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Porsche 356 1.6L flat 4-cylinder 1964

Allmän beskrivning : 1964 Porsche 356C Cabriolet (auction ends December 5th, 2023)

Chassis No. – 160218
Engine No. – 713906
Transmission No. - 77043
Exterior Color – Signal Red
Interior Color – Black
Engine Type – 1.6 Liter Flat-Four
Gearbox – 4-Speed Manual Transaxle
Current Kilometers – 4,489 kms (TMU)

Marque and Model History

The legendary Porsche 356 remains today one of the icons of sports car design. With its unique profile and race-inspired lineage, the 356 became the first Porsche to proudly bear the family name of Ferdinand Porsche. Introduced in 1948, the 356 continually evolved with design and mechanical refinements until 1965, when production yielded to the 911. Culminating those years of development, the most impressive advancements came with the 356 C. Offered with standard Dunlop four-wheel disc brakes, higher lift camshaft in the 1600 C engine, and deeper bucket seats, the most advanced 356 set a new standard for the model line.

History of this Car

According to a copy of the Kardex included with this Porsche, this car was invoiced to the distributor March 23, 1964. #160218 was finished in Signal Red #6407 and trimmed in black leather. The Kardex notes the transmission number as 77043 which matches the number stamped on the casing. The engine number is noted as 713024, while the engine in the car is stamped 713906, both of which are in sequence with the chassis number for this car. The engine, while not a direct numeric match to the Kardex, was very likely a factory engine change prior to delivery. The engine number being so close, exhibiting factory single strike stamping, and the car itself having been under two known owners since new, support the likelihood that this engine was delivered with the car after factory Kardex coding was processed. The Kardex further indicates delivery to Oakland, CA with special order “lochscheibendrader” translated as perforated disc wheels.

According to information shared by the current family owner, this car was purchased in 1978 from the original owner, at that time, a resident of Texas. Having previously resided in the bay areas, the original owner advertised the car for sale in the San Francisco Chronicle hoping to engage California buyers seeking a convertible. After a phone conversation with the eventual second owner, the Texas owner drove the car to San Francisco and sold it to them, returning home by plane. Service invoices accompanying the car date back to 1987 including a new set of 5 ½” x 15” wheels from Porscheaven, El Cerrito, CA, tune ups and valve adjustments in 1990, and engine work from famed Porsche experts Lukes & Shorman, Albany, CA in 1993 and 1996. In 1995, paint and body work were performed and in 2003 the seats were rebuilt and recovered. In 2010 brake work was performed including four new brake hoses and a new master brake cylinder, followed in 2011 with new brake calipers, and new front brake pads. That same year all instruments were removed and reconditioned, and the speedometer was sent out for rebuilding. Although the Kardex indicates the car was delivered to California, it’s not clear when the speedometer, which reads in Kilometers, was installed. In 2011, new rear axle seals were installed, a new windshield installed, various new trim and chrome pieces replaced, two new taillight assemblies installed, a minor tune up performed, oil change, and various other items addressed. In 2015 a set of P185/70 x 15 Pirelli 6000 radial tires were installed (still on the car today), a new battery installed in 2018, and in 2019 a new starter was installed, an oil and filter change performed along with a major service including fuel filter, ignition contacts, new rotor, and a new air filter. This Porsche has remained with the second owner for the past 45 years, stored indoors and properly maintained since its purchase from the original Texas-based owner.

General Overview

Today with approximately 4,500 kms indicated, this 356C Cabriolet presents as an older restoration delivering refined driver level cosmetics reflective of the care and services performed over the years. The restoration work completed more than a decade ago remains sound and worthy of local shows and Porsche club events. The Signal Red paint is glossy throughout showing a few typical door edge chips, minor scuff marks, and small road chips on front facing surfaces. Though the paint is older, it remains glossy and smooth with consistent overall cosmetics. The trim is in very good to excellent condition overall with very good chrome including smooth door window frames and some light pitting showing on the exterior door handles. The lenses, lighting, and various trim and script are all in very good to excellent condition contributing to the overall cohesive visual presentation of this car. The panel gaps are consistent, offering good closures including the doors which open and shut properly. Outfitted with chrome plated wheels and chrome plated wheel covers, the stance and driving appeal is particularly nice riding on a set of contemporary Pirelli 6000 radial tires, dated 2015.

The black leather interior presents well with handsome finishes reflective of correct restoration now mellowed over time. The seats, matching black door panels, correct carpeting, and convertible top are all similarly settled but still present very nicely. The dashboard is particularly nice, having been treated to restored instrumentation with vivid color and nomenclature contrasted by matching red paint, smooth black dash padding, a beautifully finished wood rim steering wheel featuring polished aluminum spokes, and a glossy Porsche center emblem. The rear seating area is finished with matching materials including matching carpet creating a helpful storage area when the rear seats are in the down position.

