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Jaguar E-type 3.8L Inline 6-cylinder 1963

Allmän beskrivning : 1963 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 liter Roadster
Chassis No. 879594
Body No. R 6487
Engine No. RA 2386-9
Gearbox No. EB 10437 JS
Black with Black Interior and Black Hardtop

Rarely in automobile design does beauty, engineering, and race history converge in an object so delightful, so perfect in every respect, it transcends generations of admirers. The Jaguar E-Type is such a car. Unveiled at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, the brilliant and stunning design offered unrivaled performance, beauty, and a surprisingly affordable price. The E-Type has since grown to iconic status where it continues to command attention from collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. But it isn’t beauty alone that continues to win so many hearts. Jaguar engineering offered independent front and rear suspension, disc brakes all around (inboard at the rear to reduce unsprung weight), and their legendary twin-cam inline-6 engine. Sales were brisk as the series evolved over time, with continued interest for more than a decade. Today the very best early Series 1 examples command premium values particularly for cars that retain their factory original drivetrain, are finished in original factory colors, and have been restored to the highest possible level.

According to the Jaguar Heritage Trust (certificate included with this car) this factory original triple black E-Type was assembled on June 7, 1963, and departed the factory July 3, 1963. Originally delivered to Jaguar Cars, New York, the car began the first sequence of restoration in 2017 when delivered to the highly capable restoration facilities of Prestigious Euro Cars, Fort Lauderdale, FL where the restoration began. Prestige focused on the body, mounting the car on a rotisserie to address all metal work throughout the car, replacing floors and rockers, new door skins, and addressing all factory steel structural elements. The exhaustive restoration was continued by the owner in 2019-2022 as he worked with restoration specialists contracting every part and component to in-house skills and expert parts vendors for specialty finishes and mechanical assemblies including correct cad plating, black phosphate, chrome finishes, and factory coatings where applicable. Vendors for parts included S.N.G. Barratt, Moss Motors, Engel Imports, British Wiring, and BAS Ltd/Heritage Upholstery. Specialized and costly items were not shortcut in any way including the purchase of a new Martin Robey rear suspension cradle and suspension plate, new wire wheels, new headlamp chrome trim, all new wiring, new tail lamps and parking lamp complete assemblies, all new and correct brake piping, new calipers, rotors, and wheel cylinders to name just a few of the many new parts installed during the restoration. The extent to which the owner invested both his time and resources to restore this car are noted in over 140 pages of restoration records including an itemized restoration record totaling over $213,000.00.

During the extensive restoration process, all details were documented and photographed including fitting and refitting for parts that did not meet the careful and detailed eye of the owner. Finishes and final assembly were performed to a high level of detail but also focused on building a car that would be drivable and mechanically sound, including several weeks and 300 miles of sorting, testing, and evaluation of all mechanical systems as the car was being completed.

The finished car was completed in 2022 with ongoing work performed and refined further into 2023. The current owner has used this E-Type roadster sparingly, choosing to drive it occasionally for pleasure, but always maintaining it to the highest standards. Every aspect of the presentation is the very best that can be achieved and is further valued in that the engine, head, gearbox, body, and chassis numbers all match the Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate verifying this factory original triple black roadster has been restored in the same colors as it left the factory more than 60 years ago. On August 27, 2023, this car was exhibited for the first time since the restoration was completed, with entrance to the prestigious 2023 San Marino Motor Classic. The car was a favorite among a dedicated class of beautiful E-Types where it was awarded First in Class.

Today, this Jaguar presents in beautiful triple black with excellent cosmetics throughout. The black finish offers deep luster and gloss throughout all surfaces and the inner strike surfaces, door jambs, and underside panels are all prepared to a high level of quality. The chrome features are brilliant and fresh featuring excellent fit to the body lines using correctly trimmed gaskets. The stunning hood and stainless-steel fender part line trim, script, lighting, emblems, and details are all finished with jewel-like precision. Contrasting the black finish, a new set of chrome wire wheels are shod with Vredestein 185 VR15 Sprint Classic tires and finished with correct dual ear knockoffs.

