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Shelby GT500 Voiture de reportage J...

Shelby GT500 Voiture de reportage for Journal de Montreal. Proper wheels to stop the press I guess. not sure how it all worked out in the snow though.

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Mercedes 280SE 5.0 W108

280SE 5.0 -a little story how (not?) to swap a 5.0 m117 light alloy engine followed by a four speed slush box into a vintage Mercedes, 280SE w108. To make things more ticklish the whole procedure will be carried outdoor during the winter months. OK, admitted under a roof -Oh boy aren't spoiled?

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Life Choices, 300TDT

Life choices vol2. Back to Nature. MPV s123

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From bushes

Sixteen valves of fame

The neglegted 190E 2.3-16 from 1985 was left to backyard of the current owner. It has been sitting outside almost decade.

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Early Volkswagen 23-window Samba So...

Very nice early 52-53..ish Volkswagen 23-window Samba or SonderBus, with Sealing Wax Red body and L73 Chestnut Brown roof.

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W111 & W108

Mercedes Anyone ?

Ich sammele seit fast 40 Jahren alte Mercedes und auch andere Europäische Fahrzeuge. Ab 2020 sollen viele dieser Wagen wieder nach Deutschland kommen, komplett, fahrbereit, restauriert oder in Teilen, je nach Nachfrage und Bedarf.

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Morrari Morris Minor with Ferrari F...

Meet Morrari, your average Moggie with Ferrari 555 Super Squalo ex F1 chassis on top of Minor body and Corvette 327 Hipo engine. From New Zealand, where else?

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Porsche 356 A under £10grand

Rust free original Porsche 356A with low miles under 10 grand! Where's the catch says you.

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RR Silver Cloud curb sided and Aba...

Our reader in Northern Finland -Cheers to all the Finns out there!- emailed us these photos of an abandoned Silver Cloud curb sided. By the looks of it the poor Roller had some TLC before it was abandoned for what ever the reason.

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Liquid cooled B-17 Flying Fortress ...

B-17 Flying Fortress was the allied work horse over the war theaters. Never lookin sleeker than XB-39, the photo with Allison v12 engines

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Harry Potter & Breezeway Mercury

The car Harry Potter bought when growing up -if you know what I mean

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BMW 3.0CSI Karmann Rusty

They did tell 3.0CSI could get rusty in places, didn't they?

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McQueen's Bullitt Mustang Will Go ...

All American hero Steve McQueen's Bullitt Mustang will go under hammer at the Mecum Kissimmee 2020 auction in January. What will it sell for?

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Odd Jobs vol1.

Scraping paint off a boot lid. Thick layer of resprays actually helps in the process.

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Tesla Cybertruck Spotting

Todays Tesla Cybertruck spotting involves on-shore testing. Tesla has refused to reveal whether or not the rumors of batteries short circuiting due to salt water leaks are true.

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Toyota BJ 40 Resto job

Oh yes, I did it, bought a BJ! We are talking Toyota BJ40. If you were thinking something else you are a pervert. Anyway, it's not that I need another one to save but the opportunity was just too tempting to pass, Yea yea, aren't they all?

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Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser Saoutchik...

Hi, i am Ragnar and this is Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser Saoutchik Coupé. Not the most beautiful 30's Mercedes or Saoutchik body there ever was.

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Hussein's M635CSI Gemballa wide bod...

Gemballa better known for its SEC Mercs and Porsches also did a wideboby e24 M635 CSI Bimmer, later sold to Saddam Hussein's son Uday

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