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Drive Tastefully

Drive Tastefully...all the way...

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Just another Maniac Monday!!

Ciao tutti!!Its just another maniac monday... Escort rally car situazione pericolosa!!

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Fubar 2 Blown Corvair

’61 Corvair Fubar-2, by Richard Guess, that ditches the pancake six for a blown 327 Chevy. More of a promotional vehicle that proper strip car.

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Ferrari 250GTO

Italian Car Specialist & Ferrari 25...

Seems almost absurd in these days of over inflated vintage Ferrari value that once these were just old sports cars that you could actually drive around in. An naturally being made as they were drop in at you local "Italian car specialist" sort out those gremlins under hood.

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Ringo Starr rocking a Facel Vega

Tyre kickers beware! It's Ringo time! Here's Sir Ringo's other motor with stacked head lights.

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Buick Custom

There are customs that repeat the same industry clichés from decade to another and ones that are carried out with keen sense of style, this is one of the latter.

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BMC 1800 Aerodynamica

Citroen claim their CX series launched in 1974 was designed by Robert Opron as an in-house job. Well, not so quick Frenchie, mon amie, just look at this picture from 1967!

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Psychedelic AC 289 Sport (aka Cobra...

You might be fooled to think AC 289 Sports -Cobra to you guys over the pond although it could not be called that here in the UK because of legal issues, would have been flamboyant enough to most people. But not so to Tara Browne, 21 year old heir to the Guinness fortune!

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Ford Sedan Delivery 1956

One of the nicer things you can run into while doing groceries, a Ford Sedan Delivery 1956.

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Work's Minis at Monte Carlo Rally 6...

Quick service stop in the French Alps during the heat of 1965 Monte Carlo rally

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Jaguar E-type Zero

Jaguar reveals its E-type Zero the most beautiful electric car in the world. Opinions invited!

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Rover P6 Cabriolet & Coupé

Most people never quite realized just how advanced a design Rover P5 really was, a British equivalent to Citroen DS if you will. Would have been lovely as a convertible

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Cadillac Coupe De Ville


The starting point of the massive project of this rotten -59 Caddy. I got the car in 2008 and after almost 7-years of restoration it starts to look what I wanted. See the complete restoration story from here:

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On the way to Finland / Auf dem Weg nach Finnland

W109 300 SE L 6.3 -70

Long way home: From factory Stuttgart to US. Then back to Germany, Berlin. Then to Frankfurt and finally to Finland. Ab Werk Stuttgart nach US, dann zurück nach Deutschland, Berlin. Dann nach Frankfurt und schließlich nach Finnland.

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Mercedes 170V Roadster

Secret Mercedes Collection

Lucky me, I was invited to take a peak at a private Mercedes collection in an undisclosed location. This collection is the real mc coy, all the cars have been restored single-handedly by the owner –a true old school enthusiast.

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Ford Cortina 1500GT & Lotus 'Replic...

Here's a little something I managed to pick up in a barn the other day. A genuine 1500GT Cortina taken off the road in 1979 due to light front end collision. The other car's a Lotus Cortina 'replica' -replica being a strong word as it' more of a look-a-like.

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Russian Water Van

Helloo Friend! How do you like this ingenious Russian hydroocopter van? Clever engneering is it not!?

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

Strictly speaking, I wasn't in the market for another classic car, quite the opposite. In fact, trying to down size and focus... However, when the opportunity knocked my door in form of a 220Sb stored in an old industrial building for a decade or two, I couldn't resist...

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