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Mini Cooper S 1968

General description : Nette Mini Cooper 1300 S replica, voorzien van zeldzame optie hydrolastic suspension, roestarm en belasting vrij. Met schijfremmen, lichtmetalen wielen , leren sportstoelen

Lichtmetalen velgen

1968 Mini Cooper S is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in Netherlands by Hofman Leek for €14900.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Mini Model : Cooper S Engine size : 1.3 Model Year : 1968 Location : Netherlands Vehicle Registration : Undefined

14900 €

Seller Information

Hofman Leek cv

Hofman Leek
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About Mini
The Mini is indeed an iconic car that revolutionized the automotive industry and set the standard for compact cars. Here's a brief history of the Mini, its development, and some of the key versions of the classic Mini:

1. Origins and Development:

Founder and Designer: The Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, a British-Greek automotive engineer.
Introduction: The Mini was officially introduced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1959.
Innovative Design: Issigonis' design featured a transverse engine, front-wheel drive, and a compact layout, maximizing interior space.
2. Classic Mini Models:

Mark I (1959–1967):
Mini Cooper (1961): The performance-oriented Cooper version, developed in collaboration with racing legend John Cooper, was introduced.
Mark II (1967–1970):
Minor design changes, including a redesigned grille.
Mark III (1969–2000):
Introduction of the Clubman and Clubman Estate variants.
Further design updates, including a more rounded front grille.
3. Mini Cooper S:

Performance Variant: The Mini Cooper S, particularly the Mk I version, became famous for its success in rally racing, winning the Monte Carlo Rally multiple times.
4. Mini Moke:

Utility Vehicle: The Mini Moke was a utility vehicle based on the Mini platform, featuring an open-top design. It gained popularity in various warm-weather locations.
5. Mini Countryman:

Extended Version: The Mini Countryman was introduced as a longer and more practical version of the classic Mini. It featured a rear-hinged door for easier access to the rear seats.
6. End of Production:

Later Years: Production of the classic Mini continued until the year 2000.
Final Editions: The last classic Mini rolled off the production line on October 4, 2000, marking the end of an era.
7. BMW Era and New MINI:

BMW Acquisition: BMW acquired the rights to the Mini brand and introduced the new MINI in 2001.
Modern Interpretation: The new MINI retained some design cues from the classic but featured modern technology and safety standards.
8. Legacy and Influence:

Cultural Icon: The classic Mini became a cultural icon, symbolizing British design and efficiency.
Influence on Compact Cars: The Mini's layout and design principles influenced the development of compact cars for decades to come.
The Mini's impact on the automotive industry goes beyond its compact size; it represents a design philosophy that prioritizes efficiency, space utilization, and a fun driving experience. The classic Mini's enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless design and innovative engineering.