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Flachkühler w111 barnfind

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #2

As it is at the moment...It's been mostly about hibernation lately...the thing slowly turning into a barn-find of a sort...

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Slumdog Ferrari

Slumdog Garage presents today's special! Scrapped and bent Ferrari vintage racer abandoned behind a shed in a slum.

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Mercedes 190D Ponton

Another blast from the past, a Ponton I purchased when 14. I kept the car for over 20 years until sold it in desparate need for cash... It was the most comfortable car I've ever had...At least that's how I want to remember it.

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Volvo Duet Spotting

Hey look! Brand spanking new looking Volvo Duett. I need one!

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I can see Range

This is a gem! next time I'm on a SaFaRi I'm gonna get me on of these : )

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Porsche 356 Speedster

Classic Car Ads Back in 1977

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Travel with style

Winter's no excuse not to travel in style on an Alpine holiday. Yours Zuffie Puff

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Porsche 356 tackling snow

Ok, we all have seen a bit of snow lately. But really, what's the big deal?

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Dragging Jaguar E-type

Drag racing early Jaguar E-type FHC , Nor sure what to make of it really!

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Man-eating E-type

Beware of this E-type, she's a man eater -a hungry one

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PiZZa Time!!

Ciao tutti!! Who want make pizza inna Ferrari? Cgrazy!

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Jaguar XJ6 Spit and Polish

A Friend's XJ6 was looking rather sad after it had spent a year or two in a garage where the fellow enthusiast had been painting their projects in a most care free way...This is the ol'barge after one morning and masses of elbow grease by two geezers.

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80's Photo Shoot

Putting things into perspective. It the 80’s it seemed ADs/photographers at classic car magazines, particularly German, were obsessed with photo shoots on autumn fields. To honour the period we went out with our little harvester in attempt to recreate one of those shoots.

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ClassicDigest finds Cossie in Finla...

A year back we wrote about the cars that smart money would buy now before they get outrageously expensive. Click next...

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Cut Cat making a splash

Cut-Cat (aka CUT 7) taking a dip as the heat proved too much to handle.

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Von Dutch Flamed Mercedes 300SL Gul...

Imagine entering the lawns of Pebble Beach and raising a few eyebrows. What we have here is on of the very first 300Sl GullWing in the US. Click on for the story

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Bertone Spotting

When you hear someone blip the throttle and this puppy appears in the corner of your eye...

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300SL Testen über die Berge

Mercedes factory with its head of engineering Rudolf Uhlenhaut heads for the mountains of Bavaria to test put their W198 300SL Roadster (prototype at this point) and Gullwing (production) motorcars under most extreme test. They must have used Gullwing as a benchmark for the Roadster.

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