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Odd Spotting 2019

Today's odd spotting a a shitty wing construction built out of a piece of a wooden board glamming up w202.

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Life Choices, 300TDT

Life is a series of choices one makes. -This time we went for white Italia tiles, kitchen renovation you see...

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Designer's Choise

There was a time when the designer had the choise. w108 face off e9

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Snow evolution Cosworth

Cosworth evo, designed by nature created by snow.

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Compton Coupe w111 mercedes

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #1

Personally, I find Mercedes W111 Coupe just about the finest auto mobile to roll out the Sindelfingen gates since the war. I've had a couple of them over the years and regretted selling each one of them (kidding!) So when the opportunity came knocking on my door I was sold and so was Flachkühler

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Gas Monkey Ferrari F40

Remember the Gas Monkey Ferrari F40? Well..It's for sale and to be auctioned ..yeah AGAIN. The last geezer to buy F40 Was prisoned and the car confiscated. Boys and girls here you goo:

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Dragging Jaguar E-type

Drag racing early Jaguar E-type FHC , Nor sure what to make of it really!

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Work's Minis at Monte Carlo Rally 6...

Quick service stop in the French Alps during the heat of 1965 Monte Carlo rally

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Flat Floor E-type Coupe 1961

Here's my second pick from Henry Ruggieri's collection soon to go under hammer in France. It is a 1961 flat floor E-type coupe Serial number 885070 with matching numbers R 2019-8 engine.

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Sean Connery W111 Coupe

They pay him to drive the Aston Martin DB5 in 007 but he pays to drive W111 Coupe in real life. More precisely a pre 1963 220SEb Coupe!

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Lancia Aurelia B20GT Outlaw by Thor...

Outlaw, a word used these days to describe so lightly it can mean anything from a boy-racer-ized classic to a poor restoration that just couldn't stretch to obtain proper original parts. Lancia Aurelia B20GT Outlaw by Thornley Kelham is something else though. It is the best outlaw I ever saw!

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El Camino's firebird rip off

So you thought Land Wind was the first rip off? Think again, I'll give you El Camino Royal Knight. Mind you the original name was Black Knight for only one year, 1978 because a lawsuit was launched against them for using that name.

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Toyota BJ 40 Resto job

Oh yes, I did it, bought a BJ! We are talking Toyota BJ40. If you were thinking something else you are a pervert. Anyway, it's not that I need another one to save but the opportunity was just too tempting to pass, Yea yea, aren't they all?

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Porsche 356 Speedster Heckflosse

Porsche 356 Speedster with Heckflosse -This fella thought it was much groovier with fins and continental kit...#zuffierod

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Flachkühler w111 barnfind

Mercedes w111 Flachkühler #2

As it is at the moment...It's been mostly about hibernation lately...the thing slowly turning into a barn-find of a sort... They tell me the dust adds to the value no worries I guess?

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RR Silver Cloud curb sided and Aba...

Our reader in Northern Finland -Cheers to all the Finns out there!- emailed us these photos of an abandoned Silver Cloud curb sided. By the looks of it the poor Roller had some TLC before it was abandoned for what ever the reason.

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Just another Maniac Monday!!


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Escort Mk1 Spiced up

Hmm..wonder how that would suit a Mex today ; )

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