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Farrah Fawcett Foxy Vette by Georg...

Alright kids, this is the most awesome Corvette you ever saw just because Farrah Fawcett drove it, George Barris build it, it has hairies interior ever and it comes with a rotary car phone,

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Panter Rio

In the aftermath of oil crisis fashion designer Robert Jankel had a brainstorm. He thought dressing up a Triumph Dolomite Sprint to reminisce a baby RR would make a hit. The markets proved him wrong though, with only a handful or Panther Rios sold.

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Standard British Punctuality

I must say, one could only expect such punctuality from a Briton. Those are MK1 Escorts I believe.

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Ford Sedan Delivery 1956

One of the nicer things you can run into while doing groceries, a Ford Sedan Delivery 1956.

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Saab 96

It is Friday again and I cannot help showing you guys this beautiful Saab 96 shot in Swedish Lapland late 60's.

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Mustang Milano 1970 Concept

Ford's Mustang Milano 1970 concept not only came with purple leather and deep purple mohair carpeting, it also came with two lovely ladies dressed in (you guessed it) violet jumpsuits! Ahh so 70's!

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Jaguar Ascot by Bertone

Bertone Ascot is basically a XJS shortenedby around 200mm and forged into a full wedge mould by Bertone. The concept used the Jaguar's 5.3-liter V12 and unveiled at the Turin Motor Show in 1977

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300SL at a mystery lady

Someone was feeling artsy while cruising their 300SL Roadster, it seems

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Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA with their BMW 3.0CSL in the 70's Stockholm duning winter time. Check those studded winter tyres.

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Tatraplan Project

Tatraplan Project Sighting

Here's one of the more exotic projects for a change, a Czech Tatraplan under a resurrection to become a custom sledge.

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Starstruck Mercedes 300SL

It seems 300SL Mercedes was the weapon of choice for many of Hollywood's stars in the late 50's early 60's Or was it just a promotional gimmick by the factory, go figure.. click on to see more stars in 300SL Mercedes.

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Flachkühler w111 barnfind

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #2

As it is at the moment...It's been mostly about hibernation lately...the thing slowly turning into a barn-find of a sort...

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Volvo Duet Spotting

Hey look! Brand spanking new looking Volvo Duett. I need one!

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Von Dutch Flamed Mercedes 300SL Gul...

Imagine entering the lawns of Pebble Beach and raising a few eyebrows. What we have here is on of the very first 300Sl GullWing in the US. Click on for the story

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Winter and Toyota Corolla DX

Yes, it's still very much a winter up in the north here. by the way, this is Toyota Corolla DX. Every young man's dream car in the 90's *Amiz*

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1943 - 2018 1928 Horch 8-305 Tourer

75 years ago, the German artillery division in the forests of Tver region carried out the order in accordance with the Buffalo operation. She meant to quietly leave the Russian positions, collecting all the weapons and move away many kilometers from the line of contact. Leave only the faulty equipme

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Man-eating E-type

Beware of this E-type, she's a man eater -a hungry one

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On the way to Finland / Auf dem Weg nach Finnland

W109 300 SE L 6.3 -70

Long way home: From factory Stuttgart to US. Then back to Germany, Berlin. Then to Frankfurt and finally to Finland. Ab Werk Stuttgart nach US, dann zurück nach Deutschland, Berlin. Dann nach Frankfurt und schließlich nach Finnland.

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