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Fiat 500 Topolino '55 1955

Allmän beskrivning : ❗Lowered price from img src="" alt="✅" width="16" height="16" /> €22.950- €19.500 img src="" alt="✅" width="16" height="16" />❗ The Fiat 500, commonly known as "Topolino" (Micky Mouse in Italian) was produced from 1936 to 1955. The Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world at the time of its production. Launched in 1936, three models were produced until 1955, all with only minor mechanical and cosmetic changes. It was equipped with a 569 cc four-cylinder, side-valve, water-cooled engine mounted in front of the front axle, so it was a full-scale car rather than a cyclecar (3wheeler). Three models were produced. Model A and B shared the same body, only the engine of model B had 16 hp, vs. 13 hp of Model A. Model A was produced from 1937 to 1948, while B was produced in 1948 and 1949. alonside the four-door sedan, the Giardiniera was at the beginning only available as a so-called wwodie, i.e. with an outside ash frame and available in seven metallic colors. When it was later renamed Belvedere, the wood was replaced with metal. This model as well as the regular two-seater Convertible-Limousine were also produced in France by Simca as the Simca 5, and in Germany the NSU Fiat. it was also built in Austria, Poland and India. Model C was introduced in 1949 with a restyled body and the same engine as Model B, and was offered in 2-door saloon, 2-door convertible saloon, 3-door estate and 2-door van versions. In 1952, Giardiniera was renamed Belvedere ("A turret or other raised structure offering a pleasant view of the surrounding area", referring to its sunroof). Model C was produced until 1955. In 1955 the larger REAR-WHEEL DRIVE fiat 600 was launched by Fiat and that would become the design basis for the new Fiat 500 : the legendary Nuova 500. Specifications Bodywork Length : cm (in): 332 (130.7) Width : cm (in): 129 (50.7) Height : cm (in): 141 (55.5) Wheelbase : cm (in) : 200 (78.7) Weight: kg (lb) : 640 (1411) Mechanics. Displacement : inline 4 569 cc (35 cu in), front-mounted Valve gear : 8 Fuel system : 1 Weber DRS carburettor Gearbox : 4-speed manual Drive wheels : rwd Maximum power : 16 hp at 4400 rpm Maximum torque : 29 Nm at 2900 t/m

1955 Fiat 500 Topolino '55 is listed till salu on ClassicDigest in Aalter by Oldtimerfarm for €19500.


Fakta i bilen

Karosstyp : Personbil Märke : Fiat Modell : 500 Topolino Modellversion : '55 Motorvolym : 0.0 Årsmodell : 1955 Läge : Aalter Fordon Registrering : Odefinierad

19500 €

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Oldtimerfarm Bvba

+32(0)51 620133
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Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT till dig och jag) grundades av Giovanni Agnelli 1899. Deras första bil 3 ½ CV hade en stark resembledence till samtida Benz, var bara 25 exempel byggt. Vid 1910 Fiat hade etablerat sig som Italias största biltillverkare och expanderade till USA, där en ny fabrik byggdes i Poughkeepsie, NY.

På den tiden var Fiat bilar stora och lyxiga pråmar för de rika eller skällande galna racerbilar som S76, Vilddjuret i Turin, med dess 290HP 28,5-liters fyrcylindrig motor.

Dock är idag Fiat bättre reknown för sina små symphatic folk bärare, Topolino, 500 "Cinquecento" och 600.

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