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Mazda MX-5 + Hardtop '92 1992

Allmän beskrivning : Belgian MOT Early Miata, first engine type Hard top and spoiler Best sold convertible ever The Mazda MX-5 - or "Miata" in the United States and "Eunos Roadster" in Japan - is a compact and lightweight roadster that has earned and acquired sports car accolades and allure over the years. In 1989, the MX-5 was introduced to the public at the Chicago Auto Show, but the story behind it began exactly a decade earlier in 1979. As of writing, the fourth generation of the MX-5 is now being sold as the "best-selling Open Two-Seater (OTS) in the world," which indicates that this sports car continues to be a hit and does not need to fight to be prominent in daily traffic. In 1979, Kenichi Yamamoto, engineer at Mazda, and Bob Hall, automotive journalist, met in an interview. The Japanese engineer scornfully asked the journalist what gaps there were on American roads. Hall answered briefly: "(affordable) roadsters." The oil crisis, and the absurdly strict American traffic laws, had left wounds, and caused cars to be used solely for functional purposes, thus roadsters disappeared from traffic and production even stopped. Two years later, in 1981, Bob Hall started working at Mazda USA, and unsuspectingly he would become the father of the car that would fill his ‘roadster void’. In 1989, eight years and many prototypes later, the Mazda eXperiment 5 (MX-5) was released. Over the years, four generations have been released on the market, each undergoing noticeable aesthetic or mechanical changes. The different generations are distinguished according to an alphabetical chronology: NA, NB, NC, and ND. The ND is the fourth generation and currently the last version that is still in production. The long-rounded hood, short rear end, modest dimensions, and charming look provide a good imitation of British roadsters from brands such as MG and Triumph. The MX-5 was a tribute to the extinct British roadsters from the sixties in the US. All aspects that harmoniously co-operate with a four-cylinder engine that produces approx. 115 horsepower (or more in later models) and guarantee fun in a car that weighs only 950 kg. The car offers a versatile and accessible driving experience that appeals to both young and old. Mazda MX-5 NA The NA is the first generation of the MX-5 and was introduced to the public in 1989. The last NA was produced in 1998 and was succeeded by the NB. Due to the negative impact of US traffic regulations on roadsters, an alternative had to be created, which had to be the Mazda MX-5. The original version had a four-cylinder 1.6L engine that delivered 115 hp. In 1994, a 1.8L version with 131 hp was introduced, and in 1995, the power of the 1.6L version was reduced to 90 hp, though only for the European market. The reduction to 90 hp made the NA more popular to neutral buyers that didn’t specifically crave for engine power. Thanks to its – as mentioned - enjoyable driving experience, charming look with pop-up headlights, and affordability. The NA is a great entry-level roadster for people who seek a pleasant driving experience with subtle sporty touches and don't want a fortune to be spent on it. Additionally, they are becoming rarer, making them a good investment with guaranteed value. Technical information: Body work Length (cm): 395 (156 inch) Width (cm): 168 (66 inch) Height (cm): 123 (48 inch) Wheelbase (cm): 226 (89 inch) Weight (kg): 950 (2094 lbs) Mechanics Engine: 1598 cc straight-four front-engine Valve gear: 16 Fuel system: Bosch L-Jetronic Gear box: 5-speed manual Transmission: RWD Left-steered power: 113 hp (85 kW) at 6500 t/m torque: 135 Nm at 5500 t/m Top speed: 195 km/h (121 mph)

1992 Mazda MX-5 + Hardtop '92 is listed till salu on ClassicDigest in Aalter by Oldtimerfarm for €14950.


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Karosstyp : Personbil Märke : Mazda Modell : MX-5 Modellversion : + Hardtop '92 Motorvolym : 0.0 Årsmodell : 1992 Läge : Aalter Fordon Registrering : Odefinierad

14950 €

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om Mazda
Mazda är verkligen en unik japansk biltillverkare känd för sin innovativa teknik, inklusive användningen av Wankel-rotationsmotorer. Här är en kort översikt över Maza's historia tillsammans med tio av dess mest betydelsefulla historiska modeller:

Mazda R360 (1960):
Mazdas första personbilsmodell, en kompakt mikrobil designad för att möta efterkrigstidens efterfrågan på små, prisvärda fordon i Japan.
Mazda Cosmo (1967):
En ikonisk sportbil och Mazdas första serietillverkade bil med en tvårotor Wankel-rotationsmotor, vilket visar företagets engagemang för innovativ teknik.
Mazda Familia/323 (1963–1977):
Familia, även känd som 323 senare, var en kompakt bil som spelade en avgörande roll i att etablera Maza's närvaro på den globala bilmarknaden.
Mazda Luce/RX-4 (1966–1978):
Luce, såld som RX-4 på vissa marknader, var en lyxbil i mellanklassen med roterande motor. Den bidrog till Mazdas bild som tillverkare av eleganta och teknologiskt avancerade fordon.
Mazda R100 (1968–1972):
En liten, lätt kupé som hjälpte till att popularisera Wankel-rotationsmotorn. Den var en del av Mazdas R-serie med roterande motorer.
Mazda RX-2 (1970–1978):
RX-2, en del av Mazdas R100-serie, var en kompakt bil med roterande motor. Den fick erkännande för sin prestanda inom motorsport.
Mazda RX-3 (1971–1978):
RX-3 var en kompakt bil tillgänglig i olika karosserivarianter, inklusive coupé och sedan. Den var framgångsrik inom motorsport och bidrog till Mazdas rykte för prestanda.
Mazda RX-7 (1978–2002):
Första generationens RX-7, introducerad i slutet av 1970-talet, var en banbrytande sportbil med roterande motor. Den blev ett ikoniskt modell för Mazda.
Mazda 808 (1971–1977):
Mazda 808, även känd som Mazda 818 på vissa marknader, var en kompakt bil som bidrog till Mazdas framgång inom segmentet för småbilar.
Mazda Capella/RX-5 (1970–1978):
Capella, såld som RX-5 med roterande motor, var en mellanklassbil som visade Mazdas engagemang för innovation och prestanda.
Dessa modeller från 1960- och 1970-talen belyser Mazdas tidiga utforskning av Wankel-rotationsmotorteknik och dess ansträngningar att etablera närvaro inom olika segment av bilmarknaden.