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German Police Porsche 356 Cabriolet

Not just Dutchmen, German Police also had Porsche 356 highway patrol vehicles

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Dumper taking no Dump

So guys, what do you think on my new AMG? It's a Hammer innit?

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356 Cabrio Zuffies as Dutch Police ...

356 Cabrio Zuffies as Dutch Police Cars Think of a police cat today a Euro hatch back, stw or VW van. Dutch irks politic on get 60's were made of different wood, they drove Porsche 356 cabriolets

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Mercedes W111 W112 Coupe Concepts

Mercedes w111 / w112 coupe was not guaranteed to be the elegant design we know today. This early concept sports American style panoramic screen, landau let roof and stubby sedan style bumper.

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Chuck Jordan's Ferrari Daytona Rede...

GM car designer Chuck Jordan was a known Ferrari lover. Chuck used park his Daytona GM's design garage, His staff would occasionally pull stunts on their boss, such as this GM-ish redesign on the Daytona

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Used Car Sales Lot in the 60's

A photo of a British used car sales lot in the 60's. One can instantly spot Jaguar E-type fhb, Mercedes, Bentley S2, Cortina Estate and last but not least Riley Elf or Wolseley Hornet

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Active Body control

ABC Active body control is making its way to modern cars. Just a reminder!!! the French were the first -Again!

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Heckflosse spotted a pre 65 w110 19...

There is still hope in this desolate world, reminded by this pre 65 face lift w110 190 Heckflosse.

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S124 280TE

It was not a particularly good day for the 280TE.

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Paul O’Shea -300-SLS Light Weight...

Paul O’Shea -300-SLS Light Weight Racer Factory produced for Paul O’Shea to promote new roadster 300SL campaigning in American sports car races -which he dominated.

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Dragging Jaguar E-type

Drag racing early Jaguar E-type FHC , Nor sure what to make of it really!

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From bushes

Sixteen valves of fame

The neglegted 190E 2.3-16 from 1985 was left to backyard of the current owner. It has been sitting outside almost decade.

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280TE s123 towing 300SLR 722

Believe or not, when Mercedes Benz sent their 300SLR 722 Moss-Jenks Mille Miglia record holder to England it was just put on a regular trailer. the tow car is 2780TE, the world's best STW ever.

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Flying Feather Pilot Vintage Glider...

Vintage glider craze does not end here, what were you expecting? This is my Flying Feather sailplane, one of early -if not the first- Pilot glider kit. Extremely rare bird that almost no-one has seen or even heard of. The kit out in the early 70, I got the plane second hand in the 80's.

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Lotus maintenance

This is exactly why modern F1 or motor racing in general is abouts as boring as watching paint dry!

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Mr Bean is a Taxi Driver ...of a ki...

Ok Boomer, how you like your 500 now?

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Pilot (OkModel) Tommy vintage Sailp...

This is where it all starter on Xmas in 1983 or so. My very first RC plane ever, Pilot Tommy. The poor glider snapped its wing on a towline in 84-85 what was left of the bird was (kinda) patched in one piece put away in an attic and forgotten for 36 years. until now that is!

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W112 Interior

Highly exclusive MB 300SE w112 fabric Interior. Finding one today is mission impossible.

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