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Deserted Mercedes 230SL Pagoda

By the looks of it whoever owned this Mercedes 230sl was not into driving that much

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Daily Pic on ClassicDigest 280TE S...

Hello World! We love our new Dijon & Brazil 280TE s124 interior so much it got to be a makeshift office for a day -it's just Mega!

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FERRARI 408 4RM -the first 4x4 Fer...

In late 80's Ferrari was developing what would have been the first ever AVD Ferrari.However only two prototipos were made before cancelling the program.

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Rehabbing a 220Sb w111

Strictly speaking, I wasn't in the market for another classic car, quite the opposite. In fact, trying to down size and focus... However, when the opportunity knocked my door in form of a 220Sb stored in an old industrial building for a decade or two, I couldn't resist...

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Pininfarina Multipla Marine Eden Ro...

Pininfarina's 1956 Fiat Multipla Jolly concept only attracted two buyers when introduced at Geneva 1956 auto show, namely Gianni Agnelli and Henry Ford.

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Superiority by Austin

The Austin holds it's own on any road. You can depend on it!

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Mercedes 350SE w116 Police/Rescue Vehicle

Mercedes 350SE w116 Police/Rescue ...

In 1975 Daimler-Benz offered this special rescue vehille for police and other governmental authorities as a mobile comand center.

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250 GTE service break

Talking about PR agencies creating "personality" of today's pop stars, nothing new under the sun! This is a French singer Richard Anthony pretending to be busy prepping his band spanking new Ferrari 250 GTE , 2+2…without any tools or idea what he's supposed to do : )

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That's right. We didn't invite the compact... we just enlarged upon it. Dodge Dart

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Escort mk1 GT spotting

My favourite spotting place rarely lets me down. Normally, there's an odd German classic but this time it was a barn fresh Ford Escort MK1 GT

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Better times with F1

As far as I'm concerned modern motor racing, F1 in particular, is as uninteresting as IMB corporate policy. In 77 it was a different story though, as Ferrari paddock team here demonstrate.

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Hugh Hefner of Playboy bites the du...

Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy finally bites the dust at 91. They say it's due to natural causes but based on what I saw at he mansion my money's on overdosing Viagra.

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Escort Mk1 Spiced up

Hmm..wonder how that would suit a Mex today ; )

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Escort Mexico

Escort mk1 Mexico at a parking lot.

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VW/Porsche 914 Pick Up Conversion

Would you do this to a 914?

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Mk1 Ford Escort with 900 miles from...

This is a story too good to miss, Jonny Smith wins the trust over and his neighbour decides to reveal him a MK1 Escort barely touched since passing the factory gates. see the video:

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MotorBinder photographs from the go...

Imagine growing up in a family where you father had a private racing team campaigning what we today consider cream of the crop in the golden age of motor racing. For our friend Roy Spencer it was reality and this marvellous book, MotorBinder tells the story with the most beautiful photos ever.

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Mercedes-Benz o319, Barn Find

Barn Find: Mercedes-Benz o319

Our barn fresh o319, the ex-Soulset Tour Bus, sees the daylight for a first time in a while. The bus has not turned a wheel on the road since 1968! Now who could resist a face like that? Read the background story at:

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