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Mercedes had dominated motor racing pre and after WWII wherever they saw interest in participating. The tragic Le Mans saw factory withdraw from racing totally. In the late 60's something happened and Mercedes returned into the game with a most unusual contender big heavy weight w109 300SEL 6.3.

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Drive Tastefully

Drive Tastefully...all the way...

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Canyon Ride Sonder-Bus Barn Find

And this is how the Canyon-ride VW Sonder Busses ended up. Nest of barn finds. ( reply to )

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Facel Vega Primus inter Pares

What do these people have in common? Pablo Picasso, Ava Gardner, Christian Dior, Joan Collins, Ringo Starr, Max Factor Jr, Joan Fontaine, Stirling Moss, Tony Curtis, Dean Martin, Fred Astaire, Danny Kaye, Louis Malle, François Truffaut, Robert Wagner, Anthony Quinn, Debbie Reynolds, Frank Sinatra 

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De Tomaso Mangusta, Beautiful but ...

Mangusta was arguably the most beautiful Spaghetti hybrid, hell... it even ranker at the top of all mid engined exotica -as long as we're talking aesthetics. Dynamically it was hopelessly slow and couldn't handle much better than your neighbour's Corsair.

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Ringo Starr rocking a Facel Vega

Tyre kickers beware! It's Ringo time! Here's Sir Ringo's other motor with stacked head lights.

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Burnt down Ford GT 40

Wonder what the story is behind this burnt down GT 40 wreck

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W111 & W108

Mercedes Anyone ?

Ich sammele seit fast 40 Jahren alte Mercedes und auch andere Europäische Fahrzeuge. Ab 2020 sollen viele dieser Wagen wieder nach Deutschland kommen, komplett, fahrbereit, restauriert oder in Teilen, je nach Nachfrage und Bedarf.

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Shelby GT500 Voiture de reportage J...

Shelby GT500 Voiture de reportage for Journal de Montreal. Proper wheels to stop the press I guess. not sure how it all worked out in the snow though.

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Cadillac Eldorado Pick Up 1975

Every time working on my ranch I can count on my trusty ol'Caddy pick up!

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1968 Plymouth Barracuda Super Stock...

In the 70's they thought a muscle car running through the seemingly endless planes of mid west was enough to make up a movie...they were wrong, but back the every one was too stoned to know any better.

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Chevy Corvair Wisdom

About the only thing that comes between a Corvair owner and his Corvair is his wife.

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Another Stashed 200D Heckflosse

Now that your rose is in bloom A light hits the gloom on the grey I've been kissed by a rose on the grey...

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Mystery Kit Car

It's London and as swinging as always! My dear Watson, what is the blue mystery car?

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Lin Ottinger's magnificent Canyon T...

Lin Ottinger from Moab Utah was a brave individual that sported a flock of 23 21 Window VW Sambas around Moab Canyons to take brave and eager tourists around Canyonland in Utah US Photos courtesy of Ottinger museum.

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Six Wheeler Spitfire

Hey, it's the six wheeler Spitfire, there must be a perfectly good explanation for this, I just cannot come up with one!

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Porsche 356 Exhaustive Moments

Guys, my pipe is bigger than yours! makes all the right noises too.

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1963 Jaguar Low-Drag Evolution Road...

I'm not completely against it...nor over the moon either. In the end it all boils down to one question for me! Was it 2+2 in its precious life? available at:

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