The interior is in excellent condition having been completely reupholstered and with correct leather and trim, excellent quality carpeting, and a pristine dashboard, all of which include correct Baltic Birch tack strips, correct hardware, Bowdrill for front header pan, correct seat foam and piping, and properly trimmed carpeting precisely fit to show standards. Finishes throughout the interior are once again spectacular. Instruments are crystal clear with contrasting dials and precise needles, the dashboard materials are both accurate and exceptionally fine in fit and finish, and the seat contours are correct in piping, foam liner, and material fit. The interior has an exceptionally fine appearance which is further fortified by the correctly lined black convertible top and beautifully finished removable hardtop, both of which have been finished with the correct headliner material.

The concours-winning themes of excellence continue in the beautifully finished engine compartment. All details and components have been prepared as originally intended, once again reflective of the very best in quality and authenticity. The original engine block is in place with the matching twin-cam head all of which were restored and rebuilt to correct specifications during restoration. Every aspect of the restoration including the porcelain exhaust headers, Champion tag spark plug wires, gold finished cam valley, correct hammer-tone finish airbox, and polished triple carburetors are exceptional in every respect. Linkages, radiator, hoses, even the washer bottle are all reflective of excellence. The front suspension “picture frame” bears the original factory chassis number stamping which also matches the chassis tag.

As one might expect for a 2023 Best in Class E-Type, the undercarriage is in excellent condition. All finishes and components viewed in the undercarriage are similarly reflective of excellence both in the restoration and mechanical attention given to this fine car. The stainless-steel exhaust is dated July 2, 2020, the finishes, fasteners, and hardware are accurate, and the various suspension features are all in excellent condition.

In addition to the beautiful cosmetics, this E-Type roadster runs and drives extremely well, starting easily and settling in quickly to a steady 700 rpm idle. Tested and refined after the restoration was completed, the performance capabilities are in keeping with the high visual standards. The engine has great oil pressure, makes excellent power and torque, and pulls strong in all gears. The Moss gearbox is a bit more audible than one might expect, though only nominally so. Freeway speeds are smooth with absolutely no cowl shudder, stall, and progressive acceleration as well as smooth deceleration on downshifts. The car tracks exceptionally well and rides smoothly. Steering is excellent, while cornering and braking are very much in keeping with the stability of the car overall.

This Jaguar is accompanied by the Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, more than 140 copies of extensive invoices for parts and various services performed during the years of restoration, and photos of the restoration process. Also included is a set of tools and tool roll, a copperhead wire wheel knock-off hammer, two sets of keys, a spare rear view mirror, battery tray hold-down hardware, touch up paint, the original chassis plate bearing the original stamped numbers, and a spare set of Dunlop front and rear brake calipers and master cylinder.

Jaguar E-Type roadsters continue to be highly prized for their beauty and performance. Series 1 cars are further considered among the most desirable as they were originally conceived by Jaguar Motors more than 60 years ago. Combining triple black rarity, a cost-no-object restoration, a 2023 First Place concours award, conscientious ownership, and adherence to accurate presentation, this E-Type is sure to capture your admiration, delight, and dreams of sportscar motoring.

1963 Jaguar E-type 3.8L Inline 6-cylinder is listed till salu on ClassicDigest in California by Fantasy Junction for $279500.


Fakta i bilen

Karosstyp : Personbil Märke : Jaguar Modell : E-type Modellversion : 3.8L Inline 6-cylinder Motorvolym : 3.8 Årsmodell : 1963 Läge : Emeryville Fordon Registrering : Normal

279500 $

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Fantasy Junction

Fantasy Junction
+1 510 653 7555

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om Jaguar

Åh, historien om Jaguar, från dess tidiga dagar som SS Cars Ltd. till sin höjdpunkt med D-typen och gatubilsevolutionen i form av den ikoniska E-typen. Det finns något alldeles brittiskt över denna berättelse, och jag ska berätta den som en brittisk journalist skulle göra.

I början:
Vår resa in i Jaguar-världen börjar på 1930-talet, när ett företag som kallades SS Cars Ltd. dök upp. Trots den olyckliga sammanträffandet av deras initialer med de stigande politiska spänningarna i Europa började de producera stilfulla och prestandainriktade bilar. SS 100, som introducerades 1936, var en symbol för elegans och hastighet och lade grunden för vad som skulle bli Jaguar.

