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On the way to Finland / Auf dem Weg nach Finnland

W109 300 SE L 6.3 -70

Long way home: From factory Stuttgart to US. Then back to Germany, Berlin. Then to Frankfurt and finally to Finland. Ab Werk Stuttgart nach US, dann zurück nach Deutschland, Berlin. Dann nach Frankfurt und schließlich nach Finnland.

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Postbus Project

Welcome to my T1 (Samba) Postbus Project. (23 split window bus year 1961). To the history: This vehicle was 18 years for Austrian Post in the Tyrolean mountains move. The special feature is the special equipment and therefore original restored unique worldwide. 1. Special painting Yellow - Black and postal emblem (Austrian Eagle with horn) 2. Cotton fabric seat covers (Red / black with yellow piping). 3. Siren (was a school bus for the mountain peasant childs on narrow twisty roads in use). 4. Eberspächer gasoline heater (for cold winter days). 5. The small round taillights were replaced by the new oval. 6. 12 V board power supply system for Austria.

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Vintage Classifieds (read classic b...

Mercedes 300SL Gull-Wing for sale 6500Usd, Take that and party!!!

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Does your car match your house?

Here's the question: Does your car match your house?

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Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA with their BMW 3.0CSL in the 70's Stockholm duning winter time. Check those studded winter tyres.

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Dragging Jaguar E-type

Drag racing early Jaguar E-type FHC , Nor sure what to make of it really!

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Man-eating E-type

Beware of this E-type, she's a man eater -a hungry one

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Von Dutch Flamed Mercedes 300SL Gul...

Imagine entering the lawns of Pebble Beach and raising a few eyebrows. What we have here is on of the very first 300Sl GullWing in the US. Click on for the story

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Slumdog Ferrari

Slumdog Garage presents today's special! Scrapped and bent Ferrari vintage racer abandoned behind a shed in a slum.

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Tatraplan Project

Tatraplan Project Sighting

Here's one of the more exotic projects for a change, a Czech Tatraplan under a resurrection to become a custom sledge.

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Baja Buggy Surf Mobile

Authentic 70's Baja Buggy surf mobile stacking no less than 20 surf boards.

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Volvo Duet Spotting

Hey look! Brand spanking new looking Volvo Duett. I need one!

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Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba

VW splitscreen Samba (aka Sonder) bus as used by Comision Nacional de Transito Cuba. I think the photo was taken during the Cuban Grand Prix 1958 or 1957

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VW Barndoor Spotted On the rRoad

Barndoor, splitwindow, kleinbus..Call it what you want it's still lovely little thing

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Why a 55.000 VW project is a bargai...

My first reaction was naah..this ship has already sailed. then again on a second thought Barret Jackson's Lot #1315, a 1965 samba at Scottsdale 2017 just recently fetched staggering $302,500 If that's where the market is heading, one could feasibly farm out all the work and still be winning

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VW 'Follow Me' Tempelhof Airport, B...

VW Käfer 'Follow Me' vehicle at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin 1954. Cause we all need a bit of guidance every now and then.

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Flachkühler w111 barnfind

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #2

As it is at the moment...It's been mostly about hibernation lately...the thing slowly turning into a barn-find of a sort...

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Mercedes 190D Ponton

Another blast from the past, a Ponton I purchased when 14. I kept the car for over 20 years until sold it in desparate need for cash... It was the most comfortable car I've ever had...At least that's how I want to remember it.

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