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E-type sans over riders

E-type, the most beautiful car in the world -end of discussion! However...the over riders always seemed an after though to me. Guess what, I was right all that time. Here's what it initially looked like...Sans the bloody over riders.

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Daytona crash

Shelby Daytona obviously couldn't handle the heat by Morris.

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Barn found Miesen Ambulance

Good news! I went to see a Miesen built Mercedes Ponton ambulance and did not purchase the darn thing. Yeah! For once I could foresee all the pain and trouble it would have dragged me into.

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In a Shed

And how they turn into things that fall apart on your lawn -er...make that snow.

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Standard British Punctuality

I must say, one could only expect such punctuality from a Briton. Those are MK1 Escorts I believe.

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Mercedes 280SE 5.0 W108

280SE 5.0 -a little story how (not?) to swap a 5.0 m117 light alloy engine followed by a four speed slush box into a vintage Mercedes, 280SE w108. To make things more ticklish the whole procedure will be carried outdoor during the winter months. OK, admitted under a roof -Oh boy aren't spoiled?

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Winter and Toyota Corolla DX

Yes, it's still very much a winter up in the north here. by the way, this is Toyota Corolla DX. Every young man's dream car in the 90's *Amiz*

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Mighty CB350

I got this -72 Honda CB350 from an old guy who had owned it for 9-years. After such a time the restoration still had not gone much further, so he decided to let it go.

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Travel with style vol 2

Travel with style through snow in a 912 Zuffie. Always yours, Zuffie Puff

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Sir, this really is your E-type OTS, trust me! We changed fluids, served the brakes and it passed MOT with flying colours.

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Mercedes-Benz o319, Barn Find

Barn Find: Mercedes-Benz o319

Our barn fresh o319, the ex-Soulset Tour Bus, sees the daylight for a first time in a while. The bus has not turned a wheel on the road since 1968! Now who could resist a face like that? Read the background story at:

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Francois Cevert Tyrell

Art by Tom Havlasek

Tom Havlasek is a Czech-born artist who sent us these beautiful paintings. Thanks Tom, great work! To learn more about Tom go to: or Tom’s facebook page:

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Trojan 200 Bublecar

Trojan 200 at Classic Digest

A newcomer joins the Classic Digest fleet. Hooray!

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Iso Grifo A3/C Bizzarrini taking it...

What you're looking, is actually two Iso Grifo A3/C Bizzarrinis no.0214 & 0210. combined by racing legend and ex WWII B-24 belly gunner Max Ernest Balchowsky.

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Cadillac Coupe De Ville


The starting point of the massive project of this rotten -59 Caddy. I got the car in 2008 and after almost 7-years of restoration it starts to look what I wanted. See the complete restoration story from here:

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It Is Friday and Steve says:

Ciao tutti, It's GIO again long time no see! It's Friday again and Steven says read newspaperes!

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Ferrari 365GTB/4 wreck

Mamma Mia! Oh Noooo what did they dooo to it?? poor Ferrari 365GTB/4!!!

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Better times with F1

As far as I'm concerned modern motor racing, F1 in particular, is as uninteresting as IMB corporate policy. In 77 it was a different story though, as Ferrari paddock team here demonstrate.

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