Jaguars födelse:
När skuggan av andra världskriget närmade sig beslutade SS Cars Ltd. klokt att distansera sig från SS-initialerna. Så 1945 blev de officiellt Jaguar Cars Ltd., ett namn som snart skulle bli synonymt med brittisk lyx och prestanda.

Jaguars efterkrigstid gav oss XK 120, en verklig sensation 1948. Med sin strömlinjeformade design och en kraftfull 3,4-liters raksexmoters blev den världens snabbaste seriebil. XK 120 var ritningen för det som komma skulle - Jaguar som förenade stil med hastighet på ett unikt brittiskt sätt.

D-typens dominans:
Sedan kom D-typen, en sann racinglegend. Introducerad 1954, vann den Le Mans tre gånger på 1950-talet och visade Jaguars tekniska skicklighet. Med sin innovativa monokokkonstruktion och den ikoniska fenan bak var D-typen höjdpunkten av Jaguars framgång inom motorsport.

E-typens framträdande:
Men den verkliga vändpunkten kom 1961 med introduktionen av E-typen, ofta beskriven av Enzo Ferrari som "den vackraste bilen som någonsin byggts". Dess långa motorhuv, böljande kaross och en 3,8-liters motor som levererade upphetsande prestanda gjorde den till en omedelbar klassiker. E-typen var inte bara en bil; den var ett konstverk på hjul och kunde nå 150 mph på vägen.

Gata och racingsuccé:
E-typens skönhet matchades av dess förmåga på racerbanan. De lätta E-typarna var särskilt framgångsrika i olika racingevenemang och cementerade Jaguars rykte som en kraft att räkna med inom motorsport.

Raffinemangets ålder:
När vi fördjupar oss i Jaguar-historien finner vi att 1950-talet och 1960-talet var en tid av raffinering och expansion. Tillsammans med den magnifika D-typen och den ikoniska E-typens framträdande introducerade Jaguar modeller som ytterligare befäste sitt rykte för lyx och prestanda.

I slutet av 1950-talet presenterade Jaguar MK2, en sportig sedan som kombinerade elegans med kraft. Denna eleganta fyradörrars salong var en favorit bland bankrånare och polisen, tack vare dess exceptionella hastighet och hantering. MK2 var en symbol för Jaguars förmåga att förena sofistikering med prestanda och hade också en framgångsrik racingkarriär.

Hoppa fram till 1968 och Jaguar lanserade en bil som skulle definiera lyxbilar i decennier framöver - XJ6. Det var ett mästerverk i teknik och design med en jämn raksexmoters, oberoende bakre fjädring och en rymlig, vackert inredd interiör. XJ6 var en symbol för brittisk elegans och erbjöd en så smidig åktur att det kändes som om den gled över vägen. Den blev flaggskeppsmodellen för Jaguar och satte standarden för lyxbilar och visade en nivå av raffinering som imponerade på konkurrenterna.

Blandningen av klassiskt och modernt:
Medan MK2 och XJ6 representerade utvecklingen av Jaguars sedanmodeller, bibehöll de märkets engagemang för prestanda och lyx. Dessa bilar hörde inte bara hemma på racerbanan; de trivdes lika bra på de stora boulevarderna som på en avslappnad körning genom den engelska landsbygden.

Utmaningarna av förändring:
Men när 1970-talet närmade sig, ställdes Jaguar, liksom många brittiska biltillverkare, inför ekonomiska utmaningar och ägarförändringar. British Leyland-eran förde både möjligheter och svårigheter med sig när varumärket navigerade genom olika sammanslagningar och övergångar.

Ändå fortsätter arvet från MK2 och XJ6, tillsammans med D-typen och E-typen, att definiera Jaguar som en tillverkare som förenar tidlös elegans med en anda av prestanda. Dessa klassiska modeller, vare sig de körs på slingrande vägar eller står som samlarföremål, tjänar som ett vittnesbörd om Jaguars långvariga närvaro inom den automobila exklens värld.

Jaguar-historien, från dess tidiga dagar som SS Cars Ltd. till skapandet av ikoner som E-typen, MK2 och XJ6, är en resa som speglar essensen av brittisk bilkultur - en blandning av lyx, kraft och stil som fortsätter att fängsla entusiaster och samlare över hela världen.