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It Is Friday and Steve says:

Ciao tutti, It's GIO again long time no see! It's Friday again and Steven says read newspaperes!

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Mighty CB350

I got this -72 Honda CB350 from an old guy who had owned it for 9-years. After such a time the restoration still had not gone much further, so he decided to let it go.

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Better times with F1

As far as I'm concerned modern motor racing, F1 in particular, is as uninteresting as IMB corporate policy. In 77 it was a different story though, as Ferrari paddock team here demonstrate.

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Confiscated Alfa Romeo Sprint "prot...

This little Alfa Romeo Sprint, that was alleged to be a Bertone prototype, was confiscated by the Finnish tax officials and will be auctioned soon. The car has no paperwork to confirm its history or origin though.

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Iso Grifo A3/C Bizzarrini taking it...

What you're looking, is actually two Iso Grifo A3/C Bizzarrinis no.0214 & 0210. combined by racing legend and ex WWII B-24 belly gunner Max Ernest Balchowsky.

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Baja Buggy Surf Mobile

Authentic 70's Baja Buggy surf mobile stacking no less than 20 surf boards.

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Porsche 356 Speedster

Classic Car Ads Back in 1977

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Trojan 200 Bublecar

Trojan 200 at Classic Digest

A newcomer joins the Classic Digest fleet. Hooray!

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Travel with style vol 2

Travel with style through snow in a 912 Zuffie. Always yours, Zuffie Puff

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Porsche 356 tackling snow

Ok, we all have seen a bit of snow lately. But really, what's the big deal?

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Travel with style

Winter's no excuse not to travel in style on an Alpine holiday. Yours Zuffie Puff

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Cadillac Coupe De Ville


The starting point of the massive project of this rotten -59 Caddy. I got the car in 2008 and after almost 7-years of restoration it starts to look what I wanted. See the complete restoration story from here:

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Barn found Miesen Ambulance

Good news! I went to see a Miesen built Mercedes Ponton ambulance and did not purchase the darn thing. Yeah! For once I could foresee all the pain and trouble it would have dragged me into.

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We Do Love our Classics, according ...

According to ERS: Over half (52%) of motorists who don’t have a classic car, would like to own one. ‘Nostalgic’, ‘distinctive’ and ‘stylish’ are the words most associated with classic cars. 40% of classic car owners say they are “fun to drive”

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Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA with their BMW 3.0CSL in the 70's Stockholm duning winter time. Check those studded winter tyres.

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Feliz Navidad from Santiago de Chi...

Feliz Navidad! Merry X-Mas! Holiday Greetings! from Santiago de Chile

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Pink Panther Mobile

Remember the 60's when every television show had to have its own signature custom car -and by the looks of it, each car was designed by an individual on acid.

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Hans Herrmann 90th Birthday

Hans Herrmann Hans Herrmann Born 23th Feb. 1928 Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Turns 90 today. There was a time was looking like he wouldn't make it but miraculously he walked out unharmed! Click on to see more

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