Under the hood, the engine bay delivers a thoughtful and generally correct presentation using Porsche parts, correct oil filter canister, correct air cleaners, and engine details. The engine has been refurbished using factory type finishes, proper coatings, hardware, and fasteners all of which are befitting the overall quality of the car. The front storage compartment stores a correct spare tire retained by a leather hold down strap. The undercarriage is representative of a well-cared for example with sound floor pans, a replacement battery box, and properly restored components including the matching transmission which is confirmed by the Kardex.

The car starts easily warm or cold and is a delight to drive, exhibiting smooth road manners and progressive acceleration through all gears up to highway speeds. Handling is consistent with cars of this era, and four-wheel disc braking is quite good, coming down from higher speeds with confidence. The overall ride integrity is quite good even when encountering bumpy road surfaces and, with the top and side windows down, open-air touring is leisurely and pleasurable.

Included with this Car

This Porsche comes with service records dating back to 1987, an original 356 owner’s manual and red plastic Porsche case, a car cover, a set of tools and tool roll including a correct Messko tire pressure gauge, a jack and lug wrench, two spare fan belts, a set of jumper cables, a Sears 6 amp battery charger, and an emergency tow rope.

1964 Porsche 356 1.6L flat 4-cylinder is listed till salu on ClassicDigest in California by Fantasy Junction for Ej prissatt.


Fakta i bilen

Karosstyp : Personbil Märke : Porsche Modell : 356 Modellversion : 1.6L flat 4-cylinder Motorvolym : 1.6 Årsmodell : 1964 Läge : Emeryville Fordon Registrering : Normal

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om Porsche
Porsches historia är en fascinerande resa från dess ödmjuka början till att bli en ikonisk sportbiltillverkare. Här är en omfattande översikt som täcker de första åren fram till 1990 -talet, inklusive modeller och deras racinghistoria:

Tidig början:
Grundande och tidiga modeller: Grundades av Ferdinand Porsche 1931 och fokuserade initialt på fordonskonsult och design.
Volkswagen Beetle och före krigsprototyper: Ferdinand Porsche designade Volkswagen Beetle, och under 1930-talet utvecklade företaget flera innovativa racingbilar och prototyper, till exempel Auto Union Grand Prix-bilar.
Evolution efter kriget:
Porsche 356 (1948-1965): Den första produktionsmodellen av Porsche, en lätt och smidig sportbil, utvecklades genom olika iterationer, inklusive Speedster- och Carrera-versioner.
Tävlingsframgång: 356 etablerade Porsches racingarv, vann många tävlingar och etablerar sig som ett prestationsorienterat varumärke.
Ikoniska modeller på 1960-1990-talet:
Porsche 911 (1964-närvarande):
Enduring Legacy: Den ikoniska 911, med sin bakmotorlayout, har sett kontinuerlig utveckling och är fortfarande den viktigaste Porsche-sportbilen.
Varianter och evolution: Från de tidiga luftkylda modellerna till de mer moderna vattenkylda versionerna har 911 genomgått betydande tekniska framsteg och modellvariationer.
Porsche 914 (1969-1976):
Samarbete med Volkswagen: Gemensamt utvecklat med Volkswagen, Mid Engine 914, erbjöd ett mer prisvärt inträde i Porsche-ägandet.
Porsche 924/944/968 Series (1976-1995):
Frontmotormodeller: Dessa frontmotormodeller syftade till att locka en bredare publik och erbjuder en annan körupplevelse jämfört med bakmotorn 911.
Racing Heritage:
Le Mans och Endurance Racing: Porsches racingarv inkluderar många segrar vid prestigefyllda evenemang som Le Mans, som visar upp varumärkets tekniska excellens och prestanda.
Can-Am, Rallying och Touring Cars: Porsches framgång inom olika racingdiscipliner bidrog avsevärt till dess rykte och tekniska framsteg inom bilteknik.
Teknologiska framsteg:
Turboladdning och innovationer: Porsche var banbrytande turboladdning i produktionsbilar med 911 Turbo och introducerade den senaste tekniken som påverkade bilindustrin.
Avancerad teknik: Under åren förfinade Porsche kontinuerligt sin teknik och introducerade innovationer inom aerodynamik, hantering och material.
Porsches resa från sina tidiga konsultår till att bli synonymt med högpresterande sportbilar präglas av innovation, tävlingsframgång och den ikoniska 911. Dess obevekliga strävan efter teknisk excellens och racing triumfer stelnade Porsches status som en av de mest vördade och ikoniska sporterna Biltillverkare globalt.