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Maserati Indy 4,7 1970

General description : Wunderschöner Maserati Indy im sehr guten Zustand--2006 in unserem Hause komplett restauriert, seit dem ca 500 KM gefahren.
Restaurationsdokumentation anbei, deutsche Papiere mit H- Kennzeichen, Matching Numbers und Matching Colours!

Fzg wurde in den Oman ausgeliefert, danach 2 Besitzer in Deutschland

1136 Exemplare wurden gebaut, absolute Rarität und stabile Wertanlage--
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1970 Maserati Indy 4,7 is listed for sale on ClassicDigest in Nassaustr.41DE-65719 Hofheim Wallau (bei Frankfurt am Main) by Fusco-Automobile for €115000.


Car Facts

Car type : Car Make : Maserati Model : Indy Model Version : 4,7 Engine size : 4.7 Model Year : 1970 Sub type : Coupé Location : Nassaustr.41DE-65719 Hofheim Wallau (bei Frankfurt am Main) Vehicle Registration : Undefined

115000 €

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+49 (0)6122 170996694
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About Maserati
Maserati, the epitome of Italy's finest traditional luxury sports cars. Let's dive into the captivating narrative of Maserati's storied history, shall we?

Act 1: The Roaring Twenties

In the heart of Bologna, Italy, Maserati was born in 1914, founded by the Maserati brothers. The roaring twenties saw Maserati establishing itself as a force in racing, capturing hearts with its precision engineering and sleek designs.

Act 2: The Trident's Triumphs

The iconic Trident logo emerged in the 1920s, symbolizing Maserati's dominance in the racing world. Models like the Tipo 26 and the 250F graced the tracks, with the latter securing Juan Manuel Fangio's Formula One World Championship in 1957.

Act 3: The Road Cars Roar (1960s-1980s)

Maserati transitioned from racetracks to the streets, introducing luxurious grand tourers. The Ghibli, a name evoking the desert wind, and the stunning Bora and Merak, with their mid-engine designs, became symbols of automotive elegance.

Production Numbers:

Ghibli (1967-1973): Approximately 1,170 units.
Bora (1971-1978): Around 524 units.
Merak (1972-1983): Approximately 1,830 units.
Act 4: Turbulence and Triumphs

The '80s brought challenges, but Maserati persisted. The Biturbo series aimed to bring the brand to a broader audience, blending performance and luxury. Amid ownership changes, Maserati's spirit endured.

Production Numbers (Biturbo Series):

Biturbo (1981-1994): Over 38,000 units.
Finale: Modern Elegance and Power

Entering the 21st century, Maserati merged tradition with modernity. The Quattroporte, GranTurismo, and Levante continued the legacy, blending Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Maserati, with its timeless Trident emblem, stands as a testament to Italian passion for both racing and luxurious craftsmanship. Through triumphs and tribulations, Maserati has etched its name in the annals of automotive history as a symbol of style, performance, and the pursuit of perfection. See also BiTurbo restoration story: