdown one might have the time to deal with lingering odd jobs -with no access to resources though. Now, where does one source surface dyed leather when shopping is out of the question? A sofa perhaps?

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VW Typ2 Camper-Trailer

If you go as low as starting camper hobby, you might enter the trailer park with a little bit of style!

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Bayer K67, All Polyurethane body Ca...

Some call Bayer K 67 the world’s first car with an all-plastic -polyurethane that is, stressed body. They are wrong, Lotus Elite was!

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Bertone Volvo Tundra aka Citroen BX

Bertone Volvo Tundra aka Citroën B...

Did you ever wonder what Citroen BX was in its previous live? Well now you know! It was born as Volvo Tundra. For some reason those Swedes never went into production with the concept and the Gauls took over it ending up with over 2,315,739 BXs built.

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For Successful Living Volvo P1800 "...

For Successful Living Volvo P1800ES Shiny happy people with their Volvo 1800ES SUV and the dog.

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De Tomaso Mangusta, Beautiful but ...

Mangusta was arguably the most beautiful Spaghetti hybrid, hell... it even ranker at the top of all mid engined exotica -as long as we're talking aesthetics. Dynamically it was hopelessly slow and couldn't handle much better than your neighbour's Corsair.

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Dragging Jaguar E-type

Drag racing early Jaguar E-type FHC , Nor sure what to make of it really!

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Active Body control

ABC Active body control is making its way to modern cars. Just a reminder!!! the French were the first -Again!

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From bushes

Sixteen valves of fame

The neglegted 190E 2.3-16 from 1985 was left to backyard of the current owner. It has been sitting outside almost decade.

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200D w110 Heckflosse Barn Find

Over the time you find yourself facing moments that underline passage of time and the fact that it's not indefinite, all things come to an end one way or another.

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Chuck Jordan's Ferrari Daytona Rede...

GM car designer Chuck Jordan was a known Ferrari lover. Chuck used park his Daytona GM's design garage, His staff would occasionally pull stunts on their boss, such as this GM-ish redesign on the Daytona

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Lotus maintenance

This is exactly why modern F1 or motor racing in general is abouts as boring as watching paint dry!

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Mr Bean is a Taxi Driver ...of a ki...

Ok Boomer, how you like your 500 now?

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Strippers' choice at Earls Court 19...

1973 Earl Court Motor show, head for PR at Saab Mr Wankalot thought it was a brilliant idea to hire staff at his local strip club. They tell she is Mr Wankalot's personal favorite at the gentleman's club in Bristol.

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S124 280TE

It was not a particularly good day for the 280TE.

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Peugeot 205GTI bring a trailer

It might be the greatest sports car killer of all times...however, it's still French and needs a bit of help every now and then. but hey, we all do!

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