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Ferrari 330 GTC GTC 1967

Allgemeine Beschreibung : Throughout the mid-1960s, Ferrari enjoyed a considerable run of success with its road cars. The diverse 250-series laid a solid foundation for the future production car program, and machines like the sublime 275 GTB did a magnificent job of building upon that base. By the later part of the decade, Ferrari had a noticeable gap between the hard-edged and sporting 275 and the softer, four-passenger 330 GT 2+2 grand tourer. Ferrari recognized sufficient demand for a car that fits between those two – a comfortable GT car with luggage space for a weekend’s journey but packed into a smaller, more nimble chassis with a powerful V12 engine. Enter the 330 GTC, which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. The elegant Pininfarina styling drew heavily from the somewhat conservative open-topped 275 GTS, combining elements of the big 500 Superfast in the graceful roofline. Judged alongside the 275 GTB with its classic long bonnet/short deck proportions, the 330 GTC was more open and airy, but it’s taut, compact dimensions subtly hinted at its capabilities with just a touch of aggression.

Backing the gorgeous styling was Ferrari’s 3,960 c.c. SOHC V12 engine, fed by a trio of Weber carburetors to make 300 horsepower. Like the 275 GTB, the GTC had a rear-mounted 5-speed transaxle to provide balanced weight distribution. Suspension was by independent wishbones and Koni dampers at all four corners, with powerful disc brakes all around. The mechanical spec was relatively straightforward in Ferrari terms, yet it came together with a particular harmony that made the 330 GTC one of the finest grand touring cars of all time. Comfortable, fast, and with superb practicality, the 330 GTC is a benchmark 1960s Italian driver’s car, built to cover long distances at high speed, all the while cosseting occupants in a richly appointed cabin. Ferrari hit a home run with the GTC, with 598 examples produced between 1966 and 1968, and spawning several exclusive models including an open-roof GTS, and the “factory hot-rod” 365 GTC. The 330 GTC is still considered one of the very best front engine V12 Ferrari driver’s cars of all time, and in the past 10-15 years, values skyrocketed as enthusiasts rediscovered just how great it is as an all-round performance car.

Presented here is a marvelous 330 GTC with well-documented history courtesy of several long-term California owners. Completed by the factory in November 1967, S/N 10927 was shipped to the official Ferrari dealer in Milano, M. Gastone Crepaldi S.a.s. and the first registered owner was a Mr. Arban, also of Milano. In the early 1970s, the car was exported to California, appearing in the care of Mr. Donald Holsworth of San Francisco by 1975. In 1977, Mr. Arthur Rude, also of San Francisco, bought the car and cared for it meticulously for the following 25 years. Numerous receipts, along with a stack of California registration slips, document the car’s history with Mr. Rude, who spared no expense keeping the Ferrari in prime condition during his ownership. Documents from his ownership show he had the engine rebuilt at his local dealer, Walnut Creek Ferrari, among numerous other services. Later, the car had a high-quality bare-metal respray in the beautiful dark red shade it wears today. Other significant service work included reground cams and new rollers, and a rebuilt transaxle in the early 1990s.

In approximately 2003, Mr. Rude sold S/N 10927 to another California resident, who carried on enjoying the car and keeping it in top order. In their tenure, it was detailed to a high standard and shown at the 2009 Concorso Italiano, where it garnered a class award. The most recent owner acquired the car in 2016, adding it to his significant collection of Italian cars. It presents today in excellent condition, with a pleasingly matured restoration that invites regular driving. Finished in beautiful rosso amaranto and sitting on proper Campagnolo alloy disc wheels with Michelin XWX tires, this 330 looks positively resplendent thanks to crisp, straight bodywork and high-quality paint. The chrome trim and body fittings are excellent, and the car has an appealing character thanks to years of mindful enjoyment. Panels are straight, the fit is exemplary, and the doors shut solidly with only a light touch. The body is well-detailed down to the Cavallino Rampante knock-offs, Talbot Green Dot mirror, and period-correct Carello headlamps.

Inside, the black upholstery presents in excellent order, with a very light, careworn character showing in the leather seats. The headlining, door cards, and parcel shelf all appear to be superb original items. Correct white-on-black Veglia instruments are in excellent condition, and the center console houses switchgear for the power windows, the late 70’s vintage Blaupunkt cassette player, and switches for non-standard air conditioning that has since been removed. Comfortable, inviting, and with room for plenty of luggage, this GTC’s cabin is equally suited for the casual weekend tour as well as the competitive historic rally. A factory tool kit and jack bag accompany the sale, as does a history file containing receipts, records, and photos.

The correct, matching-numbers 4.0-liter V12 engine is in excellent order. Detailing includes proper fuel and oil lines, wrinkle-finish exhaust heat shields, and tags for the Bonaldi brake booster and Fispa air cleaner. The engine is tidy and clean while also displaying signs of regular use and enjoyment. In approximately 2015, it received a brand new ANSA exhaust system, complete with proper aluminum heat shields and decals on the chrome tips.

It is no secret that over the past decade-plus, classic Ferraris have made a significant uptick in value and collectability. However, the 330 GTC is particularly notable for taking a meteoric rise to Ferrari super-stardom, thanks to its superb all-round ability and gorgeous Pininfarina looks. The 330 GTC stands among the best driver’s cars produced by Maranello in the 1960s, and it remains a popular choice for historic events and rallies. This gorgeous example is ready for regular use, and will no doubt thrill its next caretaker for years to come.

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1967 Ferrari 330 GTC GTC is listed zu verkaufen on ClassicDigest in St. Louis by Hyman Ltd. for $625000.


Fakten der Auto

Karosserietyp : Auto Marke : Ferrari Modell : 330 GTC Ausführung : GTC Hubraum : 0.0 Modelljahr : 1967 Lage : Missouri Fahrzeug Anmeldung : Undefiniert

625000 $

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Hyman Ltd.

Hyman Ltd.
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