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Rover Other 2000

General description : nog maar 38000 km gereden , door ons nieuw geleverd in 2000,. Prijswijzigingen, druk- en zetfouten voorbehouden. Altijd ruim 400 auto's op voorraad, check de actuele voorraad via Volg ons ook op #Cars&CoffeeLeek elke 2e zaterdag april t/m okt 10.00 tot 13.00 uur

Airbag, Buitenspiegels in carrosseriekleur, Dashboard met hout inleg, Glas getint, Hoofdsteunen, Leren bekleding, Rugleuning verstelbaar, Startonderbreker, Stuur bekleed met leder, Zijruiten achter uitzetbaar

2000 Rover Other is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in Netherlands by Hofman Leek for €8900.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Rover Model : Other Engine size : 1.3 Model Year : 2000 Sub type : Sedan Location : Netherlands Vehicle Registration : Undefined

8900 €

Seller Information

Hofman Leek cv

Hofman Leek
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Angerweg 4DE-41844 Wegberg-Rickelrath

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About Rover
Rover, often regarded as more than a "poor man's Rolls-Royce," had a compelling history marked by innovation and quality. Here's a narrative overview, highlighting some significant models and the pioneering features of the Rover P6 series:

Rover - A Legacy of Innovation:
Founding and Early Years:
Origins: Rover began as a bicycle manufacturer in the late 19th century before venturing into automobiles.
Engineering Excellence: Rover gained a reputation for quality engineering and durability in their vehicles.
Key Milestones:
Rover 8 (1904-1912): The Rover 8 was the brand's first car and displayed Rover's early commitment to innovation and reliability.
Rover P4 Series (1949-1964): The P4 series, including models like the Rover 75, was known for its classic styling, comfort, and robustness.
Notable Models:
a. Rover SD1 (1976-1986): The SD1 was a significant departure from Rover's traditional styling, featuring a sporty design and advanced features but faced reliability issues.
b. Rover 2000 (P6) (1963-1977): The Rover P6 series was particularly noteworthy for its innovative engineering, setting new standards in the industry.
Rover P6 - Technological Advancements:
The Rover P6 series, especially the 2000 model, introduced groundbreaking features, notably in suspension technology:

De Dion Suspension: The P6's rear suspension utilized a sophisticated De Dion tube setup, offering improved handling, stability, and ride quality. This innovation was typically found in high-performance sports cars rather than mid-range sedans.
Front Suspension: Additionally, the P6 featured a fully independent front suspension system, further enhancing its driving dynamics and comfort, setting new standards for its class.
Legacy and Influence:
Innovative Design and Technology: Rover's commitment to innovation, evident in the P6's advanced suspension, showcased the brand's pursuit of engineering excellence.
Distinct Identity: Rover's focus on combining luxury with innovative technology positioned it as a brand offering a unique blend of sophistication and advanced features.
Rover's narrative is one of continuous innovation and a commitment to quality engineering. The Rover P6, particularly the 2000 model, was a testament to the brand's dedication to incorporating cutting-edge technology, setting new standards in the automotive industry and proving that innovation could exist beyond the realms of expensive sports cars, elevating the driving experience for mid-range sedans.