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Belle macchine da corsa italiane de...

Ciao a tutti, un mio amico mi ha inviato queste bellissime foto. Buon divertimento! S1100 Fiat L4 1100cc nº8 - Anna Maria Peduzzi - (12º) - GP Roma [S1.5] 1956

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Designer's Choise

There was a time when the designer had the choise. w108 face off e9

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Toyota BJ 40 Resto job

Oh yes, I did it, bought a BJ! We are talking Toyota BJ40. If you were thinking something else you are a pervert. Anyway, it's not that I need another one to save but the opportunity was just too tempting to pass, Yea yea, aren't they all?

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SBC 2019 Jaguar 120XK FHC

I do not go to car shows. But its a good thing I just did, cause I saw this puppy the mighty Jaguar 120XK FHC. And its the best one so far. Congrats to the owner!

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24th consecutive Historic Grand Race 2014 at Ahvenisto Race Circuit

Historic Grand Race 2014, Ahvenisto...

24th consecutive Historic Grand Race 2014, part of the Gulf Nordic Historic Challenge, was held at the sunny Ahvenisto circuit.Collecting more than 180 competitors to measure each other at one of the most demanding race circuits in Europe. Step in and enjoy the unique atmosphere at the venue.

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Dragging Jaguar E-type

Drag racing early Jaguar E-type FHC , Nor sure what to make of it really!

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An Exclusive look at working Elektr...

Working with Elektron Magnesium is no easy feat. The Guild took 2 years of R&D to perfect the techniques necessary to shape the Bugatti Aerolithe Recreation. For the first time, see an exclusive look at how we did it on our new web series here

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Flat Floor E-type Coupe 1961

Here's my second pick from Henry Ruggieri's collection soon to go under hammer in France. It is a 1961 flat floor E-type coupe Serial number 885070 with matching numbers R 2019-8 engine.

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TDT -as easy as- 1 2 3

After years of searching the right S123 this is it. 881 Silberdistel Metallic (Thistle Green Metallic) 300 Turbo. You wouldn't believe how hard these are to find unmolested-

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Escort MK1 Pick Up

You guys loves this hot Escort so much I cannot skip the super hot pick up one

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Odd Spotting 2019

Hats off to anyone running groceries with a rod

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Porsche 356 Speedster Heckflosse

Porsche 356 Speedster with Heckflosse -This fella thought it was much groovier with fins and continental kit...#zuffierod

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Life Choices, 300TDT

Life is a series of choices one makes. -This time we went for white Italia tiles, kitchen renovation you see...

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Snow evolution Cosworth

Cosworth evo, designed by nature created by snow.

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Compton Coupe w111 mercedes

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #1

Personally, I find Mercedes W111 Coupe just about the finest auto mobile to roll out the Sindelfingen gates since the war. I've had a couple of them over the years and regretted selling each one of them (kidding!) So when the opportunity came knocking on my door I was sold and so was Flachkühler

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Gas Monkey Ferrari F40

Remember the Gas Monkey Ferrari F40? Well..It's for sale and to be auctioned ..yeah AGAIN. The last geezer to buy F40 Was prisoned and the car confiscated. Boys and girls here you goo:

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Work's Minis at Monte Carlo Rally 6...

Quick service stop in the French Alps during the heat of 1965 Monte Carlo rally

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