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Repeat after me: "I do not customize my w123 coupe ever!" "Tuning is evil" "Mercedes and jaguar do not mix"

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Lamborghini Miura Snowmobile

Ciao!!! Best snow mobile ever is Miura!!! Ha haaa

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Led Zeppelin jaguar

Led Zeppelin in the early days of their career posing with Jaguar what I believe to be S-type -the original not the Lincoln in drag!

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Escort Mk1 Spiced up

Hmm..wonder how that would suit a Mex today ; )

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Porsche 356 Speedster Heckflosse

Porsche 356 Speedster with Heckflosse -This fella thought it was much groovier with fins and continental kit...#zuffierod

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Trojan 200 Bublecar

Trojan 200 at Classic Digest

A newcomer joins the Classic Digest fleet. Hooray!

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Today's Volvo Special

Presenting today's Volvo special: Typical 80's Custom build Volvo 544 with flames and all the necessary goodies.

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That's right. We didn't invite the compact... we just enlarged upon it. Dodge Dart

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I'll just leave this here, dunno why really...

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Abandoned Silver Cloud curb sided

Our reader in Northern Finland -Cheers to all the Finns out there!- emailed us these photos of an abandoned Silver Cloud curb sided. By the looks of it the poor Roller had some TLC before it was abandoned for what ever the reason.

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BMW 3.0CSI naked in the rain

Sad and surreal sight. Someone has been slaving away for hundreds of hours on this BMW 3.0 CSI e9 bare metal bodywork and the tow truck driver or his colleague is too busy to get home, read wasted, and leaves it out in the rain to rust.

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Joyriding (Whisky soaked) Volvo p18...

Once upon a time there was a boat transporting whiskey and brand spanking new Volvo p1800 sports cars....

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300SL at a mystery lady

Someone was feeling artsy while cruising their 300SL Roadster, it seems

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Deserted Mercedes 230SL Pagoda

By the looks of it whoever owned this Mercedes 230sl was not into driving that much

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230 CE 1982

Sometimes you have to face the reality and admit yourself that you cannot have them all. This quite solid 230CE hibernated at the back of my barn for ten odd years. Now gone to a better home.

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Why a 55.000 VW project is a bargai...

My first reaction was naah..this ship has already sailed. then again on a second thought Barret Jackson's Lot #1315, a 1965 samba at Scottsdale 2017 just recently fetched staggering $302,500 If that's where the market is heading, one could feasibly farm out all the work and still be winning

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959 Red

Who says it needs to be Italian to be red hot?

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Flachkühler w111 barnfind

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #2

As it is at the moment...It's been mostly about hibernation lately...the thing slowly turning into a barn-find of a sort...

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