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Spezielle Aerodynamic Lorinser typ ...

There you have it; Spezielle Aerodynamic Lorinser typ 116, 123 T-Modelle. What say you?

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Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser Saoutchik...

Hi, i am Ragnar and this is Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser Saoutchik Coupé. Not the most beautiful 30's Mercedes or Saoutchik body there ever was.

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BMW 2002 Turbo (Replica) Spotting

BMW 2002 doing its best to look like real McCoy.

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Liquid cooled B-17 Flying Fortress ...

B-17 Flying Fortress was the allied work horse over the war theaters. Never lookin sleeker than XB-39, the photo with Allison v12 engines

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Opel Commodore B Coupe Clay Model

Many consider Opel Commodore B Coupe the most beautiful Opel design ever. It is quite possible they are absolutely right. Even at clay modeling phase the design was consistent.

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Six Wheeler Spitfire

Hey, it's the six wheeler Spitfire, there must be a perfectly good explanation for this, I just cannot come up with one!

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Ferrari 166MM 53 Abarth Spider

Carlo Abarth with the Ferrari/Abarth 166 MM Series II spider, 1953.

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Harry Potter & Breezeway Mercury

The car Harry Potter bought when growing up -if you know what I mean

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Wonderful Times Ahead with W111

Beautiful dash in a w111 220S sedan with webasto manual sun roof

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Morrari Morris Minor with Ferrari F...

Meet Morrari, your average Moggie with Ferrari 555 Super Squalo ex F1 chassis on top of Minor body and Corvette 327 Hipo engine. From New Zealand, where else?

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Crashed BMW 3.0CSL Batmobile Race C...

Crashed BMW 3.0CSL Batmobile race car most likely at the Nürburgring ring in Germany. The photo goes to show how stock there touring cars were in the 80's, safety cages unheard of!

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Sinatra 1961 Dual Ghia

Frankie boy looking unimpressed in his 1961 Dual Ghia.

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It seems ABBA loved BMWs, in reality they had an agreement with the marque on product placement. Anyway here is Agnetha Fältskog with her BMW 535. Alpina? Who knows

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Duran Duran / Simon Le Bon's CSL Ba...

Sorry to interrupt you for a minute...What do you think the headman of the 80's most influential and stylish band drives?

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Volvo Amazon Winter Spotting

Volvo Amazon 4-door spotted not frightened by little snow.

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Ronnie Van Zant in Mercedes 220 Cab...

Southern Rock legend Lynyrd Skynyrd creator and frontman Ronnie Van Zant in Mercedes 220 Cabriolet A.

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Jumping Fiar 500 Abarth

Hi I'm Ragnar and this si Fiat 500 Abarth over doing it. Nice to meet you!

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Santa's Gullwing

Suspicious looking duo swapping 300SL parts, then already managed to sell the grill and bumpers. Merry Xmas to all ClassicDigesters

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